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The Top Power Five (P5) Recruiting Programs. We look at three sites (247 Sports, Rivals, & ESPN) over 4 years and establish a rank in each of the three (3) sites, independently arrived at from the other two (2). We then take the three (3) averages and factor them together to establish a composite ranking. Here are the results

Some points of interest:

UGA (Georgia) not Alabama, is the current leader in the recruiting wars (2018 thru 2021 Recruiting Classes)

The SEC has 5 of the top 10 recruiting programs

The B-12 has two (2) Texas & Oklahoma

The B-10 has one (1) Ohio State, The PAC-12 has one (1) Oregon, & the ACC has one (1) Clemson!

The highest ranked Independent is Notre Dame @ 11

Texas is currently ranked 7th and has been a top 10 recruiting program for several years, yet since 2009 (13-1 record; lost to Bama in BCS Championship, 37-21) they have had One (1) ten (10) win season (2018), Four (4) losing seasons: 2016 (5-7), 2015 (5-7), 2014 (6-7), & 2010 (5-7), and have to lost to their Arch-Rival Oklahoma (OU), nine (9) times in the last thirteen (13) games / this coupled with the fact, that Texas recruits better than OU /adds to the frustration of the Longhorn fanbase!

Nebraska is also somewhat of a mystery, they are the best recruiting program in the B-10 West Division and have yet to win the West (the time they made the B-10 Championship Game they represented the Leaders Divisions / lost to the Legends Divisions Champ, Wisconsin, 70-31), In Fact, the Huskers recruit much better then Wisconsin (Bucky finally broke into are Top 25 this cycle) yet, have lost to the Badgers 8 times in 9 games, including, 7 straight!

When one looks at the Top 30 Recruiting Programs, the SEC has 12 teams or 40% of the Top 30, while 86% of their league (12 of the 14 teams) recruits in the Top 30! The next best conference (by Recruiting Result) is the B-10, Six (6 )teams (half of the SEC’s 12), the ACC is next with five (5) teams, the P-12 has four (4), the B-12 has two (2) teams, & One (1) IND, Notre Dame!

Before I had the results of this study, I would have thought that Kansas would be at the bottom of the Recruiting List. They are not, in fact, they are recruiting better than Kansas State (& six (6) other P5 Programs, as well), which for me, was a shocker!

As time permits, compare/contrast this recruiting data (P5 recruiting rankings of the 66 teams), with our Top 25, Power 5, Team Rankings to see distinctions between how well teams recruit compared to where they are ranked / how they preform?

OU is the 8th best Recruiting Program (fact) yet on SCFP, we have then ranked as the 3rd best team heading into 2021 (opinion)!

While LSU is the 5th best Recruiting Program (fact, by the criteria we apply) yet, on SCFP are ranked as the12th best team as we begin 2021 (opinion, related to QB issues)!

The possibilities can be endless…. Enjoy!

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