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The PAC 12 has released their 2021 Football Schedule

The Pac 12 consists of 12 teams (don’t laugh, the B-10 has 14 teams & the B-12 has 10) so it is a point that needs to be clarified! The 12 teams play in 2 divisions (North & South) each division has 6 teams!

The North Division is made up of Washington, Washington State, Oregon, Oregon State, California, & Stanford; while the South Division features, USC, UCLA, Utah, Colorado, Arizona & Arizona State

The League plays 9 conference games, like the B-10 & B-12 and unlike the ACC & SEC, who play 8 league games! The PAC 12 plays a total of 144 games (12 teams X 12 games) of which, 108 are conference games & 36 are non-conference games!

The P-12 will play 16 Power 5 (P5) Opponents, 4 from the B-10, 3 from the SEC, 2 from the B-12, & Notre Dame twice (2) for a total of 11 games. On Sully’s College Football Page, we count BYU as a P5 team, the PAC 12 is playing the Cougars 5 times in 2021 to reach 16 games vs P5 opponents..

Now before you get to critical of our counting BYU, you should know that:

The Mighty SEC counts Army, ND, & BYU, as a P5 opponent for NC scheduling purposes.

The B-10 is on record as recognizing Army, BYU, Cincinnati, Navy, ND, & U-Conn as meeting their requirements of scheduling @ least one (1) P5 program. The B-10 also discourages its membership from scheduling FCS opponents (63 scholarship programs).

The ACC, for scheduling purposes, says its membership is required to schedule at least one team from the B-12, B-10, PAC 12, SEC, ND or BYU!

The B-12 & PAC 12 do not have guidelines that provide their members with any specific directives for NC scheduling!

So, we are not alone is counting BYU as a P5 equivalent for the scheduling of NC games within the ACC, B-12, B-10, PAC 12, & the SEC! In fact, if anything, we are conservative!

The PAC 12 is playing 11 teams from the Group of 5, who consist of: American Athletic Conference,(AAC), Conference USA (C-USA), Mid-American Conference (MAC), Mountain West Conference (MWC) & Sun Belt Conference (SBC). That said, Ten (10) of the eleven (11) games are against the MWC! Arkansas State from the SBC is the outlier.

Finally, the PAC 12 will line it up nine (9) times vs an FCS opponent, eight of these teams are members of the Big Sky Conference! The FCS outlier is Stony Brook, a team from the Colonial Athletic Association (CAA).

Please find the Web address for Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP), displaying the PAC 12’s 2021 schedule provided below.

As I have noted many times, we color code the schedule for your convivence: (Red = Conference Game; Yellow = P5 Opponent; Green = G5 Team; & Blue = FCS Program@!

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