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The Mid-American Conference (MAC) Released its 2021 Football schedule

The current version of the MAC has 12 teams divided into 2 division (East & West), each division has 6 teams.

The East Division consist of: Ohio, Kent State, Bowling Green, Akron, Miami (OH), & Buffalo. While the West Division is made up of: Northern Illinois, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Western Michigan, Ball State, & Toledo.

The conference plays 8 league games and 4 Non-conference (NC) match-ups.

This year the MAC takes on 20 Power 5 (P5) teams. The B-10 is their most common P5 opponent, as the MAC will line it up 10 times in 2021 against a B-10 team!

The East Division plays 7 teams out of the Big Ten; Ohio State (Akron), Minnesota (Bowling Green), Nebraska (Buffalo), Iowa (Kent State), Maryland (Kent State), Minnesota (Miami), Northwestern (Ohio). The East will also play Syracuse (ACC) / Ohio, Texas A&M (SEC) / Kent State, Tennessee (SEC) / Bowling Green, & Auburn (SEC) Akron.

The East side of the MAC plays 11 of the 20 games vs P5 opponents. As mentioned, 7 games with the B-10, and of the remaining 4, 3 are vs the Mighty SEC, & 1 time against the ACC!

The West Division gets it on with, Penn State (B-10) / Ball State; Missouri (SEC) / Central Michigan, LSU (SEC) / Central Michigan, Wisconsin (B-10) / Eastern Michigan, Georgia Tech (ACC) / Northern Illinois, Michigan (B-10) / Northern Illinois, Notre Dame (IND) / Toledo, Michigan (B-10) / Western Michigan, & Pitt (ACC) Western Michigan.

The West battles the B-10 on 4 dates, the Mighty SEC twice, & the ACC on 2 occasions, aw well, in 2021.

It should be noted that of these 20 games, a grand total of zero are played in MAC Arenas. Maybe money can’t walk and/or talk, but it can absolutely determine MAC football game sites!

Please find below the link to Sully’s College Football Page web site and the MAC’s 2021 schedule. Be mindful that we color code opponents, Red is conference, Yellow is power 5, Green is the Group of 5, & Blue identifies an FCS opponent (63 scholarship programs) as opposed to an FBS (P5 & G5) teams that must award 85 scholarships.

After you review the MAC, we also have posted the American Athletic Conference & Conference-USA. You can get a sense of how these teams / conferences differ in how they schedule NC games. In particular, the # of AAC home games vs Power 5 opponents vs the Home games the MAC & C-USA have against the Power 5 programs!

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The American Athletic Conference (AAC) released its 2021 schedule.

The American Athletic Conference (AAC) released the fall football schedule for 2021. The AAC has 11 teams (U-Conn left the league after the 2019 season) and as a result of U-Conn departure, the AAC does not play in divisions.

Each of the 11 teams will will play 8 conference games, 4 @ home, 4 on the road, & take on 4 Non-Conference (NC) opponents to round out their 12 game schedule!

AAC is widely regarded as the best of the Group of 5 (G5) Conferences (C-USA, MAC, MWC, & SBC) and its champion has represented the Group of 5 Leagues in the New Year’s Six Bowl Series the past four (4) years.

In this game, the highest ranked group of 5 team takes on a Power 5 program that did not make the College Football Playoff (CFP). But did qualify for a high profile bowl game. This series began in 2014 with the evolution from the BCS to the CFP for the Power 5 members & 1 G5 team.

The G5 teams have been very competitive in these bowl games. In 2014, #20 Boise State (MWC) beat #10 Arizona 38-30 in the Fiesta Bowl, in 2015, #18 Houston (AAC) beat #9 Florida State, 38-24, in the Peach Bowl & in 2016, the P5 rep, #8 Wisconsin, finally beat the G5 invite, #15 Western Michigan (MAC), 24-16 in the Cotton Bowl!

From 2017 through 2020, the G5 representative has come from the AAC; 2017, #12 UCF (Central Florida) beat #7 Auburn, 34-27, in the Peach ; in 2018, #11 LSU beat #8 UCF, 40-32, in the Fiesta Bowl, In 2019, #10 Penn State beat #17 Memphis, 53-39 in the Cotton Bowl; & last year, 2020, #9 UGA (Georgia ) survived #8 Cincinnati in the Peach Bowl, 24-21 (UGA scoring a FG & safety in the closing seconds of the game).

The AAC has played in 5 of the 7 games and has compiled a 2-3 record in these high profile games. All five (5) of the games have been competitive, with only 2 being decided by more than one score (Houston win over FSU, 38-24 & PSU outscoring Memphis, 53-39)!

In the 2021 season, the AAC will play 44 NC games. The break down of who they will play & where is always interesting. In ’21, the AAC will play seventeen (17) P5 teams with, surprisingly, Five (5) of the games in AAC stadiums and one (1) game at a neutral site (Houston vs Texas Tech @ NRG Stadium). It is rare to see more that 2 or 3 of these games played outside of the P5 arenas.

AAC will line it up against 10 Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) opponents. Navy is the only American team that will not play an FCS opponent in 2021.

These programs (FCS) may only award up to 63 scholarships, yet are allowed to offer fewer, if they make that economic or academic determination.

While, the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS), which include both the Power 5 & the Group of 5, must award 85 scholarships to maintain the FBS standing. It should be noted, that the terms P5 & G5 are not NCAA descriptors; in fact, the NCAA would only use FBS & FCS to describe its Division One membership.

Finally, for FBS programs to become bowl eligible, they must win 6 games. An FBS team may count one FCS win towards that total (6), a second FCS win would not count towards the 6 win total and this fact, explains why you rarely see an FBS program schedule 2 FCS programs in the same year.

The remaining 17 NC games (ACC vs P5 17 games & vs FCS 10 games = 27 of the 44 allowed) will be played against G5 Conferences & Independents to reach the total of 44.

Here is the G5 breakdown, 7 games vs C-USA, 3 vs Sun Belt (SBC), 2 vs the MAC, 2 vs the MWC, & 3 games against IND’s!

Remember, or if new, we color code the schedule for your convivence, Red is conference, Yellow is P5, Green is G5, & Blue is FCS.

Independents are counted differently, ND & BYU are counted as P5 programs, while the other 5 independents are considered to be part of the Group of 5.

As a result, Yellow, ND & BYU, while Green is used for NM State, Liberty, Army, U-Conn & U-Mass.

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Big 12 Releases 2021 Schedule

The B-12 2021 schedule came out this week, with some new, some old, and some traditional match-ups!

The New:

Baylor welcoming BYU to Waco, TX. These teams have played twice in their long histories, Baylor won in 1983, 40-36 & BYU won in 1984, 47-13. Baylor is coming off a difficult year, 2-7, in Dave Aranda’s 1st season, while BYU experienced its best & strangest year, perhaps ever. The Cougars did not play one game on a major network, lost all 6 of the Power 5 opponents to Covid rescheduling & then scheduled a game (Coastal Carolina beat BYU, 22-17) and played it 56 hours later! BYU went 11-1 in 2020, however, they enter the 2021 season w/o Mr. All-Everything, QB, Zach Wilson.

TCU battles California on Sept. 11th in Fort Worth, TX. The Horned Frogs & Golden Bears have played only once, in the 2018 Cheez-It Bowl. TCU won the game, 10-7. This will be one of two match-ups between the B-12 & the PAC-12 in 2021!

Kansas State vs Stanford in the Allstate Kickoff Classic @ AT&T Stadium, in Arlington, TX. This will be the 2nd meeting between the schools. Stanford won the 1st ever meeting between the universities, in 2016, 26-13!

The Old:

West Virginia takes on 2 old rivals, Maryland (B-10) Sept. 4th & Virginia Tech (ACC) Sept. 10th. The Mountaineers have battled the Terrapins 52 times. The 1st meeting was played on Oct. 18th, 1919, a game won by WV, 27-0! The most recent meeting was Sept. 26th, 2015, a game also won by WV, 45-6. West Virginia leads the all time series, 28-22-2!

WV has kicked it off, vs VT, 52 times, the exact number of games the Mountaineers have played against the Terps. The teams first met on Nov. 16, 1912, VT won the game 41-0 (the largest winning margin by either team) while their most recent game was Sept. 3rd 2017, a game that was also won by V-Tech, 31-24! The teams play for the Black Diamond Trophy with WV leading the series, 28-23-1.

Texas vs Arkansas an old SWC (Southwest Conference) game. These teams in the 60’s & 70’s would play on the season’s final weekend with the conference championship regularly going to the winner. The Hogs vs Horns have played 78 times, with Texas leading the series 56-22! The teams’ first meeting was on Nov. 29th, 1894, the Longhorns won, 54-0 with their last game being played on December 29, 2014, the Razorbacks won in the Texas Bowl, 31-7! Their most famous meeting (my opinion) was on Dec. 6th, 1969 with Texas scoring late to win 15-14 and the Horns then beat ND, 21-17, in the Cotton Bowl to win the National Championship! This was the last segregated team to win a college football championship.

Nebraska @ Oklahoma in the 1970’s this was one of, if not, the biggest game of the college football season. During those years, both teams were part of the Big 8 Conference, later the Big-8 merged with the disbanding SWC. The Sooners & Huskers have duked it out 86 times. Their 1st meeting was on Nov. 23, 1912, Nebraska won, 13-9 and their last meeting was on December 4th, 2010. It was to be Nebraska’s final game in the Big-12; (Began play in the B-10 in 2011) fittingly against OU, for the Big 12 Championship! Oklahoma won a great game & the B-12 championship, 23-20!

The Sooners lead the series 45-38-3, Nebraska has the largest MOV (margin of victory) 69-7 in 1969. OU counters with the longest winning streak in the series, 16 straight from 1943 thru 1958! This rivalry has been/was/can be again/ intense! OU has given the Cornhuskers their only loss in 5 different seasons (1964, 1966, 1975, 1979, & 1987) while the Huskers returned the insult twice, 1971 (voted as the best regular season game ever) and in 1978!

The Traditional

Iowa @ Iowa State the annual, in-state, battle between the B-10’s rep Iowa & ISU, out of the B-12! The teams play for the CY/Hawk Trophy! They first played on Oct. 1st 1894, with the Cyclones winning, 16-8 and their most recent game, Sept. 11th, 2019, with the Hawks getting it done, 18-17.

These teams have met on the gridiron 67 times with Iowa leading the series, 45-22! The Hawks have the largest MOV, 57-3 in 1985, the longest winning streak, 15 straight (1983-1997) and have won the last 5 games.

TCU vs SMU a rare rivalry played between a Power 5 (P5) program and a Group of 5 (G5) team. In fact, the only other such rivalry (P5 vs G5) that comes to mind, is the ND/Navy annual battle.

These teams have played 99 games with the Horned Frogs (TCU) leading the series against the Mustangs, 51-41-7. Texas Christian holds the largest MOV, 56-0, in 2014, the longest winning streak (15) from 1972 thru 1986, while SMU holds the current win streak of one game!

The teams play for the Iron Skillet Trophy, several stories of why a skillet are out there, with no clear consensus! The teams first played on Oct. 18th, 1915, TCU won 43-0 while SMU won the most recent game, Sept. 21st, 2019, 41-38!

Please note, on Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP) we color code games for your quick review (red is conference, Yellow is a P5 opponent, Green in a G5 team, and Blue is an FCS Program (63 Scholarships as opposed to an FBS team which awards 85 scholarships).

We do this so that at a glance, you can see WV is playing (2 yellow dots on their schedule profile) Maryland (B-10) & VT (ACC), while Texas Tech & Oklahoma State are not playing a Non-Conference, P5 opponent (No Yellow). This is, at least on the surface, an indicator that WV is playing the strongest NC schedule in the B-12 in 2021! And given that the B-12 plays a round robin schedule (play every team in the league), one can/could argue that West Virginia has the B-12 most challenging line-up of opponents in 2021!

Check out the B-12 and then compare it to the B-10’s, SEC’s & ACC’s NC schedules! The PAC 12 has yet to release their 2021 schedule!

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ALL 130 FBS Coaches Winning Percentage Through the 2020 Season

Coach School Conf. Win Loss Games W%
1. Ryan Day Ohio St B-10 20 2 22 90.9%
Nick Saban Bama SEC 170 23 193 88.9%
Lincoln Riley OU B-12 45 8 53 84.9%
Dabo Sweeney Clem. ACC 140 33 173 80.9%
5. Kirby Smart Georgia SEC 52 14 66 78.8%
Bryan Harsin Boise St MW 69 19 88 78.4%
Josh Heupel UCF AAC 28 8 36 77.8%
Danny Mullen Florida SEC 29 9 38 76.3%
Ed Orgeron LSU SEC 45 14 59 76.3%
10. S. Clark App St SBC 9 3 12 75.0%
Hugh Freeze Liberty IND 18 6 24 75.0%
Paul Chryst UW B-10 56 19 75 74.7%
R. Silverfield Memphis AAC 8 3 11 72.7%
David Shaw Stanford P-12 90 34 124 72.6%
15. Brian Kelly ND IND 102 39 141 72.3%
Jimbo Fischer T A&M SEC 26 10 36 72.2%
Bill Napier LU SBC 28 11 39 71.8%
M. Cristobal Oregon P-12 25 10 35 71.4%
Luke Fickell Cincinnati AAC 35 14 49 71.4%
20. G Patterson TCU B-12 178 74 252 70.6%
Jim Harbaugh Michigan B-10 49 22 71 69.0%
James Franklin Penn St B-10 60 28 88 68.2%
K. Whittingham Utah P-12 135 66 201 67.2%
Mike Gundy Ok State B-12 137 67 204 67.2%
25. Clay Helton USC P-12 45 23 68 66.2%
Gus Melzahn Auburn SEC 68 36 104 65.4%
Bill Clark UAB USA 40 22 62 64.5%
Jason Candle Toledo MAC 38 21 59 64.4%
Tom Herman Texas B-12 32 18 50 64.0%
30. S. Dykes SMU AAC 22 13 35 62.9%
Doc Holiday Marshall USA 85 52 137 62.0%
Kirt Ferenz Iowa B-10 168 106 274 61.3%
K. Niumatalolo Navy AAC 102 67 169 60.4%
Mac Brown UNC ACC 15 10 25 60.0%
35. C. Lunsford GSU SBC 27 18 45 60.0%
Skip Holtz L-Tech USA 61 41 102 59.8%
Justin Fuente V-Tech ACC 38 26 64 59.4%
Troy Calhoun Air Force MW 102 72 174 58.6%
Frank Solish Ohio MAC 115 82 197 58.4%
40. Jeff Traylor UTSA USA 7 5 12 58.3%
Manny Diaz Miami ACC 14 10 24 58.3%
B. Anderson Ark St SBC 51 37 88 58.0%
PJ Fleck Minnesota B-10 26 19 45 57.8%
Jimmy Lake UW P-12 4 3 7 57.1%
45. Karl Dorrell Colorado P-12 4 3 7 57.1%
Pat Fitzgerald N-western B-10 106 81 187 56.7%
H. Edwards ASU P-12 17 13 30 56.7%
Tyson Helton WKU USA 14 11 25 56.0%
Jeff Monken Army IND 35 28 63 55.6%
50. M Campbell ISU B-12 35 28 63 55.6%
Todd Graham Hawaii MW 5 4 9 55.6%
Pat Narduzi Pitt ACC 42 34 76 55.3%
Jim McElwain CMU MAC 11 9 20 55.0%
Tim Lester WMU MAC 24 20 44 54.6%
55. D. Doeren NC State ACC 55 46 101 54.5%
J. Chadwell CCU SBC 20 17 37 54.1%
Butch Davis FIU USA 23 20 43 53.5%
Ton Allen Indiana B-10 24 21 45 53.3%
Lance Leipold Buffalo MAC 37 33 70 52.9%
60. C. Klieman KSU B-12 12 11 23 52.2%
Jay Hopson S-ern Miss USA 31 29 60 51.7%
Kalani Sitake BYU IND 20 19 39 51.2%
Rick Stockstill M-Tenn. USA 93 92 185 50.2%
Kalen DeBoer Fresno St MW 3 3 6 50.0%
65. Brady Hoek SDSU MW 4 4 8 50.0%
Lane Kiffin Ole Miss SEC 5 5 10 50.0%
Eli Drinkwitz Missouri SEC 5 5 10 50.0%
Jeff Hafley BC ACC 5 5 10 50.0%
Justin Wilcox Cal P-12 21 21 42 50.0%
70 S Satterfield UL ACC 12 12 24 50.0%
Neal Brown WVU B-12 11 11 22 50.0%
G. Anderson Utah St. MW 33 33 66 50.0%
Willie Taggart FAU USA 5 5 10 50.0%
Seth Littrell North TX USA 31 31 62 50.0%
75 Mark Stoops Kentucky SEC 49 50 99 49.5%
B. Mendenhall Virginia ACC 30 32 62 48.4%
Jay Norvell Nevada MW 21 23 44 47.7%
Will Healy Charlotte USA 9 10 19 47.4%
Dave Clawson WF ACC 40 45 85 47.1%
80. Willie Fritz Tulane AAC 29 33 62 46.8%
Chris Bohl Wyoming MW 38 44 82 46.3%
W Muschamp USC SEC 28 33 61 45.9%
Jeremy Pruitt UT SEC 16 19 35 45.7%
Dave Cutcliffe Duke ACC 74 88 162 45.7%
85 C. Lindsey Troy SBC 10 12 22 45.5%
Rob Carey Temple AAC 9 11 20 45.0%
Randy Edsall U-Conn IND 76 93 169 45.0%
P Montgomery Tulsa AAC 31 40 71 43.7%
Jeff Brohm Purdue B-10 19 25 44 43.3%
90. Sean Lewis Kent St. MAC 12 17 29 41.4%
Chuck Martin Miami OH MAC 32 46 78 41.0%
Matt Wells T-Tech B-12 9 13 22 40.9%
Dino Babers Syracuse ACC 24 36 60 40.0%
Mike Neu Ball State MAC 22 34 56 39.3%
95. Sean Elliott Georgia St. SBC 18 28 46 39.1%
Scott Frost Nebraska B-10 12 20 32 37.5%
C. Creighton EMU MAC 30 51 81 37.0%
Mike Leach MSU SEC 4 7 11 36.4%
D. Holgorsen Houston AAC 7 13 20 35.0%
100. G Schiano Rutgers B-10 3 6 9 33.3%
Mike Norvell FSU ACC 3 6 9 33.3%
Brent Brennan SJSU MW 15 30 45 33.3%
Mike Houston ECU AAC 7 14 21 33.3%
Matt Viator ULM SBC 19 39 58 32.8%
105. Chip Kelly UCLA P-12 10 21 31 32.3%
Kevin Sumlin Arizona P-12 9 20 29 31.0%
Derek Mason Vandy SEC 24 56 80 30.0%
Sam Pittman Arkansas SEC 3 7 10 30.0%
Lovie Smith Illinois B-10 17 40 57 29.8%
110. M Locksley Maryland B-10 5 12 17 29.4%
J. Smith OR St. P-12 9 22 31 29.0%
D. Gonzales N. Mexico MW 2 5 7 28.6%
Mal Tucker MSU B-10 2 5 7 28.6%
T.  Hammock N. Illinois MAC 5 13 18 27.8%
115. D. Martin NM State IND 20 53 73 27.4%
Geoff Collins G-Tech ACC 6 16 22 27.3%
S. Campbell USA SBC 9 26 35 25.7%
Steve Addazio CSU MW 1 3 4 25.0%
Nick Rolovich WSU P-12 1 3 4 25.0%
120 M Bloomgren Rice USA 7 23 30 23.3%
Dave Aranda Baylor B-12 2 7 9 22.2%
Jake Spavital Texas St. SBC 5 19 24 20.8%
Scott Loeffler BGU MAC 3 14 17 17.7%
Dana Dimel UTEP USA 5 27 32 15.6%
125. Les Miles Kansas B-12 3 18 21 14.3%
Jeff Scott USF AAC 1 8 9 11.1%
Walt Bell U-Mass IND 1 15 16 6.25%
Tom Arth Akron MAC 1 17 18 5.56%
M. Arroyo UNLV MW 0 6 6 0.00%
130. Ricky Rahne ODU USA 0 0 0 0.00%
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ACC releases their 2021 Schedule

The ACC plays 8 conference games and 4 Non-Conference (NC) tilts! The Atlantic Coast, just like the Southeastern Conference, play one fewer conference game than the B-10, B-12 & PAC-12, who all play 9. This has been discussed as an area that needs to be looked at, in terms of equality within the Power 5 (P5) conferences!

We color code are conference page: Red Dot for a conference game, Yellow Dot for P5 game, Green Dot for NC G5 opponent, & Blue Dot for FCS conference team.

The ACC has 14 teams in their league and divided into 2 divisions, Atlantic & Coastal.

The Atlantic consists of: Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, NC State, Syracuse, & Wake Forest.

The Coastal is made up of: Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, Pitt, Virginia, & Virginia Tech!

The ACC has 112 conference games scheduled for the 2021 season. This league plays more games vs P5 opponents (24) than any other Power 5 Conference. The PAC 12 plays 16, SEC 15, B-10 14, & the B-12 battles 9 Power 5’s (TCU has 1 more opponent to schedule).

In should be noted, North Carolina is playing a conference opponent, Wake Forest, in a NC game. The reason being, these teams are in-state rivals and the lost gate revenue, in these, ‘strapped for cash’ economic environments make little to no sense.

As a result, on Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP) it looks as if UNC & WF are playing 9 conference games (9 Red dots, while the other 12 teams have 8), simply put, they are not! We count the UNC WF game, as 2 NC P5 games (WF 1 & UNC 1)!

ACC teams have scheduled 18 games vs Group of 5 (G5) Conferences and 14 dates with Football Championship Subdivision (FCS), The G5 & P5 are both part of the of the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS). The Conference plays 24 P5’s, 18 G5’s & 14 FCS teams for a total of 56 NC games.

The NCAA designation for DI teams is the FBS (85 scholarships) & the FCS (63 Scholarships). In fact, the terms P5 & G5 are not recognized by the NCCA and are really constructs, created by the 5 conferences (ACC, B-10, B-12, PAC-12, SEC) and Notre Dame.

The ACC plays the SEC 10 times & ND 5 times in the 2021 season. They take on the B-10 4 times, 2 games vs B-12, 1 against BYU (SCFP counts ND & BYU as P5 opponents), and the 23 game is the NC game (UNC vs WF) between 2 conference teams.

While the ACC is often viewed as the weakest of the Power 5 Conferences, it should be noted, at least, in my opinion, they play the best NC schedule of the P5 leagues!

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Big Ten 2021 Schedule

Here is the Big Ten Football Schedule for the 2021 season. B-10 does the best job of getting their dates out early, the other 4 P5 conferences have their Non-Conference Schedules out, but only helmet schedules (who they are playing, but not the dates) for their conference games!…/Conference…

On SCFP (Sully’s College Football Page) we color code games to give the reader a better sense of the strength of a team’s schedule, with just a glance. On our conference pages we show data with the following format: a yellow dot signifies a non-conference, Power 5 (P5) opponent, a green dot indicates a Group of 5 (G5) non conference opponent, a light blue dot indicates an FCS opponent (63 scholarship program as opposed to an FBS team’s 85 scholarships), and red dot signals a conference opponent!

The B-10 is taking on 14 P5 opponents in 2021 (Yellow Dots)! Every team is playing 1 P5 except IU, who is not playing a Power 5 in 2021 & Purdue, who is challenging two (Oregon State & Notre Dame).

Four games that will draw national interest are: 1) Ohio State hosting Oregon, 2) Michigan welcoming Washington to the “Big House”, 3) Wisconsin traveling to Chicago’s Soldiers Field to battle Notre Dame, & 4) Penn State will lace ’em up against the Mighty SEC, as Auburn soars into State College’s Beaver Stadium!

A blockbuster game, from days gone by, will be revisited when Nebraska travels to Norman to take on Oklahoma. I remember those early 70’s games, with Huskers, Johnny Rogers & Sooners’ Greg Pruitt and a whole lot more, would play for the Big 8 crown!

Another game of interest will be played when the Spartans of Michigan State head south to take on the Miami Hurricanes. Talk about two teams that like to talk, these guys have a little men who lives behind their ears and when the game starts, these creatures of unknown origin, pull a cord, as if starting a lawn mower and everybody’s mouth starts running! This game should be entertaining!

The games between Rutgers @ Syracuse & Maryland welcoming West Virginia to College Park have long histories and are significant to each of these programs recruiting fates! Rutgers and Syracuse have played 43 times with the Orange holding a 30-12-1 advantage. The Terrapins have lined it up on 52 occasions vs the Mountaineers, winning 22, losing 28, and playing to 1 tie! All four of these teams battle for players in New Jersey & in the DMV (DC, Maryland, & Virginia) a win in either of these games goes a long way to winning in the living room!

Iowa’s annual battle with in-state rival, Iowa State, takes place on September 11th. The Hawks are on a 5 game winning streak and lead the overall series, 45-22.

The fighting Illini will head back east to take on the ACC’s, Virginia Cavaliers. Amazingly, the Illini lead the series, two wins to zero defeats. The teams 2 meeting were both in bowl games. Illinois won 31-21, in the 1990 Citrus Bowl & again, in the 1999, Micronpc. com Bowl, 63-21!

The final 4 games pit: 1) Minnesota @ Colorado, the Buffs have beaten the Golden Gophers in both their meetings. In 1991, @ Minnesota, the Buffalos won, 21-20 after having pounded the Gophers, 58-0, in 1991

2) Northwestern travels to Durham, NC, to play the Duke Blue Devils. These teams have played four times since 2015 and split the 4 games, the Cats won the 1st two, 19-10, in 2015 & 24-13 in 2016! The Devils have won the last two, 41-17 in 2017 & 21-7 in 2018!

3) Purdue has played Oregon State only once, in 1967! The Boilers came into the game ranked 2nd in the nation and were shocked, losing to the Beavers, 22-14, in West Lafayette!

4) That said, Purdue & ND have a long history. The Boilers & the Irish have played 86 times, with Notre Dame leading the series, 56-26-2 (please note, ND’s wins in 2012 & 2013 were vacated).

The B-10 in 2021 will play the ACC four (4) times, the SEC once (1), the PAC 12 in four games (4), the B-12, in three meetings (3) & Notre Dame twice (2)!

Since the B-10 moved to a 9 game conference schedule, they only have room for 42 Non-conference games! Fourteen (14) of the forty two (42) are against P5 opponents, twenty two (22) are against G5 conferences & 5 games are against FCS programs, for a total of 41 NC games!

Maryland still has 1 NC team to schedule for the 2021 season.

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C-USA 2021 Schedule

Here is the 2021 schedule for C-USA. The league has 14 teams, divided into 2 divisions with 7 teams aside.

The East: Florida Atlantic, Florida International, Marshall, Middle Tennessee, Old Dominion, UNC Charlotte, & Western Kentucky.

The West consists of: Louisiana Tech, North Texas, Rice, Southern Miss, Texas San Antonio, UAB, & UTEP!

C-USA, which is a member of the Group of 5 (G5), plays 8 conference games and 4 Non-Conference. They will line it up 112 times for conference tilts and 56 NC battles.

USA will take on a Power 5 opponent 16 times in 2021 or 29% of their NC schedule (ACC: 4 Games; B-10: 4; B-12: 2; PAC-12: DNP; & SEC: 6!

They will play 26 G5 teams or 46% of their NC schedule will be played against other Group of 5 opponents. C-USA will line it up vs the AAC: 7 Games; MAC: 2; MWC: 4; SBC: 6; & IND: 7!

Finally, the league will play 14 teams from the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) or teams that may award up 63 scholarships, not more that the 63, but can award fewer.

The FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) must provide 85 scholarships in football to maintain their status as members of this subdivision. Each team in Conference USA is playing 1 FCS opponent.

It should be noted, that for an FBS team to become bowl eligible, they must win 6 games. One of the 6 wins can be against an FCS team, but only one. If a FBS team were to schedule 2 FCS opponents, it would know in advance that only one of those potential wins would count toward the 6 wins needed to qualify for a bowl!

The web site below will take you to Sully’s College Football Page’s C-USA schedule for the 2021 season. For your convenience, we color code conferences/teams; Conference Games (Red Dot), Non-Conference Games as follows, Power 5 (Yellow Dot) Group of 5 (Green Dot), & FCS opponent (Blue Dot)!

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SEC Releases 2021 Schedule: League & Non-Conference

The SEC is divided into 2 divisions, each side of the conference has seven teams. The East has Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, & Vanderbilt. While the West has Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Mississippi State, Ole Miss, Texas A&M. The West is and has been for the better part of a decade considered to be the stronger division, winning 11 of the last 12 championship games (Georgia’s win over Auburn, 28-7, in 2017, the lone exception)!

The SEC (ACC, as well) plays 8 conference games, the B-12, PAC 12, & the B-10 play 9 conference Games. The SEC, as mentioned, has 14 members and plays 112 conference tilts; this compared to the B-10, who also has 14 teams, yet plays 14 more conference games, 126 to 112! This is do to the respective conferences electing to play 8 (SEC) to 9 (B-10) conference games! As a result, 13 of the SEC teams line it up against 9 (including their 8 Conf. games) Power 5 (P5) teams in 2021, only UGA (Georgia: vs Clemson & G-Tech) plays 10 P-5’s! While the B-10 has 12 teams play 10 games (9 Conf. 1 NC P5 game) against P5 opponents (Indiana plays 9, while Purdue plays 11 Power 5 teams in 2021 / Oregon State & Notre Dame). Remember, the SEC & B-10 are P5 Conferences and therefore, their league games count as P5 games!

The SEC has a 56 game non-Conference (NC) schedule. On Sully’s College Football Page, we look at NC opponents three ways, Power 5, Group of 5 (G5) and Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) and then color code these respective categories. Red signifies a conference opponent, Yellow, P5, Green, G5, and Blue, FCS. This allows the reader to get a sense (strength) of the NC schedule with a simple glance If you see a yellow dot (UGA & Purdue) who are playing 2 P5 opponents in 2021, no other member of their respective conferences is taking on 2 Power 5 teams! So at 1st glance, the Dawgs & Boilers are playing the toughest schedules in their respective leagues! That said, further consideration is needed, yet @ a glance… It should be noted that on SCFP, we count ND & BYU as part of the Power 5!

The SEC is kicking it off against 15 P5 in the coming season! This means that 27% of their NC schedule (15/56) is against the ACC (10 games), B-12 (1) , B-10 (1), or PAC-12 (3).

The have scheduled 27 teams from the G5 ranks, American Athletic Conference (AAC 3 games), Conference-USA (C-USA 6), Mid-American Conference (MAC 5), Mountain West Conference (MWC 2), Sun Belt Conference (SBC 7) & Independents (IND’s 4). On SCFP we include 5 teams as G5 independents (Army , Liberty, New Mexico State, U-Conn, & U-Mass). The SEC vs G5’s accounts for 48% of their NC schedule.

Finally, the FCS (these programs can offer up to 63 scholarships, not more than 63, but they can offer fewer and keep their FCS status) make up 25% (14/56) of the NC Southeastern Conferences Schedule.

The SEC recruits better, wins more championships, and places more players in the NFL than any other conference in the collegiate ranks. People who argue against the SEC as being the NCAA’s, Division One’s best, are simply swimming against a mighty current! They are the best! And then, and only then, let the debate begin as to which conference is 2nd best?

The B-10 & SEC complete schedules are now available on SCFP. The link below will take you to our SEC page!

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How to Calculate QB Rating in both the NCAA & the NFL

I don’t Know about you, but I think the best word in any human language is ‘Unknown’! I spent 46 years in education, the last 20 or so as an administrator and I wish I had a nickel for every time I answered a teacher or student question with, ‘I don’t know, let’s find out’! If I had that, ‘them nickels’, I would own 2/3’s of Wisconsin!

So with that in mind, one of the things I knew and then forgot about (forgetting is a lot like not knowing) was how QB ratings are determined in the college game, and then, how it differs (if it differs) from how it is determined at in the NFL? So I sat down today, after I got back from a visit with the grand kids, and now, it is no longer an unknown!

First let’s do college, after all this is a college football site! The NFL can get a number and get in line!

There are 7 steps to determine a QB rating via the NCAA formula:

  1. The QB’s passing yards X 8.3
  2. The number of TD’s the QB has thrown X 330
  3. The Quarterback’s completions x 100
  4. You now add A, B, & C to get a total!
  5. Now factor in the INT’s the QB has thrown and X them by 200
  6. You now subtract the INT total from your first total (steps 1, 2, & 3)!
  7. You now divide the #6’s total, by the number of QB attempts (passes thrown)

Let’s take a few QB numbers and will do a walk through!

Alabama’s Mac Jones had the highest QB rating of any QB for the 2020 season. So here’s Mac!

  1. Mac passed for 4500 yards, so we times it by 8.4 and our 1st number is 37,800.
  2. Jones hit on 41 TD’s in 2020, we times the 41 by 330 and we now have our 2nd number, 13,530.
  3. He hit his target (completions) 311 times, which we times by 100 and we arrive at our 3rd number, 31,100
  4. We now add the three sub-totals together to get our first total, 82,430
  5. Mac threw 4 INT’s which we times by 200 and get a second total of 800
  6. we now subtract the 800 from our 1st total of, 82,430 and we have our final number, 81,630!
  7. We now divide 81,630 by the number of attempts (passes thrown) Mac had in 2020, 402 attempts. Jones’ QB Rating was 203.06!

If you go to the web site listed below you will find Mac at the top of the page, listed at 203.06.

Let’s do another high profile QB this season, Ohio State’s, Justin Fields!

  1. Fields passes for 2100 yards, so we times it by 8.4 and our 1st # is 17,640.
  2. Justin threw for 22 TD’s in 2020, so we times 22 by 330 and we get a second number, 7,260.
  3. He completed 158 passes which we multiply by 100 in our formula and we arrives at our 3rd number, 15,800.
  4. We now add our sub-totals and we get our 1st composite total of 40,700.
  5. Next we identify the number of INT Fields threw in the year of the Covid; he hit the wrong color jersey 6 times. Six picks times 200, equals 1200.
  6. We now subtract 1200 from our 1st total of 40,700 and we end up with 39,500.
  7. Finally, we divide 39,700 by the number of passes Justin threw in 2020, 225 / into 39,500 . Fields QBR was 175.56 / 10th best in the country!

Finally, since Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP) is located in Wisconsin, let’s take a peek at our own QB, Graham Mertz.

  1. Graham passed for 1,238 yards and as before, we times the number by 8.4, which equates to 10,399.2.
  2. Mertz threw 9 TD’s, which we times by 330 to get a total of 2,970.
  3. He completed 118 passes and in our formula, we multiply the 118 by 100 and get our 3rd sub-total of 11,800.
  4. The 3 sub-totals equal a composite score of 25,169.2
  5. Graham threw 5 INT’s, times 200 and we end up at 1,000.
  6. We now subtract 1000 from 25,169.2 and our final total is 24,169.2
  7. Mertz passed the ball 193 times in 2020, which we divide into 24,169.2 and we arrive at Mertz’s QBR of 125.23 or 79th best in the nation!

The NFL system seems much more involved, at least to a Mental Math Midget like myself!

  1. The NFL takes a QB’s completions and divides them by his attempts (passes thrown), it then subtracts from that number by 0.3, and then times the quotient by 5. This gives you your 1st number.
  2. In their 2nd step , they divide a QB total passing yards by, again, their attempts. They now subtract 3 from the passing yards/by attempts from the quotient, and then times that number by 0.25.
  3. In step three, they divide the QB’s TD passes by his total attempts and then times that number by 20.
  4. You take 2.375 and hold on to it, while you complete the what is in the brackets 1st. U divide INT’s by attempts, times that number by 25, and then subtract the 2.375!
  5. You take the 4 sub-totals listed above, add them together, divide the total by 6 and then times that number by 100. You now have your QB rating

Ok, let’s do a NFL QB to see if I can unconfused you! How about we do GB’s Aaron Rogers .

  1. Rogers completed 372 passes / attempted 526 = 0.707, we now subtract 0.3 which leaves us with 0.407. Now we times the 0.407 number by 5 and we have our 1st number, 2.036
  2. Aaron passed for 4299 yards in 2020, so we divide that number by his attempts, 526, and we get 8.17 YPA. We now subtract 3 and we are left with 5.17 which we now multiply by 0.25 and we get our 2nd number of 1.29.
  3. In the NFL’s 3rd step, we divide TD’s by, again, attempts. Rogers threw 48 Touchdowns which we divide by his attempts of 526, this leaves us with 0.091. Now we multiply the 0.091 by 20 and we get a response of 1.825
  4. In our fourth phase, we take a look at INT’s and find that Rodgers threw 5 picks in 2020, again we divide by attempts, 526 and we arrive at 0.0095. In the NFL’s Formula, you now multiply this number (0.0095) by 25 and get 0.237, which we subtract 2.375 and get our fourth number of 2.138
  5. We now add our 4 totals together, 2.036, 1.293, 1.825, & 2.138 = 7.292. We then divide by 6 which = 1.21 & X by 100 = our QB rating for Rodgers of 121.5

In the likelihood , you doubt my findings (I did as well) here is a site that shows you Rodgers QBR.

I was asked about this yesterday and while I used to do this back in 2009 & 2010, I really had little to nothing to offer how the NCAA / NFL Formulas worked and or how they were different Not anymore!

Enjoy the NFL Games, should be great one’s on Saturday & Sunday!

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Who Wins the 2020 College Football Playoff: A 12-0 Alabama or A 7-0 Ohio State!

This is the 7th version of the CFP! Alabama has won 2, Clemson 2, LSU 1, & OSU won the 1st one, in 2014! If the Buckeyes win tonight, 3 teams will have won 2 of the 7 championships. A good balance until you consider that 130 teams have had 780 chances to win the CFP Championship!

So here we go; Brutus vs Big AL

On offense the Bucks have the 4th best Total Offense in the country @ 544.9 YPG! The Tide rolls into the game as the 6th best Total Offense @ 535 YPG! Bama will counter OSU high powered Offense with 32nd ranked Total Defense allowing 353.2, while the Bucks D is ranked 41st nationally giving up 370..3 YPG! Advantage: Alabama!

Scoring: Alabama is the nations 2nd highest scoring team, putting up 48.2 PPG to Ohio’s, 5th rated scoring machine, @ 43.3 PPG. Factoring in Scoring Defense, Bama D’s (13th Nationally) allows 19.0 PPG to Ohio State’s surrendering 22.0 PPG or the country’s 31st best! Advantage: Alabama!

3rd Down conversions, Alabama leads the nation @ 59.3% (80/135), a truly amazing percentage. That said OSU is the 6th best converter in the country @ 50%. Both of these teams can score from anywhere on the field, coupled with how difficult it is to get them off the field. This game looks to be high scoring affair! Ohio is the 25th best defense on stopping its opponent on 3rd down. Bama is 76th in the country in the country getting their opponents off the field. A potential issue for the Tide! Advantage: Ohio State!

In the Red Zone Alabama is the 9th rated and scores (TD/FG) 91.1% of the time they penetrate the opponents RZ! OSU is ranked 100/130 most likely to score in their opponents RZ @ 76.9%, A shocking number when one considers the weapons they have on offense! In defending the RZ, Bama is ranked as the nations 15th best (34 penetrations, 25 scores, 17 TD to 8 FG) RZ Defense allowing scores 74% of the time. While OSU comes into the game as the country 54th best in defending the RZ (23 penetrations 19 scores, 15 TD to 4 FG) OSU allows scores 83% of the time. Advantage: Alabama!

Passing : The Tide is raked as college football’s 5th best passing team @ 349.3 YPG, while OSU rolls in rated as the 31st best passing squad in America, at 272.3 YPG! On defensing the pass, Bama is the nation’s 79 best allowing 245.3 YPG, while the Bucks have struggled defending the pass, ranked at 116th allowing 281.1 YPG! This is a huge concern for Buckeye defense, given the strength of the Bama air attack! Advantage: Alabama

Rushing the ball, this is where OSU has to play well, the Bucks have the 5th best rushing attack in the country, pounding the ball for 272 YPG! Bama is the 46th best rushing team in the nation! The Tide is averaging 185.7 YPG and yet they have one of the top running backs in the country! Ohio State has the nations 2nd best run defense, giving up a meager 89.1 YPG. Alabama has the 13th best run D in all of college football! They are allowing 110.2 YPG. The run game is where OSU must dominate, not on defense but on offense> To have a real shot in this game they must keep Bama’s high powered offense on the sideline while they run the field & the clock! Advantage: Ohio State

Sully Says: Alabama wins and covers the 9 points!

And as Always Enjoy the Game!

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