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SCFP Top 25 Teams vs Top 25 Recruiting Programs

Top 25 Ranked Teams / Top 25 Recruiting Programs

  1. Alabama / 1. Georgia
  2. Georgia / 2. Alabama
  3. Oklahoma / 3. Clemson
  4. Clemson / 4. Ohio State
  5. Ohio State / 5. LSU
  6. Texas A&M 6. Texas A&M
  7. Oregon / 7. Texas
  8. Notre Dame / 8. Oregon
  9. North Carolina / 9. Oklahoma
  10. Florida / 10. Florida
  11. USC / 11. Notre Dame
  12. LSU / 12. Michigan
  13. Penn State / 13. Penn State
  14. Miami / 14. Auburn
  15. Wisconsin / 15. Miami
  16. Texas / 16. Tennessee
  17. Michigan / 17. Florida State
  18. Auburn / 18. Washington
  19. Iowa State / 19. Nebraska
  20. Ole Miss / 20. North Carolina
  21. Indiana / 21. USC
  22. Washington / 22. Ole Miss
  23. Florida State 23. Mississippi State
  24. Iowa / 24. Wisconsin
  25. Northwestern/ 25. Kentucky

The highest rated recruiting program not ranked in Sully’s Top 25, is Tennessee at 16.

Nebraska is the 19th best recruiting program, yet the B-10 West Division program has not qualified for a bowl (6 wins) let alone broke into the Top 25. This, since home town hero (QB on the 1997 Co- National Champ), Scott Frost, has returned from a very successful run at Central Florida.

Mississippi State, the 23 best recruiting program, is also unranked. Their new coach, Mike Leach, took a few years @ Washington State to get the right personnel in place to begin to challenging for division & conference championships. However, the SEC West is a long way (in more than just miles) from the PAC 12 North!

The final unranked Top 25 Recruiting Program, a 3rd SEC program, is Kentucky. While they are likely to be the 3rd best team in the East Division of the SEC, behind Georgia & Florida and better than Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee. & Vandy, They are just outside our Top 25 and likely, at some point in the 2021 season, to break into the Top 25!

The weakest recruiting, Top 25 Team, is Northwestern. They are the 52nd best recruiting program, yet won the B-10 West Division and manhandled the 14th best recruiting program, Auburn, 35-19, in the Citrus Bowl.

Iowa, finished the 2020 season, by winning their final 6 games, including a blowout victory over Wisconsin, 28-7! The Hawks are overachievers (sometimes called a developmental program) as they are rated as the 32nd best recruiting program, 8 places higher (lower) then where they are ranked.

Three teams are ranked & recruiting at the exact same level, Texas A&M #6, Florida @ 10, & Penn State even up at 13!

QB’s can elevate recruiting team ranks! This is evidenced by North Carolina’s (Sam Howell) & USC’s (Kedon Slovis). UNC is the 20 ranked recruiting Program, yet considered to be the 9th best team in the country; While the Trojans are ranked as the 11th best team in the land, 10 spots better than where they recruit.

Sully’s College Football Page Power 5 (P5): Top 25 for 2021

The web-addresses above will take you our Recruiting Ratings (an explanation will be provided on how we determine recruiting ranks; who is ranked where & how they are/were ranked on the Recruiting Page) & Top 25 pages. Take a few minutes to compare & contrast these lists as they have some obvious connections, yet confusing disconnects!

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