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Conference USA Revised Schedule for the 2022 Season

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You may not know that there was a legal battle being waged in C-USA these past several months, re: three teams: Southern Miss, Marshall, & Old Dominion. The teams stated their intent to leave C-USA & join the Sun Belt Conference (SBC) for the upcoming season (2022)! According to Conference-USA by-laws & contractual obligations, a team wishing to leave the league must give 14 months notice, all 3 universities failed to announce their departures in the agreed upon time frame.

As a result, believing they had the high legal ground, C-USA scheduled their 2022 football season with all three (3) teams playing in their conference! However, when the litigation dust settled, Southern Miss, Old Dominion, & Marshall were gone goslings!

Sully in his infinite legal wisdom, agreed with C-USA interpretation and published their 1st edition of Conference USA’s 2022 league schedule on Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP). Seemed like a done deal … honor the contract!

However, as many of you suspected, my legal insights are better thoughts of as ‘extremely limited’ and my wisdom is associated with two words, ‘lack of’ to explain why I provided the schedule prior to the final determination of conference affiliation!

As you do know, this whole mess (Conference Realignment) began with Texas & Oklahoma announcement that they were leaving the Big 12 for the Southeastern Conference!

Here is the revised and final (hopefully), 2022 C-USA’s game slate!

And as always, Enjoy the Games!

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