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Bowl Match-Up Review

Use Sully’s College Football Page to predict the  outcomes of the remaining games!

To review the remaining bowl games, simply right click on the address provided below and then add the teams you would like to compare. Iowa vs Wisconsin will come up … simply drop the menu bar and select the game or teams you would like to review.

The site looks at these matchups in 7 different categories and provides 8 results. It analyzes Red Zone in two ways, scores (TD’s & FG’s) and then just TD’s). Essentially, what the algorithm does is take Wisconsin total offense and adds it to Iowa’s total defense, gets a total, and then divides it by 2 to get a mean.  It repeats the process by taking Iowa’s offense and adding it to Wisconsin defense , gets a second total, and then divides it by 2 to get a second mean. The higher number gets the point (except with Turnovers, there the lower number gets the point)! In the Wisconsin/Iowa game the site now predicts that Iowa would win the game (The Badgers beat the Hawks, 28-17, on 9/22/2018). Yet, based on the respective teams play since that game, the Site now predicts an Iowa win!

Check out out the remaining games or any match-up you would like to view. You can also go to and see many other features! Enjoy the games!

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