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Sully’s College Football Page Power 5 Top 25

Please note: SCFP ranks the Power Five teams (ACC, B-10, B-12, PAC 12, & SEC … Plus 2 Independents; ND & BYU) as one group of 66 teams into a Top 25. Next, we rank the Group of Five (AAC, C-USA, MAC, MWC, & SBC … Plus 2 Independents, Army & U-Mass, a group of 64 teams into a Top 20. Finally, we rank the 124 FCS teams into a Top 10! Oh, and by the way, RR identifies a team’s Recruiting Rank! 3 sites (Rivals, ESPN, & 247) and a 4 year average were used to determine the P5 rankings, while a 4 year average from just 247 was used in ranking the G-5’s top 20!  Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Sully’s Top 25 Power 5’s


25. Virginia ACC Coastal Division: Beat William & Mary, 52-17 Up Next: @ Home vs Florida State 1-1TV: 6:30/ACCN (N=Network); Favorite: UVA -8SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Virginia 6/3 a push in the TO battle (2-2) & FSU wins the RZ categories RZ Scores & RZ TD’s (scores (TD & FG) 90% to 88% & TD’s (only) 67.5% to 54%!

24. North Carolina 2-0 ACC Coastal Division: Beat Miami, 28-25 Up Next: Friday Night @ Wake Forest (NC Game); TV: 7:00 /ACCN; Favorite: WF -3.5;  SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Wake wins 5 to 3 (UNC wins the Passing Yards & both RZ Categories, Scores; TD/FG & TD’s only)

23. USC 2-0 P-12 Conference South Division:  Beat Stanford, 45-20; Up Next: @ BYU 1-1; TV: 2:30/ABC Favorite:  USC -4.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: USC wins 6-2 (BYU in RZ Scores & Passing)

22. Maryland 2-0  B-10 East Division: Beat Syracuse, 63-20 Up Next: @ Temple 1-0;  TV: 11:00/CBSSNFavorite: Maryland -5.5; SCFP Says by the numbers it’s: By the #’s it’s Temple, 5-3 (Maryland is statistically better in scoring average, 41.5/33 , Rushing Average 178.5/112, & TO’s .25 to 1.25)!

21. Iowa State 1-0 B-12 Conference: BYE Week Up Next: @ Home vs Iowa 2-0; TV: 3:00/FS1 Favorite: ISU -1; SCFP Says by the Numbers It’s: Iowa wins the #’s game 6-2 (Total offense, Passing Yardage, Scoring Average, TO’s, 3rd Down Conversions, & RZ Scores)!

20. Mississippi State 2-0 SEC West Division: Beat Southern Miss, 38-15; Up Next: @ Home vs Kansas State TV: 11:00/ESPN Favorite: Mississippi State -7; SCFP Says by the numbers it’s: Kansas State wins the Statistical battle, 6-2 (MSU wins the RZ Categories)

19. Penn State 2-0 B-10 East Division: Beat Buffalo, 45-13; Up Next: @ Home vs Pitt 1-1; TV: 11:0/ABC; Favorite: Penn State -16.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: PSU wins the Stat game, 7-2 (Pitt wins 3rd Down Conversions & pushes in RZ Scores!

18. Iowa 2-0 B -10 West Division: Beat Rutgers, 30-0; Up Next: @ ISU;  TV: 3:00/FS1 Favorite: ISU -1; SCFP Says by the Numbers It’s: Iowa wins the #’s game 6-2 (Total offense, Passing Yardage, Scoring Average, TO’s, 3rd Down Conversions, & RZ Scores)!

17.   Florida 2-0 SEC East Division: Beat Tennessee Martin, 45-0; Up Next: Kentucky 2-0; TV: 6:00/ESPN; Favorite: Florida -8; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Florida wins the #’s Game, 5-3 (Kentucky performs better in Rushing Average, the TO battle, & RZ TD’s!

16. Washington 1-1 P-12 North Division: Lost to Cal, 20-19; UP Next: @ Home vs Hawaii 2-0TV: 6:30/PTN; Favorite: Washington -20.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: The Statistical Game goes to the Huskies, 6-2 (The Rainbow Warriors prevail in Passing yards & RZ TD’s)

15. Oregon 1-1 P-12 North Division: Beat Nevada, 77-6 UP Next: @ Home vs Montana 2-0; TV: 9:45/PAC 12; Favorite: Oregon -37; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Oregon wins by the #’s, 6-2 (Montana outperforms the Ducks in the Run Game & 3rd  Down Conversions

14. Texas A&M 1-1 SEC West Division: Lost to Clemson, 24-10 Up Next: @ Home vs Lamar 2-0;  TV: 6:00/ESPNU; Favorite: Texas A&M -44; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: It’s Lamar 7 to 1, The Aggies win only the TO battle! 

13.  Texas B-12 Conference:  Loss to LSU, 45-38; UP Next: vs Rice @ (NRG Stadium in Houston) ; TV: 7:00/CBSSN; Favorite: Texas -29.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Texas wins the Stat race, 7-1 ( Rice wins only the Passing average, 282/269)

12.  Utah 2-0 P-12 South Division: Beat NIU, 35-17; Up Next: @ Home vs Idaho State 1-0; TV: 3:15/Local  Favorite: Utah -36.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers It;s: Idaho State, 6-2 (the Utes win only the Rush Yards & TO Averages)

11. Michigan 2-0 B-10 East Division: Beat Army in 2 OT’s, 24-21; Up Next: BYE Week; TV: Favorite: SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 

10.  Wisconsin 2-o B-10 West Division: Beat Central Michigan, 61-0; Up Next: BYE Week; TV: Favorite: SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s:

9.  Michigan State 2-0 B-10 East Division: Beat Western Michigan, 51-17 Up Next: @ Home vs Arizona State; TV: 3:00/FOX; Favorite: MSU -11; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: MSU 7 categories to 1 (ASU wins the passing assessment (256.5 to 217)!

8. Auburn 2-0 SEC West Division: Beat Tulane, 24-6 Up Next: @ Home vs Kent State; TV: 6:00/ESPN 2; Favorite: Auburn -35 ; SCFP Says by the Numbers: Auburn wins 6 categories to 2 (Kent State wins RZ scores 83.5% to 71% & TO;s 1,5 to 1.75)

7. Notre Dame 1-0 Independent: BYE Week Up Next: New Mexico; TV: 1:30/NBC;   Favorite: ND -37.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: The Irish win the Stats battle, 7-2, the Lobos out duel ND in passing (197/175) and earn a tie in RZ scores (1 to 1)!

6.   Oklahoma 2-0 B-12 Conference: Beat South Dakota, 70-14 Up Next: @ UCLA;   TV: 7:00/FOX; Favorite: OU 19.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: OU wins the Stats game 6-2, UCLA is better in both RZ counts

5.  Georgia 2-0 SEC East Division: Beat Murray State, 63-17 ; UP Next: @ Home vs Arkansas State; TV: 11:00/ ESPN 2; Favorite: The Dawgs -33.5, FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Georgia 7 to 1, by the Numbers; ASU is better only in the passing category (245 to 230)

4.   Ohio State 2-0 B-10 East Division: Beat Cincinnati, 42-0 Up Next: @ Indiana;   TV: 11:00/FOX; Favorite: Ohio State -13.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: OSU wins 7-2, the Hoosiers out duel the Bucks in the passing game (278/215) & earn a tie in the TO battle (1 apiece)!

3.  LSU 2-0 SEC West Division:  Beat Texas, 45-38; Up Next: at Home vs Northwestern State TV: 6:30/SEC Network; Favorite: LSU -51.5SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: LSU wins 7 to 1 by the #’s (Score: 44-17.5)!

2. Alabama 2-0 SEC West Division: Beat New Mexico State, 62-10 Up Next: @ South Carolina; TV: 2:30/CBSFavorite: Alabama -25.5SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Bama dominates statistically, 7 to 1, only in rushing offense does SC have an edge, 207.5 to 196.5 rushing yards!

1. Clemson 2-0 ACC Atlantic Division: Beat Texas A&M, 24-10; Up Next: @ Syracuse;   TV: 6:30/ABC Favorite: Clemson -26; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Clemson outperforms Syracuse in all 8 categories!

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