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The Mid-American Conference (MAC) Released its 2021 Football schedule

The current version of the MAC has 12 teams divided into 2 division (East & West), each division has 6 teams.

The East Division consist of: Ohio, Kent State, Bowling Green, Akron, Miami (OH), & Buffalo. While the West Division is made up of: Northern Illinois, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Ball State, & Toledo.

The conference plays 8 league games and 4 Non-conference (NC) match-ups.

This year the MAC takes on 20 Power 5 (P5) teams. The B-10 is their most common P5 opponent, as the MAC will line it up 10 times in 2021 against a B-10 team!

The East Division plays 7 teams out of the Big Ten; Ohio State (Akron), Minnesota (Bowling Green), Nebraska (Buffalo), Iowa (Kent State), Maryland (Kent State), Minnesota (Miami), Northwestern (Ohio). The East will also play Syracuse (ACC) / Ohio, Texas A&M (SEC) / Kent State, Tennessee (SEC) / Bowling Green, & Auburn (SEC) Akron.

The East side of the MAC plays 11 of the 20 games vs P5 opponents. As mentioned, 7 games with the B-10, and of the remaining 4, 3 are vs the Mighty SEC, & 1 time against the ACC!

The West Division gets it on with, Penn State (B-10) / Ball State; Missouri (SEC) / Central Michigan, LSU (SEC) / Central Michigan, Wisconsin (B-10) / Eastern Michigan, Georgia Tech (ACC) / Northern Illinois, Michigan (B-10) / Northern Illinois, Notre Dame (IND) / Toledo, Michigan (B-10) / Western Michigan, & Pitt (ACC) Western Michigan.

The West battles the B-10 on 4 dates, the Mighty SEC twice, & the ACC on 2 occasions, aw well, in 2021.

It should be noted that of these 20 games, a grand total of zero are played in MAC Arenas. Maybe money can’t walk and/or talk, but it can absolutely determine MAC football game sites!

Please find below the link to Sully’s College Football Page web site and the MAC’s 2021 schedule. Be mindful that we color code opponents, Red is conference, Yellow is power 5, Green is the Group of 5, & Blue identifies an FCS opponent (63 scholarship programs) as opposed to an FBS (P5 & G5) teams that must award 85 scholarships.

After you review the MAC, we also have posted the American Athletic Conference & Conference-USA. You can get a sense of how these teams / conferences differ in how they schedule NC games. In particular, the # of AAC home games vs Power 5 opponents vs the Home games the MAC & C-USA have against the Power 5 programs!

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