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College Football Playoff Semi-Final Game

The Peach Bowl is an annual college football bowl game played in Atlanta since December 1968. Since 1997, it has been sponsored by Chick-fil-A and officially known as the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl. From 2006 to 2013, it was officially referred to as simply the Chick-fil-A Bowl. This year, the Peach Bowl hosts, along with Fiesta Bowl, one of the two College Football Semi-Final games!

Teams:  Oklahoma (B-12) 12-1 / LSU (SEC) 13-0

Bowl Location: Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta, GA 

Day, Date & Time: Saturday, December, 28, 2019, 3:00 CST

Network: ESPN

Best Win(s): OU: beat Baylor (2) 34-31 & 30-23 OT, LSU: beat Alabama (10-2) 46-41!

Worst Loss(es): PSU: to Kansas State (8-4), 48-41; LSU: Undefeated! 

Common Opponents: Texas: OU beat the Horns, 34-27 / LSU won 45-38!

Vegas Hot$heets Favorite: LSU -13.5 (Current Line)

Sully’s CFP Game Simulator is a statistical analysis / predictor of how these teams will preform, based solely on their numbers, when they face off on the gridiron! Keep in mind, these stats were established against different teams and conferences and these differences must be taken into account to get a complete picture when attempting to predetermine a winner. If you are interested in how the Simulator works … read this part … if not … skip it! The process used is, say Notre Dame is playing Wisconsin … we take ND’s total yards on offense, add it to the number the Badgers give up on defense, we get a total and then divide the total by 2 to get an average. We then invert the process, we now take Wisconsin’s total offense, add it to what the Irish give up on defense, get a 2nd total, and then divide that number by 2, to get the second average! The greater number (with the exception of Turnovers, lower # wins) is then determined to have the advantage ( please note …. statistical advantage). We repeat this process in each of the eight statistical categories assessed: 1) Total Yards, 2) Rushing, 3) Passing, 4) Scoring, 5) 3rd Down (Conversions /Stops), 6) Turnovers, 7) Red Zone Scores (TD’s & FG), & 8) Red Zone TD’s (only TD’s)!  That said… here are the results of the Head to Head Analysis:

LSU | Tigers Oklahoma | Sooners
Offense VS Defense 442.5 447.5 +1
Passing Off VS Def 293 +1 262.5
Rushing Off VS Def 150 185.5 +1
Scoring Off VS Def 36.5 +1 32
Turnovers Off VS Def 0.885 +1 1.46
3rd Conv Off VS Def 40.6 41.1 +1
Red Zone Scores 95 +1 82.5
Red Zone TD’s 70 +1 64.5
Totals 5 3


Historic Football Matchups

These teams have laced ’em up on only 2 occasions! The 1st meeting was in 1950, the Sooners won 35-0. The 2nd meeting was in the 2004 Sugar Bowl (2003 season BCS Championship Game), LSU won 21-7.

Turnover Margin: LSU 20 Take-A-ways to 12 Give-A-ways = +8 / OU 11 Take-A-ways to 18 Give-A-ways = -7! Significant Advantage LSU

3rd Down Conversions: OU: 72 Conversions on 142 Penetrations (50.7% / Ranked 5th in the Country) LSU: 80/158 (50.6% / Ranked 6th Nationally) Slight Advantage OU

3rd Down Stops: OU: 50 stops on 166 penetrations (69.9% of the time OU gets off the Field on 3rd Down / Ranked 9th Nationally) LSU: 57/189 (69.8% of the time LSU gets of the Field / Ranked 10th Nationally) Slight Advantage OU!

Total Offense: LSU: 554.4 YPG; Ranked 1st in the Country / OU 554.2 YPG; Ranked 2nd in the Country. Slight Advantage LSU

Total Defense: OU: is giving up 330.6 YPG (Ranked 25th) / LSU: allows 341.3 YPG (Ranked 32nd) Slight Advantage OU

Rush Offense: OU: rushed the ball for 251.2 YPG / LSU rushes the ball 167.5 YPG Significant Advantage OU

Run Defense: LSU is giving up 119.6 YPG / OU is giving up 132.1 YPG. Advantage LSU

Passing Offense: LSU is averaging 386.6 YPG (2nd in the Country) / OU is 303.0 (16th in the Country) Advantage LSU

Passing Defense: OU allows 198.5 YPG / LSU is giving up 221.7 YPG. Advantage OU

Sully Says: LSU wins but does not cover the 13.5

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