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SCFP Top 25 P5; Top 20 G5; & Top 15 FCS!

  1. Alabama: Last Game: beat Ohio State, 52-24; Up Next: Miami
  2. Georgia: Last Game: beat Cincinnati, 24-21; Up Next: Clemson
  3. Oklahoma: Last Game: beat Florida, 55-20; Up Next: Tulane
  4. Clemson: Last Game: Lost to Ohio St., 49-28 ; Up Next: Georgia
  5. Ohio St: Last Game: Lost to Bama, 52-24; Up Next: @ Minn.
  6. TX A&M: Last Game: Beat UNC, 41-27; Up Next: Kent State
  7. Oregon: Last Game: Lost Iowa State, 43-17; Up Next: Fresno
  8. ND: Last Game: Lost to Bama, 31-14; Up Next: @ Florida State
  9. UNC: Last Game: Lost to Texas A&M, 41-27; Up Next: @ V-Tech
  10. Florida: Last Game: Lost to OU 55-20; Up Next: FAU 
  11. USC: Last Game: Lost to Oregon, 31-24; Up Next: San Jose State
  12. LSU: Last Game: Beat Old Miss, 53-48; Up Next: UCLA
  13. Penn State: Last Game: Beat Il, 56-21; Up Next: @ Wisconsin
  14. Miami: Last Game: Lost to Ok State, 37-34; Up Next: Alabama
  15. Wisconsin: Last Game: Beat WF, 42-28; Up Next: Penn State
  16. Texas: Last Game: Beat Colorado, 55-23; Up Next: Louisiana
  17. Michigan: Last Game: Lost to PSU, 27-17, Up Next: W Mich.
  18. Auburn: Last Game: Lost to N-western, 35-19; Up Next: Akron
  19. Iowa St.: Last Game: Beat Oregon, 43-17, Up Next: @ Utah
  20. Ole Miss: Last Game: Beat IU, 26-20; Up Next: vs Louisville
  21. Indiana: Last Game: Lost to Ole Miss. 26-20; Up Next: Iowa
  22. Wash.: Last Game: Lost to Stanford, 31-26; Up Next: Montana
  23. Florida St: Last Game: Beat Duke, 56-35; Up Next: ND
  24. Iowa: Last Game: Beat Wisconsin, 28-7, Up Next: Indiana
  25. Northwestern: Last Game: Beat Auburn 35-19; UP Next: MSU

SCFP Group of 5 (G5): Top 20 / 2021

  1. Cincinnati: Last Game: Lost to UGA, 24-21; Up Next: Miami Oh
  2. Boise State: Last Game: Lost to SJSU, 34-20 Up Next: @ UCF
  3. UCF: Last Game: Lost to BYU, 49-23 Up Next: Boise State
  4. Memphis: Last Game: Beat FAU, 25-10, Up Next: @ Nicholls St
  5. Louisiana: Last Game: Beat UTSA, 31-24 Up Next: @ Texas
  6. App St.: Last Game: Beat N. TX, 56-28; Up Next: ECU
  7. Liberty: Last Game: Beat CCU, 37-34 OT; Up Next: Campbell
  8. C Carolina: Last Game: Lost Liberty, 37-34 OT; Up Next: Citadel
  9. Houston: Last Game: Lost Hawaii, 28-14; Up Next: TX Tech
  10. Toledo: Last Game: Beat CMU, 24-23; Up Next: Norfolk State
  11. San Diego St: Last Game: Lost BYU, 28-14, Up Next: N Mexico St
  12. Hawaii: Last Game: Beat Houston, 28-14; Up Next: @ UCLA
  13. SMU: Last Game: Lost BYU, 28-14; Up Next: Abilene Christian
  14. W. Michigan: Last Game: Lost Ball St, 30-27; Up Next: Michigan
  15. Marshall: Last Game: Lost Buffalo, 17-10; Up Next: @ Navy
  16. GA Southern: Last Game: Beat L-Tech. 38-3: Up Next: GW
  17. UAB: Last Game: Beat Marshall 22-13; Up Next: Jacksonville St
  18. Buffalo: Last Game: Beat Marshall, 17-10; Up Next: Wagner
  19. L-Tech: Last Game: Lost GA Southern 38-3; Up Next: @ MS St
  20. Tulsa: Last Game: Lost Miss State, 28-26; Up Next: UC Davis

FCS Top 15

  1. SD St: Last Game: Lost S Houston, 23-21; Up Next: @ CO St
  2. ND St: Last Game: Lost S Houston, 24-20; Up Next: Albany
  3. J. Madison: L G: Lost S Houston, 38-35, Up Next: Morehead
  4. S Houston Last Game: Beat SD St, 23-21; Up Next: N. Arizona
  5. J-ville St: Last Game: Lost Delaware, 20-14; Up Next: @ UAB
  6. Weber St: Last Game: Lost S-ern Il, 34-31; Up Next: @ Utah
  7. E Washington: L G: Lost ND St. 42-20; Up Next: @ UNLV
  8. VMI: Last Game: Lost J. Madison, 31-24, Up Next: Davidson
  9. Delaware: Last Game: Lost SD St, 33-3; Up Next: @ Maine
  10. Monmouth: L G: Lost to S Houston, 21-15; Up Next: @ MTSU
  11. N Dakota: Last game: Lost J. Madison, 34-21; Up Next: Idaho St
  12. Sacred Heart: Last Game: Lost Delaware, 19-10; Up Next: TBD
  13. Holy Cross: Last Game: Lost SD State, 31-3; Up Next: @ U-Conn
  14. SIU Last Game: Lost SD State, 31-26; Up Next: SE Missouri
  15. Davidson: Last Game: Lost J-ville St. 49-14; Up Next: @ VMI
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