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American Athletic Conference VS Power 5, Group of 5, & FCS Opponents

The American Athletic Conference has 12 teams and is broken into two divisions, West Division: Houston, Memphis, Navy, Southern Methodist, Tulane, & Tulsa; East Division: Central Florida, Cincinnati, Connecticut, East Carolina, South Florida, & Temple.

Here is the breakdown of the AAC non-conference schedule for 2017. The American is widely regarded as the best league in the Group of 5. The G5’s are made of the AAC, Conference USA, Mid-American Conference, the Mountain West Conference, & The Sun Belt Conference! For more detailed info refer to the conference and team pages on the site!

AAC vs Power 5

American Athletic Conference (AAC): plays four games against the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC). Central Florida (UCF) faces Georgia Tech at Home on 9/16/17;  Connecticut (U-Conn) Travels to Virginia on 9/16/17 & Boston College on 11/18/17; and East Carolina welcomes Virginia Tech on 9/16/17

AAC vs Big 12: The American takes on the B-12 in 5 ballgames in 2017! East Carolina @ West Virginia on 9/9/17; Houston hosts Texas Tech on 9/23/17; SMU visits TCU on 9/16/17, Tulane heads for Oklahoma on 9/16/17; & Tulsa plays @ Oklahoma State on 9/9/17!

AAC vs Big Ten: UCF travels to Maryland for an encounter on 9/23/17, Cincinnati heads north for a date with Michigan 9/9/17, & South Florida (USF) host the Illini on 9/9/17.

AAC vs the PAC-12: These conferences meet only twice during the 2017 regular season. Houston heads west to take on Arizona on 9/9/17 & Memphis Welcomes UCLA to Tennessee on 9/16!

AAC vs the SEC: The American has only one game against the Mighty SEC;  U-Conn takes on Missouri, at home, on 10/28/17!

Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP) breaks the four Independents into quasi P5’s ( ND & BYU) & G5’s (Massachusetts {U-Mass} & Army). Please do not waste your time agreeing or disagreeing with this breakdown, that argument will not effect how we disseminated the data. We mention it for your clarifcation only! That Said!

AAC vs P5 Independents: Temple has a scheduled stop (9/2/17) at South Bend, to take on the Irish; while Navy sets sail for ND in November, arriving on 11/18/17. Meanwhile, East Carolina entertains BYU on 10/21/17.

The American Athletic Conference (12 teams, 8 conference games, & 4 non-conferences tilts per team) has 48 non-conference engagements to fill. The AAC meets P5’s in 18 of a possible 48 dates.

AAC vs Group of 5

AAC vs Conference USA (C-USA): UCF plays host to Florida International (FIU) 9/2/17; Cincinnati battles Marshall in Cincy on 9/30/17; Houston take on 2 C-USA opponents @ Texas San Antonio (UTSA) on 9/2/17 & Rice on 9/16/17 at Home; Navy visits Florida Atlantic (FAU) on 9/2/17; Southern Methodist (SMU) welcomes Nothh Texas on 9/9/17; & Tulane travels to FIU on 10/14/17!

AAC vs the Mid-American Conference (MAC): Cincinniti Plays at Miami Ohio on 9/16/17 & Tulsa heads north to take on Toledo on 9/16/17.

AAC vs Mountain West Conference (MWC): Navy challenges Air Force at Home on 10/7/17; USF travels to San Jose State on 8/26/17; & Tulsa welcomes New Mexico on 9/23/17.

ACC vs Sun Belt Conference (SBC): Memphis lines up against Louisiana Monroe (ULM) at home on 8/31/17 & plays @ Georgia State on 11/18/17; SMU plays Arkansas State at Home on 9/23/17; Tulsa welcomes Louisiana Lafayette on 9/9/17

AAC vs G5 Independents: Navy takes on Army in Philadelphia on 12/9/17; USF meets U-Mass in Florida on 10/14/17; Temple plays both G5 Independents, U-Mass at Home on 9/16/17 & @ Army on 10/21/17; and Tulane battles Army at Home on 9/23/17.

AAC plays 21 (vs C-USA 7, MAC 2, MWC 3, SBC 4, & G5 Independent 5) of its 48 non-conference against G5 opponents!

AAC vs Football Championship Subdivision (FCS): {Note: all games vs FCS are played in AAC Arenas} UCF vs Maine, Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) 9/30/17; Cincinnati vs Austin Peay, Ohio Valley Conference (OVC) 8/31/17; U-Conn vs Holy Cross, Patriot League (PL) 8/31/17; East Carolina vs James Madison (CAA), Defending FCS National Champions 9/2/17; Memphis vs Southern Illinois, Missouri Valley Football Concerence(MVFC) 9/23/17; SMU vs Stephen F. Austin, Southland Conference (SLC) 9/2/17; USF vs Stony Brook (CAA) 9/2/17; Temple vs Villanova, (CAA) 9/9/17; Tulane vs Grambling State, Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) 9/2/17

AAC lines up 9 times vs FCS Opponents

AAC 48 non-conference games break down as follows; VS P5’s, 18 Games, vs G5’s, 21 Games and vs FCS opponents, 9 games for a total of 48 NC Games!

It should be noted that both Power Five & Group of 5 Programs must award 85 full scholarships, while FCS Programs are allowed, but not required, to provide a maximum of 63 scholarships, which can be divided into many conbinations .. yet not more than 85 players can receive football dollars!


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