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Carmelo’s Restaurant Presents: A look ahead to SC & UCLA’s B10 Schedules for the 2024 / 2025 Seasons

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College football seems to be running a one sport show with conference realignment these days. The old conference geographic locales are being picked up and blown away in a money-driven whirlwind with programs landing in some unfamiliar places.

While earning the TV dollars in FB & men’s BB, it seems likely that those sports can afford the travel costs, yet, what about the non-revenue sports? Makes one wonder why athletic administrators are not being more innovated for the so-called, Olympic Sports? Does it make sense for the Trojans or Bruins to fly across the country to play Northwestern, in a beach volleyball game, on the shores of Lake Michigan? When one considers that the Pacific Ocean is their backyard!

You know they have had to consider these elements in making the move, yet on the surface, it looks to be more driven by money than what is best for their student athletes.

Conferences are becoming more and more spread-out across the country. The American Athletic Conference (AAC), has teams in Oklahoma, Florida, Tennessee, Maryland, & Pennsylvania while C-USA has teams in New Mexico, Florida, Tennessee, & Kentucky

The Big Ten will be coast to coast league in 2024; beginning on the East Coast of U.S., in the Garden State, New Jersey (Rutgers), rolling down to Maryland, then one heads west out to Ohio, on to Iowa & Nebraska, and finally across the continent, to the US’ West Coast, Washington, Oregon, ending its expanse in the Golden Bear State, California.

I must point out, that California (home state for USC & UCLA) is the only state in the union that proudly flies its state flag celebrating an Animal that went Extinct on their watch. Somewhere in the 1920’s, the Grizzle Bear (Ursus Arctos) became extinct in the Great State of California. Usually, when that happens, the state tries to keep it quiet, not Cal, they made the Golden Bear their state animal in 1953 and the University of California (Berkley) has retained (established in 1895) the Golden Bear as their mascot? Maybe the State’s flag should/could use the Latin phraseology: requiescat in pace (rest in peace) as the best way to recognize/honor Ursus Arctos!

I lived in California for a year back in the 70’s and enjoyed my time there, however, I an not sure the Midwest is mentally or spiritually ready for the California Experience or for that matter, vice versa? We will see!

Oregon, Washington, UCLA & USC will begin B-10 play in 2024!

Oregon & Washington’s Schedules TBD!

UCLA, in year one, will take on Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Ohio State, & USC all in the Rose Bowl (Home Stadium for the UCLA). The Bruins will travel to Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, & Rutgers. In 2025, UCLA will play, @ home, vs Maryland, Purdue, Rutgers, & Wisconsin and hit the pavement (airways) to battle Illinois, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State, & USC. The Bruins will have played every team in the conference in their 1st two years in the league!

USC in 2024 the Trojans will take on the following teams in/@ the LA Coliseum; Illinois, Iowa, Michigan & Wisconsin while ‘packing their bags’ for Maryland Northwestern, Penn State, Purdue, & UCLA. In 2025, SC will welcome, Indiana, Michigan State, Nebraska, Penn State, & UCLA to the Coliseum and then come back east, to challenge Minnesota, Ohio State, Rutgers, & Wisconsin!

For more info on these games and how the B-10 will protect existing rivalries, go to FB Schedules

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