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SEC Releases 2021 Schedule: League & Non-Conference

The SEC is divided into 2 divisions, each side of the conference has seven teams. The East has Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Vanderbilt. While the West has Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Texas A&M. The West is and has been for the better part of a decade considered to be the stronger division, winning 11 of the last 12 championship games (Georgia’s win over Auburn, 28-7, in 2017, the lone exception)!

The SEC (ACC, as well) plays 8 conference games, the B-12, PAC 12, & the B-10 play 9 conference Games. The SEC, as mentioned, has 14 members and plays 112 conference tilts; this compared to the B-10, who also has 14 teams, yet plays 14 more conference games, 126 to 112! This is do to the respective conferences electing to play 8 (SEC) to 9 (B-10) conference games! As a result, 13 of the SEC teams line it up against 9 (including their 8 Conf. games) Power 5 (P5) teams in 2021, only UGA (Georgia: vs Clemson & G-Tech) plays 10 P-5’s! While the B-10 has 12 teams play 10 games (9 Conf. 1 NC P5 game) against P5 opponents (Indiana plays 9, while Purdue plays 11 Power 5 teams in 2021 / Oregon State & Notre Dame). Remember, the SEC & B-10 are P5 Conferences and therefore, their league games count as P5 games!

The SEC has a 56 game non-Conference (NC) schedule. On Sully’s College Football Page, we look at NC opponents three ways, Power 5, Group of 5 (G5) and Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and then color code these respective categories. Red signifies a conference opponent, Yellow, P5, Green, G5, and Blue, FCS. This allows the reader to get a sense (strength) of the NC schedule with a simple glance If you see a yellow dot (UGA & Purdue) who are playing 2 P5 opponents in 2021, no other member of their respective conferences is taking on 2 Power 5 teams! So at 1st glance, the Dawgs & Boilers are playing the toughest schedules in their respective leagues! That said, further consideration is needed, yet @ a glance… It should be noted that on SCFP, we count ND & BYU as part of the Power 5!

The SEC is kicking it off against 15 P5 in the coming season! This means that 27% of their NC schedule (15/56) is against the ACC (10 games), B-12 (1) , B-10 (1), or PAC-12 (3).

The have scheduled 27 teams from the G5 ranks, American Athletic Conference (AAC 3 games), Conference-USA (C-USA 6), Mid-American Conference (MAC 5), Mountain West Conference (MWC 2), Sun Belt Conference (SBC 7) & Independents (IND’s 4). On SCFP we include 5 teams as G5 independents (Army , Liberty, New Mexico State, U-Conn, & U-Mass). The SEC vs G5’s accounts for 48% of their NC schedule.

Finally, the FCS (these programs can offer up to 63 scholarships, not more than 63, but they can offer fewer and keep their FCS status) make up 25% (14/56) of the NC Southeastern Conferences Schedule.

The SEC recruits better, wins more championships, and places more players in the NFL than any other conference in the collegiate ranks. People who argue against the SEC as being the NCAA’s, Division One’s best, are simply swimming against a mighty current! They are the best! And then, and only then, let the debate begin as to which conference is 2nd best?

The B-10 & SEC complete schedules are now available on SCFP. The link below will take you to our SEC page!

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