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SCFP Radio Show week V

Segment One

Game Review: Wisconsin 66 NMSU 7

  • Mertz 12/15 (75%) for 251 Yards, 16.7 YPA, & Ratio 3/1
  • Braelon Allen 15/86 yards, 5.7 YPC, 3 TDs, & LR: 39 yards
  • Skyler Bell 4/108 yards. 27.0 YPR, 2 TDs & LR: 49 Yards
  • C.J. Goetz OLB: 6 TOT, 3 Solo, & 1.5 TFL
  • Darryl Peterson OLB: 5 TOT, 1 Solo, & 2 QB Hurry

The web Address listed below will take you our Game Simulator Page (Head to Head) when you arrive you will see Wisconsin vs Notre Dame, replace the Irish with New Mexico State, by clicking on the arrow to the right of ND, a menu will fall, go to the desired team, in this case, New Mexico State.

The Simulator will list Wisconsin offense along side of NMSU offense and then both teams defense immediately below. The Head to Head will compare/compute eight areas; ( Total Offense, Passing Yards, Rushing Yards, Scoring, Turnovers, 3rd Down Conversions, Red Zone All Scores, & Red Zone TDs only) to calculate a statistical outcome!

The formula: We take Wisconsin’s Offense, 479 YPG and add it NMSU Total Defense, 352 YPG (479 + 352 = 831 / 2 = 415.5), the Simulator then reverses the process by adding NMSU Offense (300 YPG) to Wisconsin’s Defense, 246 YPG (300 + 246 = 546 / 2 = 273) Since Bucky’s number is greater (415.5 to 273) UW wins the point in Total Offense.

We then apply SCFP Game Simulator/ Head to Head to the seven (7) other criteria we evaluate to determine a statistical winner. The higher score is awarded the point in all categories, with the lone exception of turnovers, where the lower score wins the point!

The next Web-Site listed here is the home page for the Badgers on Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP). A couple of things to review, 1) the statistical dominance of Washington State by Wisconsin in a 14-7 loss & 2) The Total data readout found at the bottom of the page, where the Badgers have dominated their opponents in all categories, with the exception of Penalties!

Mertz’s Score Card

  1. A minimum of 22 passes Attempted (Chryst) 15 Passes Attempted that is on the player caller …
  2. 65% Completion Rate: 12/15 = 75% is Excellent … 60% is the floor
  3. Throw for 225 Yards Per Game is the goal: Passed for 251 Yards … on 15 attempts nor 22 … impressive!
  4. Average 9.0 YPA: 16.7 YPA … Lights out good … Note: Attempts not completions
  5. WR’s lead in receptions & yards (not the TEs or RBs) is the goal .. WR’s Bell, Engram, Dike & Allen had Rec. 8 for 221 Yards (221/251 = 88.04% of the passing yards & 67% of Passes Completed to WRs 8/12). Bucky has needed to throw the ball down the field for a long time! There going to need to this week ,… Badgers are @ the Shoe!

Game Preview

Wisconsin 2-1 @ Ohio State 3-0

  • Since Bucky took down Brutus, in 2010, 31-18, the Bucks have won 8 in a row over the Badgers!
  • That said, three of the UW losses were in B-10 championship Games, in 2014 59-0 (Ohio State won the National Championship that year), 2017, 27-21 & in 2019, 34-21!
  • In the 2019 B-10 Championship Game, UW led 21-7, before allowing OSU to score 27 unanswered!
  • The Buckeyes, in 2022, have beaten ND, 21-10, Arkansas State, 45-12, & Toledo, 77-21
  • QB, CJ Stroud, RB, TreVeyon Henderson, & WR Jaxon Smith-Njigba may be the nation’s best players at their respective positions.
  • TV: ABC 6:30 / Favorite: OSU 18.5

To get Head to Head Results, use the Web-Site provided below and when reaching the site … substitute OSU for ND (@ the top of the page) and you will get the Simulator’s prediction? Please Note: you can have the Simulator review any FBS/FCS game of your choosing!

Simulator Says:

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