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Conference Records through the 29th of December

Here are how the Conferences records in the second season, through December, 29, 2016! Order based on winning percentage! The ACC and the Sun Belt are leading the way in the Bowl Season thus far. The “Big Guns” are playing in the next 48 hours, should be interesting to see how this shakes out!

  1. Independents: 2-0
  2. Atlantic Coastal Conference: 5-1
  3. Sun Belt Conference: 4-1
  4. Big-12: 3-1
  5. Conference USA: 4-3
  6. Mountain West Conference: 3-3
  7. Big Ten: 2-2
  8. Pacific Athletic Conference 12: 1-2
  9. American Athletic Conference: 2-5
  10. Southeastern Conference: 1-4
  11. Mid-American Conference: o-4

Today’s Games 12/30/16:

  • Georgia 7-5 (SEC) vs TCU 6-6 (B-12)
  • Stanford 9-3 (P-12) vs UNC 8-4 (ACC)
  • Nebraska 9-3 (B-12) vs Tennessee 8-4 (SEC)
  • South Alabama 6-6 (SBC) vs Air Force 9-3 (MWC)
  • Michigan 10-2 (B-10) vs FSU 9-3 (ACC)

How we got here! Order here is Alphabetical

American Athletic Conference (AAC) 2-5: Houston lost to San Diego State (MWC) 34-10; Central Florida lost to Arkansas State (SBC), 31-13; Tulsa blasted Central Michigan (MAC), 55-10; Memphis was kicked around by Western Kentucky, (C-USA), 51-31; Navy fell to Louisisana Tech (C-USA) 48-45; Temple lost to Wake Forest (ACC), 34-26! South Florida beat South Carolina (SEC), 46-39

Atlantic Coastal Conference (ACC) 5-1: Boston College beat Maryland (B-10), 36-30; NC State popped Vanderbelt (SEC), 41-17; Wake Forest beat Temple (AAC), 34-26; Pitt lost to Northwestern (B-10) 31-24; Miami beat West Virginia, 31-14, Virginia Tech beat Arkansas (SEC), 35-24

Big-12 (B-12) 3-1: Baylor slapped Boise State (MWC) around the field, 31-12; West Virginia lost to Miami, 31-14; Kansas State beat Texas A&M, 33-28; Oklahoma State hammered Colorado (P-12), 38-8

Big Ten (B-10) 2-2: Maryland lost to Boston College (ACC), 36-30; Minnesota beat Washington State (P-12), 17-12; Northwestern beat Pitt (ACC), 31-24; Indiana lost to Utah, 26-24

Conference USA (C-USA) 4-3: University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) lost to New Mexico (MWC), 23-20; Southern Miss beat Louisiana Lafayette (SBC), 28-21; Western Kentucky busted up Memphis (AAC), 51-31; Old Dominion stopped Eastern Michigan, (MAC); 24-20; Louisiana Tech out-lasted Navy (AAC), 48-45; Middle Tennessee lost to Hawaii (MWC), 52-35; North Texas lost to Army (IND), 38-31

Independents (IND) 2-0: BYU held off Wyoming (MWC), 24-21; Army beat North Texas (C-USA), 38-31;

Mid-American Conference (MAC) 0-4: Toledo lost to Appalachian State, 31-28, Central Michigan was destroyed by Tulsa (AAC), 55-10; Eastern Michigan lost to Old Dominion (C-USA), 24-20; Miami OH fell short to Mississippi State (SEC), 17-16

Mountain West Conference (MWC) 3-3: New Mexico beat UTSA (C-USA), 23-20, San Diego State hammered Houston (AAC), 34-10, Wyoming fell to BYU (IND), 24-21; Colorado State lost to Idaho (SBC), 61-50; Hawaii held off Middle Tennessee (C-USA), 52-35; Boise State lost to Baylor (B-12), 31-12

Pacific Athletic Conference 12 (PAC-12) 1-2: Washington State lost to Minnesota (B-10), 17-12; Utah beat Indiana, 26-24; Colorado lost to Oklahoma State (B-12), 38-8

Sun Belt Conference (SBC) 4-1: Appalachian State survived Toledo (MAC), 31-28; Arkansas State whipped Central Florida (AAC), 31-13, Louisiana Lafayette lost to Southern Southern Miss (C-USA), 28-21; Idaho outscored Colorado State (MWC), 61-50; Troy beat Ohio (MAC), 28-23

Southeastern Conference (SEC) 1-4: Vanderbilt was thumped by NC State (ACC), 41-17; Mississippi State escaped Miami OH (MAC), 17-16; Texas A&M lost to Kansas State, 33-28; South Carolina lost to South Florida (SBC), 46-39; Arkansas lost to Virginia Tech (ACC), 35-24

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