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SCFP All American / All Name Team

Our intent here is to add to the excitement & fun of college football by identifying the most colorful and creative names of the participants. We just try to align the name with the position, whether they are a star or a sub, if they are out there we recognize them!

Offensive Team 2018


QB: Chad President, Tulsa:

RB: Soso Jamabo, UCLA

RB: Squally Canada, BYU

WR: Lil’  Jordan Humphrey, Texas

WR: Amon Ra Saint-Brown, USC

TE: Jaeger Bull, Rice

OL: Michael Jordan, Ohio State

OL: Kobe Buffalomeat, Illinois State

OL: Hunter Littlejohn, Indiana

OL: Clay Greathouse, Tulsa

OL: Brodarious Hamm. Auburn

Place Kicker: Jet Toner, Stanford

Kick-Off Returner: Jaqwis Dancy, Louisiana Tech

Defensive Team 2018


DL: Youhanna Ghaifan; Wyoming

DL: Quincy Roache, Temple

DL: Thor Katon, Oregon State

DL: My-King Johnson, Arizona

LB: Bryce Swackhammer, North Carolina State

LB: Zach Sandwich, West Virginia

LB: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Notre Dame

DB: Greedy Williams, LSU

DB: Hassan Defense, Kansas

DB: Clifton Duck, Appalachian State

DB: Smoke Monday. Auburn

Punter: Mac Loudermilk, Central Florida

Punt Returner: CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma



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