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ACC Non-Conference 2022 Schedule

In the 2021 season, the 14 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) programs played 28 Power Five (P5) teams during the regular & bowl seasons! They struggled against this/that level competition, going 7-21 vs P5 programs (5-16 in the regular season and 2-5 in the post-season). In the 2022 season, the ACC has scheduled 24 P5 teams. That said, the Big Ten, who like the ACC has 14 teams, play just 11 P5 opponents. The SEC also has 14 members and play only 16 P5! The B-10 & SEC together take on 27 P5’s squads, while the ACC, by themselves play just 3 fewer, twenty four (24)!

Our focus here has to be limited to the ACC’s Non-Conference (NC) games. The Atlantic Coast Conference is always the last of the Power Five (P5s) leagues to provide their conference schedule! At the time of the writing of this blog, the ACC has only provided their NC & helmet schedules (who conference teams are playing with-in the league, but do not provide the dates of the games. As a result, SCFP cannot publish the ACC Conference schedule! Please note; the ACC complete schedule is now available!

On Sully’s College Football Page, we use a system of color coding to make the reading of a particular team’s strength of schedule easily recognized and understood!

The color Red is used to identify conference games, Yellow, for Power Five (P5) opponents, Green, to signify Group of Five (G5) teams, and finally, we use Light Blue for the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). The FCS can offer up to 63 scholarship (not more than 63, yet can offer fewer), while the Football Bowl Subdivision ( P5 & G5) must provide 85 scholarships or lose their status as an FBS program!

The link provided below will take you to the ACC’s 2022 NC schedule! Note: the ACC plays eight (8) conference games, the same number as the Southeastern Conference (B-10, B-12, & PAC 12 play nine (9) conference games)! Further, the ACC like the Big Ten & the Southeastern Conference has 2 divisions, with seven (7) teams on each side, and finally, where the B-10 parts company from the ACC & SEC is in the number of conference games they play, the B-10, as mentioned, plays 9 conference games to the ACC & SEC’s 8 games. As a result, the ACC plays 56 NC Conference, fourteen (14) teams play 4 NC contests for a total of 56 games (14 X 4 = 56)

It should be noted, the terms P5 & G5 are not NCAA language, but rather the constructs of five conferences (ACC, B-10, B-12, PAC 12, & SEC) and Notre Dame! No one is quiet sure of the origin of these terms? The use of, now common, Power Five & Group of Five, seem to have evolved over time! Suffice to say, they are not NCAA Terms!

Lets begin in the Atlantic Coast’s Conference, Atlantic Division by identifying their P5 opponents and putting a number to the G5 & FCS teams they will play in 2022.

The Atlantic Division vs Power Five’s (P5), Boston College welcomes Rutgers to Chestnut Hill and then travels to Indiana to take on Notre Dame, (BC & ND are the only two (2) Catholic Universities playing football at the FBS level)) Clemson plays ND in South Bend and hosts in-state rival, South Carolina while Florida State battles LSU, at a Neutral site (New Orleans) on Sept. 4th & Florida in the ‘Chomp & Chop’ Game, Louisville closes out its season against the Kentucky Wildcats, while NC State has invited the Red Raiders of Texas Tech to Raleigh, NC, to do battle @ Carter-Finley Stadium, and finally, Syracuse has challenged the whole State of Indiana (almost) as it takes on Purdue & Notre Dame. Wake Forest takes on two P5s, Vanderbilt, in the Music City & West Point, @ home, on Truist Field! The Atlantic Division has seven (7) members, and will kick-it-off against 12 P5 opponents! Impressive!!

The Atlantic Division plays a G5 opponent on nine (9) occasions and have scheduled FCS teams on six (6) dates (please note: Clemson has one (1) more NC opponent to schedule) for a total of 17 scheduled, with one (1) to go, when complete, 18 games (based on playing 10 P5s)! The Atlantic Division has to schedule 28 NC games, as does the Coastal Division, to reach their NC contests allowed, 56 would be the magic number!

The Atlantic Division’s schedule breakdown is 28 NC games; 12 vs P5, 9 against G5s, 6 with FCS squads, & one (1) TBD!

The Coastal Division vs P5: Duke plays @ Northwestern & at Kansas, Georgia Tech hosts Ole Miss and travels to Athens, GA, to take on in-state rival & defending national Champs, UGA, while Miami travels to the Great State of Texas to battle Texas A&M. North Carolina is desperate to improve its 2-20 showings against, God’s Team, Notre Dame, Pitt stays in the great city of Pittsburgh, welcoming West Virginia, & Tennessee. Virginia engages the Big Ten, Illinois, in Charlottesville @ Scott Stadium, and finally, Virginia Tech, Battles its neighbors from the “Mountain State’ West Virginia! The Coastal Division plays ten (10) P5 teams, with every member of the division playing, @ least, one Power Five program and Duke, GT, & Pitt playing 2 each!

The Coastal Division’s schedule breakdown is 28 NC games, with 10 dates vs P5, eleven (11) against G5s, six (6) with FCS squads, and Duke has an NC game to schedule!

The ACC, as a whole, play 22 P5 opponents; twelve (12) of the twenty two (12) will be played in ACC stadiums, Nine (9) as true road games, and one (1) at a Neutral Site!

The 2022 ACC Non-Conference Season looks like this, 56 NC games, 34 are home contests, while 19 are road battles, one (1) at a neutral site, and 2 games TBD!

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