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Sully’s College Football Page Power 5 Top 25

Please note: SCFP ranks the Power Five teams (ACC, B-10, B-12, PAC 12, & SEC … Plus 2 Independents; ND & BYU) as one group of 66 teams into a Top 25. Next, we rank the Group of Five (AAC, C-USA, MAC, MWC, & SBC … Plus 2 Independents, Army & U-Mass, a group of 64 teams into a Top 20. Finally, we rank the 124 FCS teams into a Top 10! Oh, and by the way, RR identifies a team’s Recruiting Rank! 3 sites (Rivals, ESPN, & 247) and a 4 year average were used to determine the P5 rankings, while a 4 year average from just 247 was used in ranking the G-5’s top 20!  Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Sully’s Top 25 Power 5’s


25. Virginia ACC Coastal Division: Beat William & Mary, 52-17 Up Next: @ Home vs Florida State 1-1TV: 6:30/ACCN (N=Network); Favorite: UVA -8SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Virginia 6/3 a push in the TO battle (2-2) & FSU wins the RZ categories RZ Scores & RZ TD’s (scores (TD & FG) 90% to 88% & TD’s (only) 67.5% to 54%!

24. North Carolina 2-0 ACC Coastal Division: Beat Miami, 28-25 Up Next: Friday Night @ Wake Forest (NC Game); TV: 7:00 /ACCN; Favorite: WF -3.5;  SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Wake wins 5 to 3 (UNC wins the Passing Yards & both RZ Categories, Scores; TD/FG & TD’s only)

23. USC 2-0 P-12 Conference South Division:  Beat Stanford, 45-20; Up Next: @ BYU 1-1; TV: 2:30/ABC Favorite:  USC -4.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: USC wins 6-2 (BYU in RZ Scores & Passing)

22. Maryland 2-0  B-10 East Division: Beat Syracuse, 63-20 Up Next: @ Temple 1-0;  TV: 11:00/CBSSNFavorite: Maryland -5.5; SCFP Says by the numbers it’s: By the #’s it’s Temple, 5-3 (Maryland is statistically better in scoring average, 41.5/33 , Rushing Average 178.5/112, & TO’s .25 to 1.25)!

21. Iowa State 1-0 B-12 Conference: BYE Week Up Next: @ Home vs Iowa 2-0; TV: 3:00/FS1 Favorite: ISU -1; SCFP Says by the Numbers It’s: Iowa wins the #’s game 6-2 (Total offense, Passing Yardage, Scoring Average, TO’s, 3rd Down Conversions, & RZ Scores)!

20. Mississippi State 2-0 SEC West Division: Beat Southern Miss, 38-15; Up Next: @ Home vs Kansas State TV: 11:00/ESPN Favorite: Mississippi State -7; SCFP Says by the numbers it’s: Kansas State wins the Statistical battle, 6-2 (MSU wins the RZ Categories)

19. Penn State 2-0 B-10 East Division: Beat Buffalo, 45-13; Up Next: @ Home vs Pitt 1-1; TV: 11:0/ABC; Favorite: Penn State -16.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: PSU wins the Stat game, 7-2 (Pitt wins 3rd Down Conversions & pushes in RZ Scores!

18. Iowa 2-0 B -10 West Division: Beat Rutgers, 30-0; Up Next: @ ISU;  TV: 3:00/FS1 Favorite: ISU -1; SCFP Says by the Numbers It’s: Iowa wins the #’s game 6-2 (Total offense, Passing Yardage, Scoring Average, TO’s, 3rd Down Conversions, & RZ Scores)!

17.   Florida 2-0 SEC East Division: Beat Tennessee Martin, 45-0; Up Next: Kentucky 2-0; TV: 6:00/ESPN; Favorite: Florida -8; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Florida wins the #’s Game, 5-3 (Kentucky performs better in Rushing Average, the TO battle, & RZ TD’s!

16. Washington 1-1 P-12 North Division: Lost to Cal, 20-19; UP Next: @ Home vs Hawaii 2-0TV: 6:30/PTN; Favorite: Washington -20.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: The Statistical Game goes to the Huskies, 6-2 (The Rainbow Warriors prevail in Passing yards & RZ TD’s)

15. Oregon 1-1 P-12 North Division: Beat Nevada, 77-6 UP Next: @ Home vs Montana 2-0; TV: 9:45/PAC 12; Favorite: Oregon -37; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Oregon wins by the #’s, 6-2 (Montana outperforms the Ducks in the Run Game & 3rd  Down Conversions

14. Texas A&M 1-1 SEC West Division: Lost to Clemson, 24-10 Up Next: @ Home vs Lamar 2-0;  TV: 6:00/ESPNU; Favorite: Texas A&M -44; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: It’s Lamar 7 to 1, The Aggies win only the TO battle! 

13.  Texas B-12 Conference:  Loss to LSU, 45-38; UP Next: vs Rice @ (NRG Stadium in Houston) ; TV: 7:00/CBSSN; Favorite: Texas -29.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Texas wins the Stat race, 7-1 ( Rice wins only the Passing average, 282/269)

12.  Utah 2-0 P-12 South Division: Beat NIU, 35-17; Up Next: @ Home vs Idaho State 1-0; TV: 3:15/Local  Favorite: Utah -36.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers It;s: Idaho State, 6-2 (the Utes win only the Rush Yards & TO Averages)

11. Michigan 2-0 B-10 East Division: Beat Army in 2 OT’s, 24-21; Up Next: BYE Week; TV: Favorite: SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 

10.  Wisconsin 2-o B-10 West Division: Beat Central Michigan, 61-0; Up Next: BYE Week; TV: Favorite: SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s:

9.  Michigan State 2-0 B-10 East Division: Beat Western Michigan, 51-17 Up Next: @ Home vs Arizona State; TV: 3:00/FOX; Favorite: MSU -11; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: MSU 7 categories to 1 (ASU wins the passing assessment (256.5 to 217)!

8. Auburn 2-0 SEC West Division: Beat Tulane, 24-6 Up Next: @ Home vs Kent State; TV: 6:00/ESPN 2; Favorite: Auburn -35 ; SCFP Says by the Numbers: Auburn wins 6 categories to 2 (Kent State wins RZ scores 83.5% to 71% & TO;s 1,5 to 1.75)

7. Notre Dame 1-0 Independent: BYE Week Up Next: New Mexico; TV: 1:30/NBC;   Favorite: ND -37.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: The Irish win the Stats battle, 7-2, the Lobos out duel ND in passing (197/175) and earn a tie in RZ scores (1 to 1)!

6.   Oklahoma 2-0 B-12 Conference: Beat South Dakota, 70-14 Up Next: @ UCLA;   TV: 7:00/FOX; Favorite: OU 19.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: OU wins the Stats game 6-2, UCLA is better in both RZ counts

5.  Georgia 2-0 SEC East Division: Beat Murray State, 63-17 ; UP Next: @ Home vs Arkansas State; TV: 11:00/ ESPN 2; Favorite: The Dawgs -33.5, FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Georgia 7 to 1, by the Numbers; ASU is better only in the passing category (245 to 230)

4.   Ohio State 2-0 B-10 East Division: Beat Cincinnati, 42-0 Up Next: @ Indiana;   TV: 11:00/FOX; Favorite: Ohio State -13.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: OSU wins 7-2, the Hoosiers out duel the Bucks in the passing game (278/215) & earn a tie in the TO battle (1 apiece)!

3.  LSU 2-0 SEC West Division:  Beat Texas, 45-38; Up Next: at Home vs Northwestern State TV: 6:30/SEC Network; Favorite: LSU -51.5SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: LSU wins 7 to 1 by the #’s (Score: 44-17.5)!

2. Alabama 2-0 SEC West Division: Beat New Mexico State, 62-10 Up Next: @ South Carolina; TV: 2:30/CBSFavorite: Alabama -25.5SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Bama dominates statistically, 7 to 1, only in rushing offense does SC have an edge, 207.5 to 196.5 rushing yards!

1. Clemson 2-0 ACC Atlantic Division: Beat Texas A&M, 24-10; Up Next: @ Syracuse;   TV: 6:30/ABC Favorite: Clemson -26; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: Clemson outperforms Syracuse in all 8 categories!

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Sully’s College Football Page, Top 20 Group of Five (G5)

On Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP) we do not rank the G5’s  with the Power 5 (P5). In fact we have advocated for a playoff for the G5’s similar to what is being done with the the P5’s! We think that the Football Bowl Subdivision is headed towards a format already used by the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS).

However, that is not today’s discussion, today we are looking at SCFP Top 20 G5 programs and who they ‘take on’ in week Zero & week 1. All times are Central and unless otherwise indicated, the game is being played on Saturday, 8/31!

Sully’s Top 20 Group of 5’s


20. Arkansas State (SBC): Up Next: SMU @ Home; TV: 6:30/ESPN+; Favorite: Arkansas State -3; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

19. Toledo (MAC): Up Next: @ Kentucky TV: 11:00/SEC Network; Favorite: Kentucky -12; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

18. Ohio (MAC): Up Next: Rhode Island @ Home; TV: 1:00/ESPN ; Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

17. Florida Atlantic (C-USA): Up Next: @ Ohio State;   TV: 11:00/Fox;  Favorite: Ohio State -27.0; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

16. Western Michigan (MAC): Up Next: Monmouth @ Home; TV: 6:00/ESPN3 Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent/; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

15. North Texas (C-USA): Up Next: Abilene Christian @ Home; TV: 6:30 ESPN+; Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

14. Georgia Southern (SBC): Up Next: @ LSU; TV: 6:30/ESPNU; Favorite: LSU -26.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

13. Marshall (C-USA): Up Next: VMI @ Home; TV: 5:30/Local Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s:  1st week no data

12. Fresno State (MWC): Up Next: @ USC; TV: 9:30/ESPN; Favorite: USC -13.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

11. Troy (SBC): Up Next: Campbell @ Home, TV: 5:00/ESPN+; Favorite: No Line FCS OpponentSCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

10. Southern Miss (C-USA): Up Next: Alcorn State @ Home; TV: 6:00/ESPN+; Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

9. Temple (AAC): Up Next: Bucknell @ Home; TV: 2:00/ESPN3; Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

8. Appalachian State (SBC): Up Next: East Tennessee St. @ Home;   TV: 2:30/ESPN+; Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

7. San Diego State (MWC): Up Next: Weber State; @ Home    TV: 8:00/Local;   Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

6. Houston (AAC): ;Up Next: @ Oklahoma (9/1) ; TV: 6:30/ABC Favorite: OU -26.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

5. USF (AAC): Up Next: Wisconsin @ Home; TV: 6:00/ESPN; Favorite: Wisconsin -14 ; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

4. Army (IND): Up Next: Rice @ Home; TV: 5:00/CBSSN Favorite: Army -22.5; SCFP says by the numbers its: 1st week no data

4. Memphis (AAC): Up Next: Ole Miss @ Home; TV: 11:00/ABC; Favorite: Memphis -7.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

3. Boise State (MWC): Up Next: Florida State; (Jacksonville) TV: 6:00/ESPN; Favorite: FSU 3.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data

2. Cincinnati (AAC): Up Next: UCLA @ Home (8/29); TV: 6:00/ESPN Favorite: Cincy -4; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s:  1st week no data

1. UCF (AAC): Up Next: Florida A&M (8/29) @ Home TV: 6:30/CBSSN; Favorite: No Line FCS Team;  SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: 1st week no data                                                                                        –


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Power 5: Top 25 action in Weeks Zero & 1

Here is Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP) preview of the Power Five’s, Top 25’s as identified by our staff! Please Note these games will be played from 8/24 through 9/2.  We list the team, their conference,  the opponent, time of the game, the network the game is on, who is favored (Vegas Hot$heets’ opening line is our source), and since this is the 1st game, SCFP game simulator is not available (no data), that said, it will be up and running for week 2!

Remember, when an Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) or an 85 scholarship program, plays a FCS (Football Championship Subdivision) or a 63 scholarship program, typically there are no lines or favorites on the Vegas Hot$heets, as the FBS team is playing with a stacked deck!

Here we go!


Sully’s Top 25 Power 5’s Weeks Zero thru 1


25. Syracuse (AAC Atlantic Division): Up Next: @ Liberty;    TV: 5:00/ESPN; Favorite: No Line FCS OpponentSCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: No data for 1st week!

24. Missouri (SEC East Division): Up Next:  @ Home vs Wyoming; TV: ESPN /6:30;  Favorite: Missouri -17.5;  SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s:  No data for 1st week!

23. TCU (B-12 Conference):  Up Next: @ Home vs Arkansas Pine Bluff;  TV: Local/7:00; Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: No data for 1st week

22. Mississippi State (SEC West Division): Up Next: vs Louisiana; TV: 11:00 /ESPNU Favorite: Mississippi State -22.5; SCFP Says by the numbers it’s: No data 1st Week

21. Nebraska (B-10 West Division): Up Next: @ Home vs South Alabama;   TV: 11:00 / ESPN; Favorite: Nebraska -36; SCFP Says by the numbers it’s: No Data for 1st week!

20. Wisconsin (B-10 West Division): Up Next: (8/30) @ South Florida; TV: 6:00 Friday/ESPN; Favorite: Wisconsin -14; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: No data for 1st week!

19. Penn State (B-10 East Division): Up Next: Idaho; TV: 2:30/BTN; Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: No Data for 1st week!

18. Iowa (B -10 West Division): Up Next: Miami OH; TV: BTN/6:30;   Favorite: Iowa -21.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: No data for 1st week! 

17. Iowa State (B-12 Conference): Up Next: Northern Iowa; TV: 11:00/Local;     Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent SCFP Says by the Numbers: No data for 1st week!

16. Michigan State (B-10 East Division): Up Next: (8/30) Tulsa; TV: FS1/6:00;   Favorite: MSU -22.5SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: No data for 1st week!

15. Auburn (SEC West  Division): Up Next: Oregon; TV: 6:30/ABC;       Favorite: Auburn -3 SCFP Says by the Numbers: No data for 1st week!

14. Utah (P-12 South Division): Up Next: (8/29) BYU (8/29); TV: 9:15/ESPN      Favorite: Utah -5; SCFP Says by the Numbers: No data for the 1st week!

13. Texas A&M (SEC West Division): Up Next: (8/29) @ Home vs Texas St.   TV: 7:30/SEC Network; Favorite: Texas A&M -34.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: No data for 1st week!

12. Washington (P-12 North Division): UP Next: @ Home vs Eastern Washington;   TV: 2:00/P-12 Network; Favorite: No Line FCS Opponent; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: No data for 1st week!

11. Texas (B-12 Conference): UP Next: vs Louisiana Tech; TV: 7:00/Longhorn Network; Favorite: Texas -21; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

10. Michigan (B-10 East Division): Up Next: Middle Tennessee; TV: 6:30/BTN   Favorite: Michigan -33.0SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!;

9. Oregon (P-12 North Division): UP Next: Auburn; TV: 6:30/ABC;    Favorite: Auburn -3; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

8. Notre Dame (Independent): Up Next: (9/2) Louisville; TV: 7:00/ESPN;    Favorite: Notre Dame -20.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

7. Florida (SEC East Division): Up Next: Miami (8/24); TV: 6:00/ESPN     Favorite: Florida -7; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

6. LSU (SEC West Division): Up Next: Georgia Southern; TV: 6:30/ESPNU;   Favorite: LSU -26.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

5. Ohio State (B-10 East Division): Up Next: Florida Atlantic; TV: 11:00/Fox   Favorite: Ohio State -27.0; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

4. Oklahoma (B-12 Conference): Up Next: (9/1) HoustonTV: 6:30/Fox      Favorite: Oklahoma -24.5; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

3. Georgia (SEC East Division): UP Next: Vanderbilt; TV: 6:30/SEC Network;  Favorite: Georgia -21; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

2. Alabama (SEC West Division): Up Next: Duke; TV: 2:30/ABC;   Favorite: Alabama -34.5SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

1. Clemson (ACC Atlantic Division): Up Next: (8/29) Georgia Tech; TV: 7:00/ACC Network; Favorite: Clemson 35.5 ; SCFP Says by the Numbers it’s: N0 data for 1st week!

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Who is Better P-12 North or South Division

The P-12 has had 2 teams make the college football playoffs (CFP), both teams are from the North Division (Oregon & Washington), 1 appearance each). The B-10 has followed a similar path, 2 teams (3 appearances}, Ohio State {2  appearances/ 1 Championship} and Michigan State has 1 trip to the CFP. The SEC, has qualified 6 times in 5 years. involving 2 teams, Alabama {5 appearances / 2 Championships} and Georgia {1 appearance}. The ACC has also sent 2 teams to the Playoffs, Clemson (4 appearances / 2 championships} and Florida State {1 appearance}. Finally, the B-12, which does not have divisions, has qualified only 1 team, Oklahoma ( 3 appearances).

It is worth noting that only the SEC has sent conference reps from both of their divisions, Bama is in the West & Georgia in the East. The ACC has sent Clemson & FSU both from the Atlantic Division, B-10 entries to the CFP are both from its East Division (OSU & MSU), and as mentioned, Oregon & Washington are both from the P-12’s North Division!

These facts support the growing concern of division in-balance and how divisional crossover games may determine who wins the other division. Say Georgia goes 6-0 in the East, while Missouri goes 5-1 (losing to Georgia), The Dawgs have to play Auburn & LSU in their 2 crossover games and lose them both, Missouri plays Arkansas and Ole Miss and wins them both. Missouri goes 7-1 while Georgia finishes 6-2, so Georgia loses the division w/o losing a game with-in divisional play! In fact, the best team in the SEC East does not go to Atlanta!

This year in the B-10, Wisconsin plays @ OSU, & welcomes Michigan & MSU to Mad-Town, these three teams are the best teams in the B-10’s East Division. Wisconsin could go 6-0 in the West and finish 6-3 and out of the championship game in Indy, yet they would have beat every team in the West!

Divisional strength matters! So let’s take a look at the P-12 North & South Divisions from a recruiting perspective and head to head encounters. We will use 2016 through the 2019 recruiting classes and crossover games during the same timeframe! I have not done this exercise and I am interested to see if appearances in the CFP is reflective of divisional strength, does the North Division recruit better & have the better record in head to head encounters.

North Division Recruiting Rankings

1) Oregon 17th (national rank), 2) Washington 20th, 3) Stanford 24th, 4) California 45th, 5) Washington State 53rd, & 6) Oregon State 59th.

South Division Recruiting Rankings

1) USC 9th, 2) UCLA 23rd, 3) Utah 35th, 4) Arizona State 36th, 5) Colorado 49th, & 6) Arizona 52nd!

The best recruiting program in the P-12 is, South Division, USC (9h), followed by the North’s, Oregon and Washington.

Next, it’s the South’s, UCLA @ 23 followed by the North’s, Stanford at 24. Then the South has 2 teams back to back, Utah & Arizona State, 34th & 36th.

Finally, Cal is next @ 45 followed by the South’s, Colorado, 49th and the South final team, Arizona (52). The weakest recruiting programs in P-12 are both in the North Division, Washington State 53rd & Oregon State 59th!

While the North has placed 2 teams in the CFP and the South has failed to place any, the South Division does have a slight a recruiting edge!

Heading into the 2019 season, Street & Smith says Utah will win the South Division and UCLA will finish 2nd with SC 3rd! Phil Steele thinks it’s Utah followed by USC and Arizona State. Athlon Sports is in agreement with Street & Smith, Utah, UCLA & USC, in the South! Finally Lindy Sports agrees with Phil Steele, Utah, SC, & Arizona State!

So why do all these preseason publications have the 35th best roster (Utah) winning the division over the 9th best roster (SC)? One explanation is that recruiting ranking do not consider the configuration of a team’s roster.

USC, is perhaps, the best example of this line of thinking in all of college football. The Trojans are loaded with 4 & 5 stars @ WR’s, RB’s, & DB’s and as a result, their classes are ranked deceptively high.

Most analyst recognize that SC is strong at the skilled positions, yet weak in both the D & O lines. As a result, preseason predictors are picking away from the Trojans, a clear  indicator that recruiting rankings can be flawed depending on how a team’s roster is constructed! It may be fair to say, that a class ranking is more influenced by star power, while the preseason rankings are more reflective of a balanced roster.

The North Division situation is equally interesting! Lindy Sports says it’s; 1) Oregon, 2) Washington, & 3) Stanford, consistent with the recruiting rankings. While, Athlon agrees it is Oregon followed by Washington, but has Washington State third (5th best roster via recruiting numbers in the North)! Phil Steele agrees with Lindy Sports and the recruiting numbers, 1) Oregon, 2) Washington, & 3) Stanford! While Street & Smith aligns with Athlon’s 1) Oregon, 2) Washington, & 3) Washington State.

Utah, according to Steele, has the best D-Line in the country, while he rates Oregon as having the best O-Line in the nation! Steele’s magazines rates USC as having the 3rd best receiving corps and the 11th best QB in all of college football! While SC has the 19th best D-Line and the 25 best O-Line. Clearly, greater weight is placed on a team’s ability to play in the trenches, by these preseason publication’s, than the skill needed to play in space!

The P-12 actually have the same number 12, as teams that have in their league (B-10 has 14 & B-12 has 10)! They play 9 conference games, since the divisions have 6 teams they play 5 divisional and 4 crossover games! In other words, the P-12 teams play all but 2 teams in their league! Let’s start in the North

Oregon 2016: Oregon lost to Colorado, 41-38, USC, 45-20, and beat Arizona State, 54-35 & Utah 30-28; 2017: lost to Arizona State, 37-35, UCLA, 31-14 and beat Utah, 41-20 & Arizona, 48-28; 2018: lost to Arizona, 44-15, and Utah, 32-25, while beating, UCLA, 42-21 & Arizona State, 31-29!  Oregon vs the North is 6-6 since 2016!

Washington 2016: Beat Arizona, 35-28, Utah, 31-24, & Arizona State, 44-16, and lost to USC, 26-13; 2017: beat UCLA, 44-3, Colorado 37-10, & Utah, 33-30, while losing to Arizona State, 13-7; 2018: beat Utah, 21-7, Arizona State, 27-20, UCLA, 31-24, & Colorado, 27-13! Washington 10-2 vs the South!

Stanford 2016: beat SC, 27-10, UCLA, 22-13, & Arizona 34-10, the Cardinal lost to Colorado, 10-5; 2017: beat UCLA, 58-34, Arizona State, 34-24, & Utah, 23-20, yet lost to USC, 42-24; 2018: beat SC, 17-3, Arizona State, 20-13, UCLA, 49-42, while losing to Utah, 40-21! Stanford is 9-3 vs the South Division!

California 2016: beat Uaht, 27-21, UCLA, 36-10, & Arizona State, 37-32 anl lost to SC, 45-24; 2017: Cal lost all 4 games, SC, 30-20, Arizona, 45-44, Colorado, 44-28, & UCLA 30-27; 2018: lost to Arizona,24-17 & UCLA, 37-7 and beat SC,15-14 & Colorado, 33-21. Cal is 5-7 vs the South Division!

Washington State 2016: beat UCLA, 27-21, Arizona State, 37-32, & Arizona, 69-7, lost to Colorado, 38-24; 2017:  beat USC, 30-27, Colorado, 28-0, & Utah, 33-25, lost to Arizona, 58-37; 2018: beat Utah, 28-25, Colorado, 31-7, & Arizona, 69-28, lost to SC, 39-36! WSU is 9-3 vs the South!

Oregon State 2016:  beat Arizona, 42-17, lost to Colorado, 47-6, Utah, 19-14, & UCLA, 38-24; 2017: OSU lost all 4 games, SC, 38-10, Colorado, 36-33, Arizona, 49-28, & Arizona State, 40-24; 2018: beat Colorado, 41-34 in OT, lost to SC, 38-21, Arizona, 35-14, & Arizona State, 52-24! OSU is 2-10 vs the South Division.    

The North Division is 41-31 vs the South Division from 2016 through 2018

The South recruits slightly better than the North and yet, the North has won the head to head battle from 2016 / 2018. There are 2 other elements that we have not discussed and that is “player development” and “situational recruiting”.

Wisconsin’s is a perfect example of player development and why Bucky ends up with a top ten O-line annually. They take 3 stars, who are 6’5 to 6’6 and weight between 260 /280 typically these players are not heavily recruited. The Badgers put 50 to 60 pounds on them over a 2 year time frame. These players emerge as redshirt sophomores @ 6’5 plus and 325 plus pounds. This may explain the low class recruiting rank the Badgers have and their annual top 15 rankings during the season!

Situational recruiting is driven by what a team’s needs are, how will that player fit in with team mates and is he a good fit for the system? This type of thinking may not result in having a top ten class, but it will create a happier locker room and coupled with player development, it will foster a better result on game day!

So is the North recruiting better to its situational needs as opposed to getting as many 4 & 5 stars as is possible? Are they developing their players better than their counterparts in the South Division? For whatever reason, the North is getting a better result recently, I, for one, will be watching these crossover games closely, especially those involving SC!

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Top 20 Group of 5 Teams

On Sully’s College Football Page (SCFP) we rank the Power Five (P5)  Conferences (ACC, B-10, B-12, P-12, & SEC), the Group of Five (G5) (AAC, C-USA, MAC, MWC, & SBC) Conferences, and the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) in their specific classification. We rank the P5’s top 25, the G5’s top 20, and the FCS’ (there are 13 FCS’ Conferences) top 15!

We should also note the both the P5 & G5’s are part of the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS or 85 scholarship programs) it should be further noted, that the terms, Power 5 & Group of 5 are not NCAA classifications, in fact, the origin of these terms is unknown? They came into use about 2006 and now are common place! The use of this language (P5/G5) is becoming problematic and may eventually end up in American courts, do to the perception of discriminatory practices. Yet, that story is for another day!

The College Football Playoff (CFP) is an organization that has representation from all 10 FBS conferences (AAC, ACC, B-10, B-12, C-USA, MAC, MWC, P-12, SEC, & SBC) and 1 Independent, Notre Dame! Technically, Army, BYU, Liberty, UMass, & New Mexico State, all independent FBS programs, do not have a voice @ the CFP table!  The CFP association maintains an office in Irving, Texas!

And now SCFP Top 20 G5 teams for the 2019 preseason

20. Arkansas State (SBC): 8-5 in 2018, 13 starters return, 6 on O & 7 on D.

19. Toledo (MAC): 7-6 in 2018, return 11 starters, 6 on O, including QB and 5 on D.

18. Ohio (MAC): 9-4 in 2018, 4 on O return and 6 on D are back.

17. Florida Atlantic (C-USA): QB & 12 starters return, from a team that was 5-7 in 18′

16. Western Michigan (MAC): 7-6 in 18, return 17 starters (7/O & 1o/D) & QB!

15. North Texas (C-USA): 9-4 in 18; 13 starters return, including the QB.

14. Georgia Southern (SBC): 10-3 in 2018, return 14 starters, including their QB.

13. Marshall (C-USA): 9-4 in 18′, QB and 13 other starters return.

12. Fresno State (MWC): went 12-2 in 18′ return only 9 starters and a new QB.

11. Troy (SBC): 10-3 in 2018,  13 starters return including QB.

10. Southern Miss (C-USA): 6-5 in 2018, return 16 starters, including QB.

9. Temple (AAC): 7-7 in 2018, return 14 starters including their QB!

8. Appalachian State (SBC): 11-2 in 2018 and return 16 starters 10 on O/QB is back.

7. San Diego State (MWC): 7-6 a year ago, return QB & 6 others on O, 5 on D.

6. Houston (AAC): return 12 starters, 8 including QB, went 8-5 last year, open with OU.

5. USF (AAC): 7-6 a year ago, return 15 starters 9 on O including their QB.

4. Army (IND) 11-2: return 11 starters, 7 on Offense including the QB and 4 on Defense:

4. Memphis (AAC): 8-6 a year ago, return 14 starters, 6 on O with QB.

3. Boise State (MWC): 10-3 in 18′, 13 starters are back -QB, open with Florida State.

2. Cincinnati (AAC): 11-2 in 18′, 7 return on both sides of the ball, including QB.

1. UCF (AAC): 13 starters, including ND transfer, Winbush, 12-1 last season.

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B-10 2019 Non-Conference (NC) Schedule

The B-10 plays 9 conference games and 3 NC to reach the limit of 12 games. It should be noted, if a team schedules a game in Hawaii, they are awarded a 13th game to off-set travel expenses.The B-12 and the P-12 also play 9 conferences games, while the ACC and SEC schedule 8 in-house, so to speak, conference dates.

The B-10 is divided into 2 division, the East Division (Indiana, Maryland, Michigan, Michigan State, Ohio State, Penn State, & Rutgers) and the West Division (Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern, Purdue, & Wisconsin). The general consensus is the East is significantly better that the West, we will take a look at recruiting rankings and head to head match-ups to try to determine the validity of this concept via the facts.

We will, per usual, break the NC opponents into three groups, Power 5 (P5), Group of 5 (G5), and Football Championship Subdivision, (FCS). It should be noted, that the descriptors P5 and G5 are not NCAA  language, NC2A would identify both of these groupings (P5/G5) as Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) and, as mentioned the other NCAA classification is the FCS!The simple difference between the FBS and FCS is the number of scholarships they award, The FBS can give up to 85 full scholarships and must give that many to remain in good standing, while the FCS can give up to 63 full scholarships they are not required to do so! The IVY & Pioneer Leagues do not award athletic scholarships and yet, maintain their good standing in the FCS membership!

So with all that, let’s get back to the task at hand … NC opponents vs the B-10. There are b14 teams in the B-10, who each schedule 3 games, so the conference plays 42 NC opponents!

East Division 

Indiana does not play a P5 opponent in the 2019 season. They take on 2 G5’s Ball State (MAC) and U-Conn (AAC) and 1 FCS team, Eastern Illinois out of the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC).

Maryland plays one P5, Syracuse (ACC) @ home, 1 G5, @ Temple (AAC) and 1 FCS, Howard, out of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC)

Michigan challenges one P5, Notre Dame (IND) in the Big House and takes on two G5’s Army (IND) & Middle Tennessee (C-USA) both games are @ home!

Michigan State kicks it off vs 1 P5, Arizona State (P-12) and 2 G5’s Tulsa (AAC) & Western Michigan (MAC) all three of these games will be played in Spartan Stadium!

Ohio State has not scheduled a P5 for the 2019 season and if things are tight for the CFP Committee, this oversight could become a negative factor for the Bucks! They will line it up’ against 3 G5’s, Florida Atlantic (C-USA, Cincinnati (AAC), & Miami (MAC) all 3 games are @ the Shoe!

Penn State battles 1 P5, in-state rival, Pitt, @ Beaver Stadium, 1 G5 opponent, Buffalo (MAC) and 1 FCS team, Idaho out of the Big Sky (B-Sky) with both games being played in State College!

Rutgers battles one P5, Boston College (ACC) a home in High Point Solution Stadium and takes on 2 G5’s U-Mass (IND) and Liberty (IND) in New Brunswick!

The East Division will play 21 NC games in 2019, (7 teams with 3 NC games each, 7 X 3  = 21). The East plays 5 P5’s or 24% of their NC schedule is against P5’s. Further, no team out of the East Division plays 2 P5’s (a common practice in the ACC & SEC) and 2 teams (Indiana & Ohio State) elected to schedule a Power 5 opponent! They play 13 G5’s or 62% of their schedule and 3 FCS teams equaling 14% of the 19′ NC games!

The West Division

Illinois did not schedule a P5 program for the coming season, a reasonable measure as the Illini are desperate to make a bowl game in 2019! Instead they have schedule 3 G5’s, @ UConn (AAC) and 2 MAC teams, Akron & Eastern Michigan, both of these games are @ Champaign’s Memorial Stadium. Hopefully the AD attempted to schedule a FCS opponent!

Iowa travels to Ames to take on, in-state rival, Iowa State, a P5 representative of the B-12. The Hawks also get it on’ with 2 G5’s Middle Tennessee (C-USA) and Miami (MAC), both of these games are at Kinnick Stadium!

Minnesota is the 2nd team in the West that has elected not to schedule a P5 opponent in 2019. They will battle 2 G5’s, @ Fresno State (MWC) and Georgia Southern (SBC) and a FCS team, South Dakota State out of the Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC). These last 2 games will be played at Minnesota’s TCF Bank Stadium.

Nebraska plays and old rival, from both their B-8 and B-12 days, Colorado (P-12) and 2 directional G5 teams, Northern Illinois (MAC) & South Alabama (SBC) in Lincoln @ Memorial Stadium!

Northwestern travels to take on brother academic power, Stanford, P5 out of the P-12! The Cats will rangle with 2 G5’s, UNLV (MWC) & UMass (IND) @ Ryan Field!

Purdue is the heavy lifter in the B-10, as they are the 1st team and only team covered in this blog that has stepped up to challenge 2 P5’s. The Boilers take on Vanderbilt from the Might SEC and TCU (B-12), both games are in West Lafayette’s Ross-Aise Stadium. They round out their NC schedule vs a G5, Nevada (MWC) @ Mackay Stadium!

Wisconsin continues the trend of avoiding P5 opponents, as the Badgers become the 3rd of 7 West Division teams that decided not to schedule a Power 5 opponent in 2019. Bucky has scheduled 3 G5’s, @ USF (AAC) and 2 home games vs the MAC’s Central Michigan & Kent State!

The West plays 21 NC games. They scheduled exactly the same number of P5’s, 5 or 24% on their NC schedule, as their counterparts in the East Division! They will play 15 G5’s or 71% of their work will be done vs the Group of Five and 1 FCS team or 5% of their NCgames! The West NC schedule gets a slight nod over the East NC schedule do to the fact they player fewer FCS opponents 1 for the West to 3 for the East!

The B-10 NC schedule in 2019, in my humble opinion, is shameful. They should be playing in the neighborhood of 20 P5’s not 10! If their champion does not go undefeated, we could be looking at 4 straight years where the B-10 champion does not make the CFP. With a one loss champions in the respective P5 Conference, the committee looks at cross conference games, who will the B-10 point to besides Notre Dame? Five of their teams (Ohio State, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, & Indiana) elected to not schedule a Power 5 for the 19′ season. Where are the Oregon’s or Washington’s? The Oklahoma’s and Texas’, The LSU’s, Alabama’s or Georgia’s? The B-10 champ better win em’ all and Wolverines better beat the Irish and hope ND finds a way against Georgia, as that win in the ‘Big House’ would be their only signature win!

There has been a lot of discussion across the various conferences about division in-balance, where one division clearly has better teams the then her sister division. The B-10 is no stranger to these discussions, as the East is typically  regarded as the better side of the B-10. The belief that Ohio State, Penn State, Michigan & Michigan State ate simply better programs than Iowa, Purdue, Minnesota & Illinois is pretty much universitally thought to be true. But are they? Besides the historical perspectives ,what is going today that backs up that type of claim.

We will look at how these respective divisions recruit and the head to head results since the 2016 season. First the Recruiting. These ranking are based on the 64 P5 teams, with ND & BYU added into the mix. So the number of teams factored into the ranking was 66. In other words Illinois is current ranked better than only 5 teams, while Ohio State recruits better than 63 teams in the Power Five! Please note, each division’s teams are ranked 1 to 7 and their national ranking is listed behind the identified team!

East Division

1) Ohio State / 3rd,   2) Michigan / 9th,  3) Penn State  /14th,   4) Michigan St. / 26th,   5) Maryland / 33rd;    6) Indiana / 48th,      7) Rutgers 60th,

West Division

1) Nebraska / 21st, 2) Wisconsin / 34th,  3 Iowa / 40th, 4) Minnesota / 46th, 5)  Northwestern / 50th, 6) Purdue / 51st, 7) Illinois / 61st                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Clearly, the East recruits better than the West! Three teams from the East (Ohio State, Michigan, & Penn State) recruit better than the #1 team in the West (Nebraska) and five teams from the East recruit better than Wisconsin, the 2nd best recruiting program on the West side of the B-10! While recruiting is a critical element in who wins games, it is not the only factor. Prospects fitting into schemes, player development, academic eligibility and social issues must can all impact a team’s performance!

So speaking of performance, lets see how divisions have settled these questions on the playing field! We will take each team in the East and determine their divisional crossover records beginning in 2016. The 2016 season is when the B-10 began playing 9 conference games, so each team in the B-10 will have played in 9 crossover games ( 3 in in of the year’s assessed, 16′, 17′, & 18;)! The East’s record will be an inversion of the West’s wins & losses!

Ohio State  2016: beat Wisconsin, 30-23, Northwestern, 24-20, & Nebraska, 62-3; 2017: OSU beat Nebraska, 56-14, lost to Iowa, 55-24, & beat Illinois, 52-14; 2018: the Bucks beat Minnesota 30-14, lost to Purdue, 49-20, & beat Nebraska, 36-31! OSU is 7-2 vs the West!

Michigan 2016: beat Wisconsin, 14-7, hammered the Illini, 41-6, & lost to Iowa, 14-13; 2017: The Wolverines beat Purdue, 28-10, handled Minnesota, 33-10, lost to Wisconsin, 24-10; 2018: Michigan beat Nebraska, 56-10, slipped by Northwestern, 20-17, and beat up Wisconsin, 38-13! Michigan is 7-2 vs the West

Penn State 2016: beat Minnesota 29-26 in OT, beat Purdue, 62-24, & beat Iowa, 41-14; 2017: beat Iowa 21-19, beat Northwestern, 31-7, & beat Nebraska, 56-44; 2018: beat Illinois, 63-24, beat Iowa, 30-24, & stopped Wisconsin, 22-10! PSU is 9-0 vs the West!

Michigan State 2016: lost to Wisconsin, 30-6, lost to Northwestern, 54-40, & lost to Illinois, 31-27; 2017: beat Iowa, 17-10, beat Minnesota, 30-27, & lost to Northwestern, 39-31; 2018: lost to Northwestern, 29-19, beat Purdue, 23-13, & lost to Nebraska, 9-6! MSU is 3-6 vs the West

Maryland 2016: beat Purdue, 50-7, lost to Minnesota, 31-10, & lost to Nebraska, 28-7; 2017: beat Minnesota, 31-24, lost to Northwestern, 37-21, & lost to Wisconsin, 38-13; 2018: beat Minnesota, 42-13, lost to Iowa, 23-0, & beat Illinois, 63-33! Maryland is 4-5 vs the West!

Indiana 2016: the Hoosiers lost to Nebraska, 27-22, lost to Northwestern, 24-14, & beat Purdue, 26-24; 2017: lost to Wisconsin, 45-17, beat Illinois, 24-14, & lost to Purdue, 31-24; 2018: lost to Iowa, 42-16, lost to Minnesota, 38-31, & lost to Purdue, 28-21. Indiana is 2-7 vs the West!

Rutgers 2016: lost to Iowa 14-7, beat Illinois, 24-7, lost to Minnesota, 34-32; 2017: lost to Nebraska 2717, lost Illinois, 26-24, beat Purdue, 14-12; 2018: lost to Illinois, 38-17, lost to Northwestern, 18-15, & lost to Wisconsin, 31-17. Rutgers is 2-7 vs the West! 

In regular season games the East hold the advantage, 34 wins to 29 losses. The East has not lost a championship game to the West, since the divisions were formed and began play in the 2014 season. The West is 0-5 vs the East in the B-10 Championship game! Including these five games, the East is 39-29 vs their counterparts in the West!

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Recruiting Class Ranking 2016 thru 2019

Recruiting Ratings

The recruiting chart presented below is a 4 year composit of ESPN’s, 247’s, & Rivals’ respective scoring systems.

The recruiting classes used were 2016 – 2019.

We took each site and calculated a 4 year team average specific to that site’s criteria.

So the number listed under Rivals was arrived at independently of ESPN’s or 247’s process.

We repeated this process for the other 2 site’s (ESPN & 247).

We then took the three independent scores and calculated a three site / four year average.

Please note, the teams listed below are Power 5 teams, with BYU & ND included in the count!


4 year Composit Conference ESPN 247 Sports Rivals Total Composit
1.)  Alabama SEC 2.5 2.3 2.75 7.55 2.5
2.)  Georgia SEC 3.3 3 3.5 9.8 3.3
3.)  Ohio State B-10 6.3 5.5 7 18.8 6.3
4.)  LSU SEC 7.75 7.3 7.25 22.3 7.4
5.)  Florida State ACC 9.5 9.5 8.8 27.8 9.3
6.)  USC P-12 10.5 9.5 9.5 29.5 9.8
7.)  Oklahoma B-12 10.75 10.5 9 30.3 10.1
8.)  Clemson ACC 8.3 11 11.3 30.6 10.2
9.)  Michigan B-10 10 10.5 10.5 31 10.3
10.) Auburn SEC 10.25 10.25 11.75 32.25 10.8
11.) Texas B-12 12.8 9.5 12.5 34.8 11.6
12.) Florida SEC 11.75 11.5 12.25 35.5 11.8
13.) Teaxas A&M SEC 12.5 13 12.3 37.8 12.6
14.) Penn State B-10 13 13.3 12.25 38.55 12.9
15.) Notre Dame IND 13.8 12.5 12.8 39.1 13.0
16.) Tennessee SEC 15.75 15.8 17.5 49.05 16.4
17.) Oregon P-12 19.5 17.3 16.25 53.05 17.7
18.) Miami FL ACC 17.3 17.5 18.8 53.6 17.9
19.) South Carolina SEC 20.25 20.5 19.75 60.5 20.2
20.) Washington P-12 20.25 20 22.25 62.5 20.8
21.) Nebraska B-10 21.5 22.5 20.3 64.3 21.4
22.) Ole Miss SEC 23 21 23.5 67.5 22.5
23.) UCLA P-12 26.3 23 23.5 72.8 24.3
24.) Stanford P-12 23 23.25 29.8 76.05 25.4
25.) Mississippi State SEC 27 25.75 27.5 80.25 26.8
26.) Michigan State B-10 29 28.75 27.3 85.05 28.4
27.) TCU B-12 29.25 26.8 29.5 85.55 28.5
28.) North Carolina ACC 30.8 29 26.5 86.3 28.8
29.) Virginia Tech ACC 28.3 29.5 31 88.8 29.6
30.) Arkansas SEC 31 30.5 33.5 95 31.7
31.) Kentucky SEC 34.25 33.8 28.5 96.55 32.2
32.) Baylor B-12 28.5 36.3 39.25 104.05 34.7
33.) Maryland B-10 34.5 33.25 36.5 104.25 34.8
34.) Wisconsin B-10 37.25 36.25 34.25 107.75 35.9
35.) Utah P-12 37.3 37.3 35.5 110.1 36.7
36.) Arizona State P-12 34 30.8 49.25 114.05 38.0
37.) Oklahoma State B-12 38.5 38.25 39 115.75 38.6
38.) NC State ACC 38.75 39.5 39.5 117.75 39.3
39.) Pittsburgh ACC 41.75 42 38.24 121.99 40.7
40.) Iowa B-10 43 39.75 40.75 123.5 41.2
41.) Missouri SEC 44.5 41.3 42.25 128.05 42.7
42.) Louisville ACC 40.25 43.25 46.3 129.8 43.3
43.) West Virginia B-12 43.25 45 42.3 130.55 43.5
44.) Duke ACC 41.3 47.3 47.5 136.1 45.4
45.) California P-12 49.3 44.3 43.75 137.35 45.8
46.) Minnesota B-10 45.5 47.8 47.5 140.8 46.9
47.) Georgia Tech ACC 47.3 51.5 49.75 148.55 49.5
48.) Indiana B-10 50.3 48 50.5 148.8 49.6
49.) Colorado P-12 52.3 50.3 48.25 150.85 50.3
50.) Nothwestern B-10 47 52 52.5 151.5 50.5
51.) Purdue B-10 47.75 51 54 152.75 50.9
52.) Arizona P-12 53 51.8 49.5 154.3 51.4
53.) Washington State P-12 51.5 52.3 52.75 156.55 52.2
54.) Iowa State B-12 52.3 53.5 50.75 156.55 52.2
55.) Vanderbilt SEC 51.75 54.25 52 158 52.7
56.) Virginia ACC 51.25 55 56.5 162.75 54.3
57.) Syracuse ACC 55.3 54.8 57.25 167.35 55.8
58.) Texas Tech B-12 54.8 58 57 169.8 56.6
59.) Oregon State P-12 56.5 61 54.5 172 57.3
60.) Rutgers B-10 59.8 56.5 57 173.3 57.8
61.) Illinois B-10 58 57.75 59.3 175.05 58.4
62.) Wake Forest ACC 57.3 60.5 63.75 181.55 60.5
63.) Kansas State B-12 65 66.8 66.75 198.55 66.2
64.) Boston College ACC 63.8 68.8 70 202.6 67.5
65.) Kansas B-12 69.5 66.8 67 203.3 67.8
66.) BYU IND 67.8 67.8 75.75 211.35 70.5


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ACC Non-Conference (NC) Schedules for the 2019 Season

The Atlantic Coast Conference is broken into 2 divisions, the Atlantic (Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Louisville, NC State, Syracuse, & Wake Forest) and the Coastal (Duke, Georgia Tech, Miami, North Carolina, Pitt, Virginia, & Virginia Tech). This league, in football ( Notre Dame is part of the ACC in its other sports except football & hockey) is made up of 14 universities and like the SEC, plays 8 conference games (the B-10, B-12 & P-12 play 9 conference opponents) and 4 NC games.

The conference can boast the nation’s best football team, Clemson, who whipped 2 undefeated teams, Notre Dame 12-0 and Alabama 14-0, to win the College Football Playoff (CFP). That said, the conference as a whole has struggled and its other ‘Blue Blood’ programs, Florida State, Miami, & Virginia Tech have been wildly inconsistent the past few years. Right now, it is Clemson and everybody else! Alabama has Georgia, Ohio State has Michigan, Oklahoma has Texas, & Washington has Oregon; someone in the ACC needs to step up! Listed here are the opportunities (2019 schedules), if not to catch Clemson, to at least improve the league’s national image.

We will break the ACC’s opponents for the 2019 season into three categories, Power 5 (P5) Conferences (ACC, B-10, B-12- Pac-12, & SEC), Group of 5 (G5) (American Athletic Conference (AAC), Conference -USA (C-USA), Mid-American Conference (MAC), Mountain West Conference (MWC), & Sun Belt Conference (SBC), and finally, the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). The P5 & G5 conferences are part of the NCAA’s Football Bowl Division and must award 85 full scholarships to maintain their good standing, while the FCS may not award more than 63 full rides, yet may provide fewer and maintain their FCS status!

That said, the FCS members may break apart their 63 scholarships and offer partial dollars to not more than 85 individuals. One final note on the FCS membership, as mentioned they are not required to offer 63, they may offer fewer than the 63 to none at all. The IVY & Pioneer Leagues are part of the FCS, yet do not offer athletic scholarships in football! So the quality of FCS programs can, and often does, vary widely!

ACC’s Atlantic Division 

Boston College: Plays 3 P5’s teams, Kansas out of the B-12, @ Rutgers (B-10) & @ Notre Dame (IND)! The Eagles play 1 FCS team, Richmond, a Colonial Athletic Association (CAA) member in Boston; BC does not play a G5 opponent in 2019!

Clemson: The Tigers will line in up against 2 P5’s, Texas A&M (SEC) @ home and travel to take on South Carolina in Columbia. Clemson also plays 1 G5, UNC Charlotte (C-USA) & 1 FCS opponent, Wofford (SoCon)!

Florida State: FSU has scheduled along traditional lines, 1 P5, 2 G5, 1 FCS squad. The Seminoles play 1 P5, Florida (SEC) in Gainesville, 2 G5’s Boise State (MWC), @ a neutral site, Jacksonville, FL, & Louisiana Monroe (SBC), & 1 FCS team, Alabama State, Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC). Both the ULM & Alabama State games are in Tallahassee’s, Doak S. Campbell Stadium.

Louisville: takes on 2 P5 opponents, ND (IND) @ home & Kentucky (SEC) on the road. The Wildcats, then challenge the rest of the state of Kentucky, a G5 team, Western Kentucky (C-USA) in Nashville, TN and a FCS club, Eastern Kentucky out of the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC), at home, in Papa John Cardinal Stadium!

NC State: will travel the traditional route in 2019, 1 P5, @ West Virginia (B-12), 2 G5’s, East Carolina (AAC) & Ball State from the Mid-American Conference (MAC), and 1 FCS unit, Western Carolina, a Southern Conference representative (SoCon), all 3 games are @ home, in Carter-Finley Stadium.

Syracuse: has scheduled the traditional NC journey, 1 P5, @ Maryland (B-10), 2 G5’s, @ Liberty (IND) & Western Michigan (MAC) @ home in the Carrier Dome. They also take on a 63 scholarship opponent (FCS), Holy Cross (Patriot League), at home.

Wake Forest: is taking a different path in scheduling for the 2019 season, they are playing, in-state, ACC rival, North Carolina, but not as a ACC opponent, this is a NC game vs another ACC team… Say what? The reason being, lost revenue! If they do not play one of the nearby rival universities, Duke, Wake, NC State, & UNC, which are all in easy driving distance, they lose money! The Demon Deacon’s also ‘lace en up’ against 2 G5 teams, Utah State (MWC) @ Home & at Rice (C-USA). Finally, the double D’s play Elon, a FCS team out of the CAA.

The Atlantic Division plays 28 non-Conference (NC) games, 11 of them are against P5’s, 7 vs FCS opponents, 10 are contests with the Group of 5! The Atlantic takes on the SEC 4 times in 19′, Independents 2 times, B-12, & B-10. twice each or 4 total games equaling 10 P5 games, the 11th game is a NC game vs an ACC opponent (Wake vs UNC)!

ACC’s Coastal Division

Duke: is looking to punish or test itself this season, they play 2 P5’s, Alabama in Atlanta and Notre Dame in Durham’s, Wade Wallace Stadium. The Blue Devils also take on 1 G5 opponent, @ Middle Tennessee (C-USA) and 1 FCS team, North Carolina A&T from the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) in Durham.

Georgia Tech begins a new era as Paul Johnson, their former Head Coach has retired and with him the triple option. Tech plays 1 P5, Georgia (SEC) @ home, 2 G5’s, @ Temple & @ home vs South Florida, both of these teams are from the AAC. The Ramblin Wreck also play 1 FCS opponent, The Citadel (SoCon), at home in Atlanta’s @ Bobby Dodd Stadium!

Miami plays 1 P5 team, Florida (SEC) at a neutral site, Orlando, 2 G5’s, Central Michigan @ Hard Rock Stadium and Florida International @ Marlins Park. They round out their NC schedule vs Bethune-Cookman (MEAC) @ home.

North Carolina plays a NC game vs a team, Wake Forest, that is in the same conference as themselves, the ACC and another P5 game vs South Carolina (SEC) @ a neutral site, Charlotte, NC. The Tar Heels also line it up’ against 1 G5, Appalachian State, Sun Belt Conference (SBC) and 1 FCS team, Mercer (SoCon), both games are @ Home.

Pitt battles 1 P5 opponent, in-state rival, Penn State (B-10) @ Beaver Stadium, 2 G5’5, Ohio (MAC) & Central Florida (AAC) . The Panthers will kick it off’ vs 1 FCS team, Delaware. All three of these games are at Heinz Field!

Virginia has its best team in years and certainly the best group that HC, Bronco mendenhall has fielded. The Cavaliers play 1 P5, ND @ Notre Dame Stadium, 2 G5’s, Old Dominion (C-USA) & Liberty (IND), and 1 FCS team, William & Mary (CAA) all three games are at home in Scott Stadium.

Virginia Tech takes on 1 P5, Notre Dame in South Bend, 1 G5, Old Dominion (C-USA) and 2 FCS teams, Furman (SoCon) & Rhode Island (CAA). Tech can count only 1 of the wins (games) vs an FCS opponent toward their 6 wins needed to become Bowl Eligible! In other words, they now have 11 games (not 12) to win 6!

The Coastal Division plays 28 NC games, 7 teams that play 4 Non-Conference equaling the 28 total. They will take on 9 P5’s; 3 IND, 1 B-10, 4 SEC, & the NC game vs a conference team, North Carolina vs Wake Forest! They play FCS opponents in 8 contest, Virginia Tech plays 2 such games, and battle the Group of 5 in ten games in 19′

The ACC plays 56 NC games in 2019, in 21 of these games, the ACC has scheduled P5’s opponents 0r 38% of the NC Schedule. They take on 20 G5 opponents, which makes up 36% of their NC schedule, and play the FCS in 15 games or 26.7% of their schedule.

There is growing tension between SEC and the ACC, clearly related to the Clemson/Alabama rivalry. While I would not hesitate to announce the SEC, as far and away the better league, that’s the eye test, a subjective perspective on my part. Let’s compare their NC schedules for the 2019 season and see what that tells us.

vs P5 opponents: SEC plays 16 P5 opponents or 29% of their schedule is made up of these games, while the ACC will challenge 20 P5’s accounting for 38% of their NC games. The ACC gets the nod in playing the better non-conference schedule. or at least more P5’s!

The discrepancy can be found with games the respective leagues play against Notre Dame. The SEC will play the Irish once in 2019 (Georgia host’s ND in week three) while the ACC has a contracted agreement to play ND 5 times each season. Sully’s College Football Page counts ND & BYU as P5 teams, as do most, if not all, P5 conferences. That said, technically, they are not in a P5 conference and one can certainly debate if they should or should not be counted, however, that is a different discussion. For here and now, these teams are in the mix!

What about the other end of the spectrum, scheduling of FCS opponents? The SEC gets beat up nationally for scheduling the 63 scholarship teams on/during the week before Thanksgiving weekend or what we call in college football, rivalry weekend. It must be the time of year that the SEC schedules these games, as both conferences schedule 15 FCS teams or 27% of their NC games are played in these types of contests. Neither the ACC or the SEC earns any advantage in NC scheduling with this result. That said, if you are one who complains about the SEC scheduling “cupcakes”,you should be equally frustrated with the ACC, as they schedule the exact number (15) of FCS opponents!

Finally, the conferences are scheduled to play 8 games in 2019 against one another;

Coastal (4 games vs SEC): Miami plays Florida, UNC takes on South Carolina, Duke challenges Bama, & Georgia Tech battles Georgia;

Atlantic (4 games vs SEC) finds Clemson playing 2 SEC teams, Texas A&M & South Carolina, Florida State getting after Florida, and Louisville taking on Kentucky!

Here are the results on these encounters since 2016!

Atlantic Division vs SEC!

Clemson2016: beat Auburn, 19-13, South Carolina, 56-7, & Alabama, 35-31! 2017: beat Auburn, 14-6, South Carolina 34-10, & lost to the Tide, 24-6, 2018: beat Texas A&M, 28-26, beat South Carolina, 56-35, & beat Bama, 44-16! Clemson is 8-1 vs SEC since 2016

Florida State: 2016: beat Ole Miss, 45-34 & beat Florida, 31-13; 2017: lost to Alabama, 24-7, beat Florida, 38-22;  & 2018: lost to Florida, 41-14! FSU is 3-2 vs SEC since 16′

Syracuse: 2016: did not play a SEC opponent; 2017: lost to LSU, 35-26; 2018: did not Play a SEC team! Syracuse is 0-1 vs the SEC since the 2016 season!

NC State: 2016: Beat Vanderbilt in the Independence Bowl, 41-17; 2017: lost to South Carolina, 35-28; 2018: lost to Texas A&M in the Gator Bowl, 52-13! NC State is 1-2 vs the SEC since 2016!

Boston College: did not play a SEC team during the time frame being evaluated; BC is 0-0 vs the SEC from 2016 through 2018!

Wake Forest: 2016: did not play an SEC team; 2017: beat to Texas A&M, 55-52; 2018: did not play a SEC opponent! WF is 1-0 vs the SEC since 2016! 

Louisville: 2016: lost to Kentucky, 41-38 & LSU in the Citrus Bowl, 29-9; 2017: beat Kentucky, 44-17 and then lost to Mississippi State, 31-27 in the Gator Bowl; 2018: lost to Bama, 51-14 & Kentucky, 56-10; Louisville is 1-5 vs the SEC since 2016!

The Atlantic Division of the ACC is 14-11 vs the SEC; against the East Division of the SEC since 16′, the Atlantic Division is 7-4 and when playing the West they are 7-7 (Clemson has 5 of the 7 wins vs the SEC West & 3 of the 7 vs the SEC East)!

The Coastal Division vs the SEC

Miami: 2016: did not play a SEC team; 2017: did not challenge a SEC club; 2018: lost to LSU, 33-17; Miami is 0-1 vs the SEC since 2016!

Virginia Tech: 2016: lost to Tennessee, 45-24 & beat Arkansas, 35-24 in the Belk Bowl; 2017: did not play a SEC team; 2018: did not play a SEC team! The Hokies 1-1 against the SEC since 2016!

Virginia: 2016 & 17′ did not play a SEC team; 2018: beat South Carolina, 28-0; The Cavaliers are 1-0 vs the SEC since 16’!

Pitt: has not played a SEC team during this time frame, 2016 thru 18’! Pitt is 0-0 vs the SEC

North Carolina: 2016: lost to Georgia, 33-24; 2017: did not play a SEC team, 2018: no games with the SEC; UNC is 0-1 vs the SEC since 2016!

Duke: has not played a SEC opponent since losing the Chick-fil-A Bowl to Texas A&M, 52-48, in 2013; Duke is 0-0 vs the SEC!

Georgia Tech: 2016: beat Georgia 28-27 & beat Kentucky, 33-18 in the Gator Bowl, 2017: lost to Tennessee, 42-41 & Georgia, 38-7; 2018: lost to Georgia, 45-21; G-Tech is 2-3 vs the SEC in this, 16 thru 18, time frame

The Coastal Division of the ACC is 4-6 vs the SEC; against the East Division of the SEC since 16′ the Coastal is 3-5 and when playing the West, they are 1-1!

So here is what we know, the ACC is 18-17 vs the SEC since 2016, (10-9 vs the East & 8-8 vs the West). Clemson has played in 9 of these games or 26% of all played games, the Tigers account for 8 of the wins (22% of the wins of all games played & 44% of all the wins) and only 1 of the losses (2%). If one were to remove Clemson from the mix, the ACC’s record would be 10-16 vs the Mighty SEC!! Clemson has become to the ACC what the New York Yankees were to the American League in the 1950’s & 60’s … them and everybody else!



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The Mighty SEC Non-Conference schedule in 2019

The SEC plays 8 conference games and 4 non-conference (NC) to reach their allowed number of 12 contests! The ACC also plays 8 games within their league, while the B-10, B-12 & P-12 play 9 conference games and 3 NC games. This is often a ‘bone of contention’ as the later 3 conference’s (B-10, B-12 & P-12) believe that the 9th game make their run to the College Football Playoff more challenging.

A couple thoughts on this claim. First and obviously, it depends on who you schedule in your NC tilts. If you schedule 2 Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) teams as Florida has done (UT Martin 9/7 & Towson 7/28) then you have an advantage over, say, the B-10’s Ohio State, whose 9th conference game is @ Michigan. Keeping Florida front and center, their other 2 NC games are against Power Five (P5) opponents, Miami 8/24 and Florida State 11/30. The Gators do not play against a Group of 5 (G5) team in 2019, so Florida plays against 10 P5 opponents when U factor in their 8 SEC games. Most teams in the ACC & SEC play 1 P5, 2 G5’s & 1 FCS to fill up their NC schedules.

That said, let’s take a look see at the SEC’s NC schedule for th 2019 season! Be mindful that there are 14 teams in the SEC and each of them will play 4 NC games for a total of 56 (4 X 14 = 56) non-conference games.

SEC West Division

Alabama takes on 1 P5 opponent, Duke (ACC), @ a neutral site (Atlanta), 2 G5’s, New Mexico State (Independent/IND) & Southern Miss (C-USA), and 1 FCS team, Western Carolina (Southern Conference/SoCon) all 3 games are in Tuscaloosa’s Bryant-Denny Stadium. The Tide rarely schedules home & home with Power 5 conferences, one exception was Penn State a few years ago. However, this is changing as they have scheduled both Notre Dame and Wisconsin to a home / home series!

LSU Plays 1 P5, Texas (B-12) in Austin (9/7), 2 G5’s, Georgia Southern (Sun Belt /SBC) & Utah State (Mountain West Conference/MWC) and 1 FCS opponent, Northwestern State (Southland Conference/SLC), all in Baton Rouge. The LSU/Texas game in week 2 has a Game Day presence written all over it!

Texas A&M challenges Clemson (ACC) in week 2, this game may have as much Game Day interest as the LSU/Texas game!  The Aggies will line it up against 2 G5’s, Texas State (SBC) & UTSA (C-USA) and finish their NC schedule with 1 FCS opponent, Lamar (SLC), all three of these games are @ home. The three teams discussed here have the largest venues in the SEC, A&M 102,733, LSU 102,321, & Alabama 101,821!

Auburn, for the 2nd year in a row, will open with the P-12 favorite, last year it was Washington (21-16 Auburn win in Atlanta) this year it is Oregon ( in Arlington TX). True to form, the Tigers play 2 G5 teams, Tulame (C-USA) & Kent State (Mid-American Conference/MAC) and 1 FCS team, Samford (SoCon)

Mississippi State plays Kansas State (B-12) @ home in week three. The Bulldogs also play 2 G5’s, Louisiana (SBC ) @ a neutral site, New Orleans and Southern Miss (C-USA). Finally, they ‘lace em up’ vs Abilene Christian (SLC) in Starkville on 11/23 just prior to the EGG Bowl!

Ole Miss is set to host a P-12 team for the 1st time in their long history, Cal (P-12) comes to Oxford, MS. These teams played in 2017 in Berkeley, CA, the Golden Bears beat the Rebels, 27-16! Mississippi plays 2 G5’s, Memphis (AAC) on the road & New Mexico State (IND) at home. The Rebels will battle 1 FCS opponent, SE Louisiana (SLC) on 7/14 in Oxford.

Arkansas breaks the pattern of playing 1 P5, 2 G5’s, & 1 FCS, as the Razorbacks do not play a P5 team in 2019! Instead, they will play 3 G5’s and 1 FCS all @ Razorback Stadium. They open their 2019 campaign vs a FCS opponent, Portland State (B-SKY) and then play Colorado State (MWC), San Jose State (MWC), and Western Kentucky (C-USA). This is the 1st time since 2011 that the ‘Hogs’ are not playing a P5 team!

The West Division of the SEC will play 28 NC games in 2019. This coming year the West will play 6 P5 opponents, 15 G5 teams, and 7 FCS squads. For those of you who do not understand the practical difference between the FBS & the FCS, it is about the number of scholarships the schools can award. FBS must give 85 full scholarships, while the FCS cannot give more than 63 full rides. The West is playing more FCS schools (7) than P5’s opponents (6). Given the physical nature of this division, hands down college football’s best, so while these FCS opponents are an understandable break from the pounding one receives in the SEC’s West Division, it does not change the fact that these games are little more than scrimmages!

SEC EAST Division

Georgia immediately breaks the 1,2,1 pattern established by their conference neighbors to the West. The Dawgs play 2 P5’s, in state rival, Georgia Tech away (Atlanta) and Notre Dame (SCFP considers ND & BYU as the equivalent of P5 programs and counts them as such) @ home in Athens. The Bulldogs will als line it up against 1 G5, Arkansas State (SBC) and 1 FCS team, Murray State, out of the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC).

Florida as mentioned plays 2 P5 opponents and 2 FCS Universities. Somewhat unusual behavior as only one of these wins can count toward the 6 needed to establish bowl eligibility. The Gators did the same thing in 2018, however, that was do to the fact that when they scheduled Idaho, the Vandals were part of FBS and members of the Sun Belt Conference. Between the time of the actual scheduling of the game and the date the game was to be played, Idaho left the FBS and returned to the FCS and Big Sky Conference. For whatever reason, Florida determined to honor the contract rather then try (or were unable to schedule a FBS opponent) to reschedule a game with a FBS school.

Missouri returns to the typical pattern of 1 P5 (West Virginia/B-12), 2 G5’s (Wyoming /MWC & Troy/FBC), & 1 FCS opponent (SE Missouri/OVC).

South Carolina is the 3rd team in the East Division to take on 2 P5’s in 2019. The Gamecocks battle neighbors to the north, North Carolina (ACC) and welcome Clemson to Williams-Brice Stadium. Muschamp’s team will also kick it off @ home vs a G5 team, Appalachian State (SBC) and a FCS opponent from the Big South (BSC), Charleston Southern.

Tennessee plays 1 P5, BYU (IND), 2 G5’s, Georgia State (SBC) & UAB (C-USA), and 1 FCS, Chattanooga (SoCon). All 4 of their NC games will be played on their home field @ Neyland Stadium.

Kentucky will get after in-state rival, Louisville, a P5 from the ACC on 11/30, rivalry weekend across college football. The Cat’s play 2 G5 teams from the MAC, Toledo & Eastern Michigan, and 1 FCS team, UT Martin (OVC). All 4 of these games are in Lexington.

Vanderbilt heads north to take on the B-10, Purdue, in West Lafayette in week two! They will get after 2 G5, UNLV (MWC) and Northern Illinois (MAC), as well as 1 FCS opponent, East Tennessee (SoCon)

The East Division plays 28 NC games. Four of the teams play one P5 University and three of the teams in the East, play 2 P5’s for a total of 10 games vs Power Five opponents. They take on 8 FCS teams (Florida has 2) and line it up against 10 Group of 5 clubs!

The SEC as a conference plays 56 NC games, 16 of their games are against P5 Conferences, (ACC 8 games, B-12 3 games, P-12 & IND 2 games apiece, & 1 tilt vs the B-10) This accounts for 29% of their NC games 16/56!, The Mighty SEC lines up 15 times against the 63 scholarship programs of the FCS or 27% of the NC Schedule. The Majority of their NC contest are vs the G5 conferences, as they play these conferences 25 times or 45% of their non-conference games.

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Best Games of week One

This report does not include week zero (8/24/2019), the game that is must see that week is Florida @ Miami, The Gators are favored by 7!

Week one begins on the Thursday, the 27th of August runs through Monday, September 2nd!

Thursday’s Games (8/29/19)

UCLA (P-12) @ Cincinnati (AAC): Cincy won this game a year ago, 26-17, went on to have a terrific season, 11-2,  and won the Military Bowl, beating Virginia Tech, 35-31. UCLA, in its 1st year under Chip Kelly, struggled through a 3-9 campaign, yet the Bruins did beat crosstown rival, SC, 34-27 and 2 other P-12 teams (Cal 37-7 & Arizona 31-30)! That said, they were winless in their Non-Conference (NC) games in 2018. The Bearcats are the pick, 3.5, over the Bruins!

Utah (P-12) @ BYU (IND): The Holy War, as this game is called, is sure to get all the church bells in Utah ringing on Thursday beginning at dawn! The Utes lead the all time series (94th meeting), 58-31-4, and have won 8 of the last 9, including 8 in a row! Utah is favored by 6 in Provo, @ BYU’s, Lavell Edwards Stadium!

Georgia Tech (ACC) @ Clemson (ACC): Clemson has won 8 of the last 10 meetings, including 4 straight! Tech’s last win in the series was in 2014, @ home, in Bobby Dodd Stadium, 28-6! The Tigers are one of two teams ranked 1st or 2nd in every pre-season poll, Alabama being the other team. Clemson is a 34 point favorite.

Friday’s Games (8/30/2019)

Wisconsin (B-10) @ USF (AAC): This is the 2nd meeting between the Badgers & Bulls. The 1st game was played in Mad-Town (2014), a 27-10, Bucky win! South Florida will have to stop the run, a thing they failed to do in their last meeting (Wisconsin ran for 294 yards), if they want a different result! Badgers by 10!

Colorado (P-12) vs Colorado State (MWC): This in-state annual battle is played at a neutral site, Denver’s, Mile High Stadium! The Buffs (Colorado) have beaten the Rams 7 of their last 10 meetings, including 4 straight! Vegas says it’s Colorado, again, this time by 11 points!

Alabama (SEC) vs Duke (ACC): The last time these teams played was in 2010, Bama prevailed, 62-13, in Duke’s Wade Wallace Stadium! A rare visit by the Tide to a NC’s opponent’s arena. Obviously, the home field advantage was not an issue for Alabama. This game will be more to Bama’s pattern of playing 3 NC games at home and one at a neutral site, this one @ Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz Stadium! Bama by 33!

Ole Miss (SEC) @ Memphis (AAC): This is one of the more interesting games of the day. Ole Miss is coming off a 5-7 season and a self-imposed Bowl ban in 2018. So needless to say, the Rebel’s are eager to get 2019 season started. Mississippi’s Head Coach (HC), Matt Luke, hired 2 former HC’s as his coordinators, Rich Rodriguez as the Offense Coordinator (OC) and Mike MacIntyre as the Defense Coordinator (DC). Memphis is one of the best Group of 5 teams in the country and is coming off a disappointing 8-6 season. The game will be played @ Memphis’ Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium. The teams have split their last 2 games, Memphis won in 2015, 37-24 while Ole Miss had their way in 2016, 48-28! A shocker out of Vegas, an AAC team is favored over the Mighty SEC …  Memphis by 6!

Auburn (SEC) vs Oregon (P-12): This is the best game of the day and has playoff implications for the P-12! Auburn could lose this game, win the SEC, and are in the College Football Play-off (CFP). This is not true for the P-12 Champion! Oregon needs to win this game, hope and pray that the Tigers win 10 games or capture the SEC’s West Division, while they win the North Division & P-12 Championship! If Oregon loses the game with Auburn or worse, lose and play poorly, the P-12 better make sure the Duck’s do not win the conference or it could be another season of…  ‘outside looking in’ @ the CFP! Auburn is favorite by 3!

Northwestern (B-10) @ Stanford (P-12)': These teams have played only once since 2009, a Wildcat win over the Cardinal, 16-6, in Evanston This time the game is in California, at Stanford Stadium. The last time the Cats were @ Stanford Stadium was in 1992, a Cardinal win, 35-24! Stanford leads the 8 game series, 3-2-2! Stanford by 6.5   

Georgia (SEC) @ Vanderbilt (SEC): An SEC East tilt, Vandy has won twice since 2009 (31-27 in 2013 & 17-16 in 2016), while Georgia has won 8 of the last 10, & the Dawgs lead the all-time series, 57-20-2. Georgia had a great 2018 season, winning 11 games and playing for the SEC Championship. That said, 2 of their 3 losses were in the final 2 games, lost to Bama in the SEC Championship, 35-28 and the Sugar Bowl, 28-21 to Texas. Vandy better be ready, as Georgia has it eye on the CFP in 2019 and will be looking to rid themselves and their fans of the memories of what the 2018 season could/should have been! Georgia wins by 20!

South Carolina (SEC) vs North Carolina (ACC): These neighbors have only played twice since 2009; in 2013, South Carolina won, 27-10 and again, in 2015, 17-13. This game will be played @ Charlotte’s  Bank of America Stadium. UNC is 0-4 in their last 4 openers and 0-3 in their last three neutral site contests, and what may be of greater concern for the ‘Heels’, is South Carolina is 18-1 in its last 19 season openers. South Carolina by 7!

Boise State (MWC) @ Florida State (ACC): These teams have never met on a gridiron. FSU had not missed playing in the Bowl Season since 1982, that is, until 2018 found the Noles going a shocking 5-7 (6 wins are needed to be bowl eligible). The Seminole HC, Willie Taggart, is anxious to get 2018 in his rear view mirror and Boise State (10-3 in 2018) in a neutral site game (well … sort of) Jacksonville, Florida’s TIAA Bank Field, is the perfect opponent. The Broncos are 6-5 vs Power 5 opponents in the past 5 years, however it should be noted, that 5 of the 6 wins are against P-12 teams. FSU by 4!

Fresno State (MWC) @ USC (P-12): Speaking of not qualifying for the Bowl Season, that would also include SC, who struggled to a 5-7 record in 2018. SC had made a Bowl in every, non-sanctioned, year, since 2000. SC & Fresno have met twice in the past decade, with the Trojans winning both games, 45-20 in 2013 & 52-13 in 2014. It should be noted that these games, like the 2019 contest, were played in the LA Coliseum. SC is favored by 13.5

Virginia (ACC) @ Pitt (ACC): This is an ACC Coastal Division battle, a division that Pitt won last year. The Panthers & Cavaliers have played  6 times since 2013, with Pitt winning 5 of the 6 games, including 4 straight wins since 2015. However, this is Bronco Mendenhall’s (Virginia HC) best team since his arrival from BYU in 2016 and many are picking the Cavaliers to win the ACC’ Coastal Division. Virginia is favored by 3!

Virginia Tech (ACC) @ Boston College (ACC): The Hokies & Eagles have played 10 times since 2009, with Tech winning 7 of the 10 games. Last year, BC ended VT’s win streak at 3 straight, with a 31-21 win in Blacksburg. BC features one of the best runners in all of college football, AJ Dillon ( 1108,10 TD’s, & 4.9YPC), while Virginia Tech will counter with WR, Damon Hazelton (802 yards, 8 TD’s & 15.7 YPR). The Hokies are favorite by 2.5! 

Sunday, September 1st

Houston (AAC) @ Oklahoma (B-12): These teams last played in 2016, with Houston winning in an upset, 33-23 @ NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas! This opening game will mark, the much talked about Alabama transfer, Jalen Hurts, 1st game as OU’s QB. The last 2 quarterbacks, who also transferred into OU, have won the Heisman Trophy! OU is picked to win by 26 points! 

Monday, September 2nd

Notre Dame (IND) @ Louisville (ACC): These teams have played only once, in 2014, a 31-24 Louisville victory @ Notre Dame Stadium! The Irish are coming off a 12-1 season and an appearance in the CFP (a 30-3 loss to Clemson). While Louisville struggled through a 2-10 2018 season & one in which their coach (Bobby Petrino) was fired. ND has struggled in road openers winning only 2 of the last 5! The Irish are favored by 21!  






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