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College Football Recruiting Class of 2015

Top 20 Team Rankings

Here is a “look see” at how the major Universities recruiting classes for 2015 are shaping up! The four major recruiting sites (ESPN, Scout, Rivals, & 247 Sports Top 20 are listed below) If your team is not currently listed here you will need to visit one of the two sites listed below to see how your team is doing!

The SEC leads the way with nine universities represented in each of the four services and a total of ten teams recognized (Rivals replaces Ole Miss with Arkansas) the other eight teams are found in each site’s Top 20! Bama leads the way in all 4 sites!

The ACC is next with four teams, FSU, Clemson, Miami & Virginia Tech. The Hokies are  found only in Rivals, while Miami is only absent from the Scout listings. Florida (FSU) & Clemson are ranked 2 & 3 in each of the sites except Scout, where Clemson is ranked at 11 and FSU falls from 2nd to 3rd.

Next up is the PAC 12, who also have 4 teams recognized for their recruiting efforts, USC, UCLA, Oregon, & Washington. Oregon is not found in the Rivals Ranking’s and Washington is rated in only Scout. USC is the highest ranked of the PAC 12 teams @ fourth in 247 Spouts, while UCLA is the next highest ranked PAC 12 team at 13th in Scout!

The Big 12 has three teams in the Top 20, Oklahoma, Texas & TCU. The Horned Frogs are rated in only Rivals @ 18, while the Sooners are best thought of in 247 Sports @ 14th. Texas is the highest ranked Big 12 team, topping out at 9th in ESPN’s rankings!

The Big Ten is 5th among the Power 5 Conferences placing only two teams in the Top 20 recruiting rankings, Ohio State peeking out at 5 in Scout Ranking’s & Penn State, also getting it’s highest spot in Scout @ 10th! It would seem that Urban Meyer’s message, a year ago, to his coaching colleagues in the Big Ten to recruit better has fallen on deft ears!

The only team in the Top 20 that is not in a P5 Conference is Notre Dame! While the Irish have a quasi relationship with the ACC, they are officially recognized as an Independent in the Football Bowl Subdivision! The Irish are currently a Top 10 recruiting team in each of the four services!

      ESPN                   Scout                          Rivals                 247 Sports

  1. Alabama       Alabama             Alabama         Alabama
  2. FSU             Georgia               FSU                FSU
  3. Clemson       FSU                    Clemson         Clemson
  4. Georgia        Tennessee           USC               Tennessee
  5. Tennessee    Ohio State           Tennessee      USC
  6. USC             Notre Dame         Georgia          Georgia
  7. Ohio State    Texas A&M           Ohio State      Ohio State
  8. Texas A&M    USC                    Notre Dame    Texs A&M
  9. Texas            Auburn               Texas A&M      Notre Dame
  10. Notre Dame   Penn State          Texas              LSU
  11. Auburn          Clemson              Auburn           Auburn
  12. Penn State     Texas                 Penn State      Texas
  13. LSU               UCLA                  LSU                Penn State
  14. Miss. State     Miss. State          S. Carolina      Oklahoma
  15. S. Carolina     Oklahoma           Miss. State      S. Carolina
  16. Ole Miss         LSU                    Oklahoma       Oregon
  17. Oklahoma      S. Carolina           Oregon           Ole Miss
  18. Oregon          TCU                     Virginia Tech   Miss. State
  19. UCLA             Ole Miss               Miami FL         UCLA
  20. Miami FL        Washington          Arkansas        Miami FL

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