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Big Ten vs Power 5, Group of 5 & FCS

The Big Ten Conference is made of of 14 teams, broken into two Divisions, East & West. As a conference, they battle each other in 9 league games, leaving each club with 3 non-conference tilts. As a result, the Big Ten takes on 42 non-conference opponents, here is the 2017 breakdown!

East Division: Ohio State, Indiana, Michigan State, Michigan, Penn State, Rutgers, & Maryland.

West Division: Wisconsin, Illinois, Northwestern, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, & Purdue.

Big Ten vs Power 5 Conferences/Independents

Big Ten vs ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference): Indiana travels to Virginia on 9/9/17; Northwestern hits the road to battle Duke on 9/9/17; Penn State hosts’ in-state rival Pittsburgh on 9/9/17; Purdue heads south to take on Louisville on 9/2/17! The Big Ten takes on the ACC 4 times in 2017 … 3 of the 4 on the road!

Big Ten vs the B-12: Iowa visits Ames to challenge in-state rival Iowa State on 9/9/17; Maryland meanders south to The Lone Star State to battle Texas on 9/2/17; Ohio State welcomes Oklahoma on 9/9/17! B-Ten and the B-12 line up three times in 2017 … 2 of the 3 are played in B-12 Arenas!

Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP) breaks the four Independents into quasi P5’s ( ND & BYU) & G5’s (Massachusetts {U-Mass} & Army). Please do not waste your time agreeing or disagreeing with this breakdown, that argument will not effect how we disseminated the data. We mention it for your clarification only! That Said!

B-Ten vs Power 5 Independents: Michigan State opens the gates for Notre Dame on 9/23/17 & Wisconsin heads west to Provo, Utah to “get it on” with BYU on 9/16/17. The Big Ten laces em’ up twice against these quasi P5’s 

Big Ten vs P-12 (Pacific Athletic Conference): Minnesota hits the Oregon Trail to explore Oregon State on 9/9/17; Nebraska tracks Gophers to take on Oregon on 9/9/17, & Rutgers welcomes the defending P-12 champs, Washington on 9/1/17. The Big Ten and the PAC 12 play three, regular season, Rose Bowls,  fittingly, 2 of the 3 are on the ‘Left Coast’!

B-10 vs the SEC (Southeastern Conference): Michigan vs Florida @ AT&T Stadium, Arlington, TX & Purdue battles Missouri in Columbia @ Memorial Stadium! The B-Ten challenges the Mighty SEC twice, once at a neutral site and once on the road!

The B-Ten has 42 non-conference games, they have scheduled 14 against P5 competition, as defined by SCFP!  Of these 14 games, 9 are road games, 1 is at a neutral site, and 4 are at home!

The Big Ten vs the Group of 5 conferences/Independents

The B-10 vs AAC (American Athletic Conference): Illinois travels to South Florida on 9/9/17; Maryland takes on Central Florida, @ home on 9/23/17; & Michigan has extended an invite to Cincinnati for 9/9/17! The B-10 kicks it off 3 times against the AAC in 2017, only once away from their home stadiums!

B-10 vs C-USA (Conference – United States of America): Illinois hosts Western Kentucky on 9/16/17; Indiana welcomes Florida International on 9/16/17; Iowa plays North Texas @ Iowa City on 9/16/17; Minnesota opens the stadium for Middle Tennessee on 9/16/17; & Wisconsin has extended an invitation to Florida Atlantic for 9/9/17. The B-10 takes on C-USA 5 times, all home encounters for the B-10, and 4 of the 5 are played on Sept. 16th!

B-10 vs G5 Independents (See above): Ohio State battles Army on 9/16/17. This is the only game the B-10 plays against G5 Independents, as the conference does not play U-Mass in 2017!

B-10 vs the MAC (Mid-American Conference): Illinois battles Ball State, @ home, on 9/2/17; Michigan State challenges the MAC twice, Bowling Green on 9/2/17 and Western Michigan on 9/9/17, both games are at Spartan Stadium; Minnesota welcome Buffalo to TCF Bank Stadium on 8/31/17, Nebraska hosts Northern Illinois on 9/16/17, Northwestern and the Windy City have sent an invite to Bowling Green for 9/16/17. Penn State plays Akron @ State College on 9/2/17; Purdue lines up against Ohio in West Lafayette on 9/9/17; Rutgers plays host to Eastern Michigan on 9/9/17!  The B-10 welcomes MAC teams to B-10 Arenas 9 times, in the 9 games they play in 2017!

B-10 vs MWC (Mountain West Conference): Iowa host Wyoming on 9/2/17, Michigan flies in Air Force on 9/16/17; Northwestern battles Nevada in Evanston on 9/2/17; Ohio State bets down vs UNLV @ the Shoe on 9/23/17; Wisconsin welcomes Utah State to Madtown on 9/1/17. The B-10 laces em’ up 5 times vs the Mountain West … all at home! 

B-10 vs SBC (Sun Belt Conference): Indiana welcomes Georgia Southern on 9/23/17; Nebraska lines up at home vs Arkansas State on 9/2/17; & Penn State hosts Georgia State on 9/16/17. The B-10 plays 3 games against the Sun Belt Conference and all three are at home!

The B-10 battles the Group of Five on 26 occasions in 2017, only one (Illinois @ South Florida) is on the road!

Big Ten vs FCS Teams: Maryland Hosts Towson from the CAA (Colonial Athletic Association)  on 9/2/17 & Rutgers takes on Morgan State out of the MEAC (Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference) on 9/16/17

As stated, The Big Ten plays 42 non-conference games in 2017, 14 are against Power Five’s (only 4 of the 14 are played in B-10 Stadiums) 26 games are schedules vs the Group of 5 Conferences/Independents (a whopping 25 of 26 are played in B-10 Arenas) and the Big Ten plays only two games against the FCS (Football Championship Subdivision or 63 scholarship programs) 

Up next the PAC 12

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