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Best 10 Games in Week Eight

10. Cincinnati 6-0 @ Temple 4-3:

  • The teams have split the last 6 games, each winning 3 in a row
  • That said Temple has won the last 3 games!
  • The Bearcats are the 10th best rush offense in the country @ 255.5 YPG
  • The Owls are 92nd in rush defense giving up 180.6 YPG
  • TV: 11:00 ESPNU / Favorite: Temple -3.5
  • SCFP Says: Cincy wins in 6 of the 8 assessed categories (30 to 22.5 Cincy)

9. North Texas 6-1 @ UAB 5-1:

  • These teams have split their last 2 meetings
  • UAB won in 2016, 56-21, while NT won last year, 46-43
  • UAB is 5th in the country in scoring defense allowing 14.2 PPG
  •  NT is 17th in scoring offense averaging 39.9 PPG
  • TV: 6:30 Local / Favorite: UAB -1
  • SCFP Says: NT wins 5 to 3 by the numbers (27 to 26 NT)

8. Mississippi State 4-2 @ LSU 6-1:

  • Last time Miss State @ LSU they trailed 23-3 @ Half
  • The Bulldogs battled back, losing 23-20
  • LSU had won 21 of 22 meeting prior to splitting the last 4
  • MSU has the 8th best Total Defense allowing 289.7 YPG
  • TV: 6:00 ESPN / Favorite: LSU -6.5
  • SCFP Says: MSU wins 6 to 2 by the numbers (24 to 22.5 MSU)

7. Oklahoma 5-1 @ TCU 3-3:

  • TCU is 1-6 as a B-12 member vs the Sooners
  • This includes 2 losses last year, 38-20 & 41-17 B-12 Championship
  • Last time in Forth Worth, OU led 49-24 and then had to hold on, 52-46
  • OU is 5th in the country in scoring offense averaging 48.0 PPG
  • TV: 11:00 ABC / Favorite: OU -7.5
  • SCFP Says:  TCU wins 5 to 3 by the numbers (34 to 28 OU)

6. Colorado 5-1 @ Washington 5-2:

  • The Huskies have won 9 straight vs the Buffs
  • The average win margin has been by 22 points
  • These teams met for the P-12 Championship in 2016, 41-10 Washington
  • Washington is 49/96 on 3rd down Conversions (8th)
  • TV: 2:30 Fox / Favorite: Washington -17
  • SCFP Says:  Washington wins 5 to 3 by the numbers (25.5 to 25  Colorado)

5. USC 4-2 @ Utah 4-2:

  • Last year the Utes lost a 21-7 HT lead, losing 28-21
  • SC is 11-5 vs Utah , yet the Home Team has won 5 straight
  • Utah has 2 losses in the P-12 but can still win the South Division
  • The Utes are the 4th best at stopping the run, allowing 87 YPG
  • TV: 7:00 P-12 Network / Favorite: Utah -6.5
  • SCFP Says:  Utah wins 7 to 1 by the numbers (27 to 21  Utah)

4. Maryland 4-2 @ Iowa 5-1:

  • The Home team has won the 2 prior meetings
  • The last meeting was in 2015an Iowa win, 31-15
  • One common opponent, Minnesota, Iowa won 48-31 & Maryland won 42-13
  • Iowa has the 5th best Total Defense, allowing 282 YPG
  • TV: 11:00 ESPN 2 / Favorite: Iowa -13.5
  • SCFP Says:  A Tie, 4 to 4 by the numbers (28 to 25  Iowa)

3. Oregon 5-1 @ Washington State 5-1:

  • Washington St has won the last three meeting, 45-38 2OT, 51-33, & 33-10
  • Prior to this WSU run, the Ducks had won 8 straight
  • The Cougars 5-1 start is one of the best stories in the 2018 season
  • Oregon is averaging 43 PPG (11) while WSU is @ 41.8 (15)
  • TV: 6:30 FOX / Favorite: WSU -2
  • SCFP Says:  WSU wins 5 to 4 by the numbers (33.5 to 33.5 Tie)

2. Michigan 6-1 @ Michigan State 4-2:

  • This is the 110th meeting between these teams
  • First played in 1898 and have played every year since
  • MSU has won 8 of the last 10 games
  • Michigan is 2nd in total defense (238) & 1st in Pass Defense (129.1)
  • TV: 11:00 FOX / Favorite: Michigan -6.5
  • SCFP Says:  Michigan wins 6 to 2 by the numbers (30 to 21.5)

1. NC State 5-0 @ Clemson 6-0:

  • Since 2016 the Tigers are 15-1 when hosting ACC opponents
  • Coach Swinney is 13-1 coming off a BYE Week since 2011
  • The Wolfpack have lost 13 of the last 14 to
  • Clemson is 6th in Pass D, 14th in Rush D, & 3rd in Total Defense
  • TV: 2:30 ESPN / Favorite: Clemson -17
  • SCFP Says:  a Statistical Tie 4 to 4 by the numbers (30 to 24.5 Clemson)
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Sully’s P5 Top 25 / G5 Top 20, & FCS Top 10

Please note: SCFP ranks the Power Five teams (ACC, B-10, B-12, PAC 12, & SEC … Plus 2 Independents; ND & BYU) as one group of 66 teams into a Top 25. Next, we rank the Group of Five (AAC, CUSA, MAC, MWC, & SBC … Plus 2 Independents, Army & U-Mass, a group of 64 teams into a Top 20. Finally, we rank the 124 FCS teams into a Top 15! Oh, and by the way, RR identifies a team’s Recruiting Rank! 3 sites (Rivals, ESPN, & 247) and a 4 year average were used to determine the P5 rankings, while a 4 year average from just 247 was used in ranking the G-5’s top 20!  Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Power Five Top 25


  1. Alabama (SEC/RR 1) 7-0: Beat Missouri 39-10 Up Next: @ Tennessee 3-3; TV: 2:30 CBS / Favorite: Alabama -28.5
  2. Clemson (ACC/RR 7) 6-0: BYE Week; Up Next: @ Home vs NC State 5-0; TV: 2:30 ESPN / Favorite: Clemson -17
  3. Ohio St (B-10/RR 2) 7-0: Beat Beat Minnesota 30-14 Up Next: @ Purdue 3-3; TV: 6:30 ABC / Favorite: Ohio State -12
  4. Notre Dame (IND/RR 10) 7-0: Beat Pitt, 19-14; Up Next: BYE Week
  5. LSU (SEC/RR 6) 6-1: Beat Georgia, 36-16; Up Next: @ Home vs Mississippi State 4-2; TV: 6:00 ESPN / Favorite: LSU -6.5
  6. Michigan (B-10/RR 18) 6-1: Beat Wisconsin, 38-13; Up Next: @ Michigan State 4-2; TV: 11:00 FOX / Favorite: Michigan -6.5
  7. Georgia (SEC/RR 3) 6-1: Lost to LSU, 36-16; Up Next: BYE Week
  8. Texas (B-12/RR 9) 6-1: Beat Baylor 23-17; Up Next: BYE Week
  9. Oklahoma (B-12/RR 11) 5-1: BYE Week; Up Next: @ TCU 3-3; TV: 11:00 ABC / Favorite: Oklahoma -7.5
  10. Kentucky (SEC/RR 32) 6-1: BYE Week; Up Next: @ Home vs Vanderbilt 3-4; TV: 6:30 SEC Network / Favorite: Kentucky -11.5
  11. Florida (SEC/RR 15) 6-1: Beat Vanderbilt, 37-27; Up Next: BYE Week
  12. Oregon (P-12/RR 19) 5-1: Beat Washington, 30-27 OT; Up Next: @ Washington State 5-1; TV: 6:30 Fox / Favorite: Washington State -2
  13. NC State (ACC/RR 39) 5-0: BYE Week; Up Next: @ Clemson 6-0; TV: 2:30 ESPN / Favorite: Clemson -17
  14. Texas A&M (SEC/RR 13) 5-2: Beat South Carolina, 26-23 in OT; UP Next:  BYE Week
  15.  Iowa (B-10/RR 43) 5-1: Beat Indiana, 42-16 Up Next: @ Home (HC) vs Maryland 4-2; TV: 11:00 ESPN 2 / Favorite: Iowa -13.5
  16. West Virginia (B-12/RR 40) 5-1: Lost to Iowa State, 30-14; Up Next: BYE Week
  17.  Washington (P-12/RR 22) 5-2: Lost to Oregon, 30-27 in OT; Up Next: @ Colorado, 4-1; TV: 2:30 Fox / Favorite: Washington -17
  18. Miami (ACC/RR 17) 5-2: Lost to Virginia, 16-13; Up Next: BYE Week
  19. Washington State  (P-12/RR 47) 5-1: BYE Week; Up Next: @ Home vs Oregon 5-1; TV: 6:30 Fox / Favorite: Washington State -2
  20. Duke (ACC/RR 46) 5-1: Beat Georgia Tech, 28-14 ; Up Next: @ Home Virginia 4-2; TV: 11:30 ACC on ESPN / Favorite: Duke -8
  21. USC (P-12 RR 5) 4-2: Beat Colorado, 31-20; Up Next: @ Utah 4-2; TV: 7:00 P-12 Network / Favorite: Utah -6.5
  22. Wisconsin (B-10/RR 36) 4-2: Lost to Michigan, 38-13; UP Next: @ Home vs Illinios 3-3; TV: 11:00 FS1 / Favorite: Wisconsin 25.5
  23. Texas Tech (B-12/RR 48) 4-2: Beat TCU, 17-14; Up Next: @ Home vs Kansas 2-4; TV: 2:30 FS1 / Favorite: Texas Tech -18
  24. Boston College (B-12/RR 65) 5-2: Beat Louisville, 38-20; UP Next: BYE Week
  25. Utah (P-12/RR 37) 4-2: Beat Arizona, 42-10, Up Next: @ Home vs USC 4-2;  TV: 7:00 P-12 Network / Favorite: Utah -6.5


Group of Five Top 20


  1. Central Florida* (AAC/RR 65.3) 6-0: Beat Memphis, 31-30; Up Next: @ East Carolina 2-4
  2. South Florida** (AAC/RR 68.0) 6-0: Beat Tulsa, 25-24; Up Next: @ Home vs UConn 1-5
  3. Cincinnati* (AAC/RR 63.0) 6-0: BYE Week Up Next: @ Temple 4-3
  4. Appalachian State (SBC/RR 110.0) 4-1: Beat Arkansas State, 35-9; Up Next: @ Home vs Louisiana 3-3
  5. Houston* (AAC/RR 66.5) 5-1: Beat East Carolina, 42-20; Up Next: @ Navy  2-4
  6. San Diego St.* (MWC/RR 76.8) 5-1: Beat Air Force, 21-17; Up Next: @ Home vs San Jose State 0-6
  7. Fresno State* (MWC/RR 83.8) 5-1: Beat Wyoming, 27-3; Up Next: @ New Mexico 3-3
  8. Troy* (SBC/RR 102.3) 5-2: Lost to Liberty, 22-16; Up Next: BYE Week
  9. Georgia Southern (SBC/RR 89.3) 5-1: Beat Texas State. 15-13; Up Next: @ New Mexico State 2-5
  10. Army (IND/RR 117.8) 4-2; Beat San Jose, 52-3; Up Next: A Home vs Miami OH 3-4
  11. Hawaii (MWC/RR 103) 6-2: Lost to BYU, 49-23; Up Next: @ Home vs Nevada 3-4
  12. Buffalo* (MAC/RR 121.5) 6-1: Beat Akron, 24-6; Up Next: @ Toledo 3-3
  13. North Texas* (C-USA/RR 103.3) 6-1: Beat Southern Miss, 30-7, Up Next: @ UAB 5-1
  14. Boise State (MWC/RR 61.5) 3-2: Beat Nevada, 31-27; Up Next: @ Home vs Colorado State 3-4
  15. Utah St.ate* (MWC/RR 101.8) 5-1: Beat UNLV, 59-28; Up Next: @ Wyoming 2-5
  16. UAB (C-USA/RR 95) 5-1 Beat Rice, 42-0; Up Next: @ North Texas 6-1
  17. Memphis (AA0C/RR 70.5) 4-3: Lost to UCF, 30-31 ; Up Next: @ Missouri 3-3
  18. Western Michigan (MAC/RR 76.8) 4-2: Beat Bowling Green, 42-35, Up Next:
  19. Temple* (ACC/RR 84.5) 3-3 Beat Navy, 24-17; Up Next: @ Home vs Cincinnati 6-0
  20. Northern Illinois (MAC/RR 71.8) 3-3: Beat Ohio, 24-21 ; Up Next: BYE Week

* Indicates that the ranked team has beaten a Power 5 Opponent!


Football Championship Subdivision Top 10


  1. North Dakota State (MVFC) 6-0; Beat Western Illinois, 34-7; Up Next: @ Home vs Illinois State 5-1
  2. Colgate (Patriot League) 6-0: Beat Cornell, 31-0 Up Next: BYE Week
  3. South Dakota State (MVFC) 4-1: Beat Youngstown State 36-7; Up Next: @ Iowa State 3-3
  4. Kennesaw State (BSC) 6-1: Beat Gardner-Webb 56-17  Up Next: BYE Week
  5. Jacksonville State (OVC) 5-1: Beat Eastern Illinois, 49-22 Up Next: @ SE Missouri State 4-2
  6. Illinois State (MVFC) 5-1: Beat Southern Illinois, 51-3; Up Next: @ North Dakota State 6-0
  7. UC Davis (B-SKY) 5-1: Beat Idaho State, 44-37 in OT; Up Next: @ Cal Poly 2-4
  8. Towson (CAA) 5-1: Beat William & Mary, 29-13; Up Next: @ Albany 2-4
  9. East Tennessee (SoCon) 6-1: Beat The Citadel, 26-23  Up Next:@ Wofford 4-2
  10.  James Madison (CAA) 5-2; Beat Villanova, 37-0; Up Next: BYE Week
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Which one Loss team has the best shot @ making CFP

Week Seven: Segment Five, One loss P5 Teams by Conference


Big Ten

  • Penn State 4-1: Lost to Ohio State, 27-26, Remaining games of significance: Michigan State 3-2 at Home, @ Michigan 5-1, & @ Home vs Wisconsin, 4-1. PSU cannot make the B-10 Championship unless OSU loses 2 B-10 games … not likely!
  • Michigan 5-1: Lost to ND, 24-17, Remaining games of significance: Wisconsin 4-1 in the Big House, @ Michigan State 3-2, Penn State 4-1 @ Home, & @ OSU 6-0. The Wolverines can play their way into the B-10 Championship Game and possibly the CFP!
  • Wisconsin 4-1: The Badgers lost to BYU, 24-21; Remaining games of significance: @ Michigan 5-1; @ Penn State 4-1, & possibly Ohio State 6-0, if these teams play their way into the B-10 Championship game. The Badgers can battle their way into the B-10 Championship and then win it Bucky has a chance have a shot at making the CFP …. depending on other P5 Conference results. The BYU loss could haunt them!
  • Iowa 4-1: The Hawks lost to Wisconsin, 28-17; Remaining games of significance: @ Penn State 4-1, Iowa would need the Badgers to lose 2 games to make the B-10 Championship and it is unlikely that they would be selected by the committee for the CFP!
  • Best chance for a one loss team in the B-10 to make the CFP is Michigan


  • LSU 5-1: Loss to Florida 27-19, Remaining games of significance: Georgia 6-0, Alabama 6-0, Texas A&M 4-2 @ College Station, & SEC Championship if they win out!
  • Kentucky 5-1: Lost @ Texas A&M in OT, 20-14, Remaining games of significance: Georgia 6-0 & SEC Championship if they win out!
  • Florida 5-1: Loss to Kentucky, 26-17, Remaining games of significance: Georgia 6-0 (Jacksonville), & @ Florida State 3-3. Florida needs to win out and can only make the SEC Championship Game if Kentucky losses another Conference Game!
  • Best chance for a one loss team in the SEC to make the CFP is LSU


PAC 12

  • Washington 5-1: Lost to Auburn, 21-16, on opening weekend; Remaining games of significance, At Oregon 4-1, Colorado 5-0 @ Home, Stanford 4-2 @ Home, & @ Washington State 5-1. Washington’s loss was in a non-conference game and so if they win out they are the North Division Champion, in the P-12 Championship, and possibly in the CFP.
  • Oregon 4-1: The Ducks lost in a bizarre manner to Stanford, 38-30 in OT;  Remaining games of significance: @ Home vs Washington 5-1 and @ Washington State 5-1. The Ducks will be in the P-12 championship if they win out and if Stanford loses a 2nd game (one of their 2 losses was out of conference). Their Non-Conference schedule will hurt their CFP selection opportunity (Bowling Green, Portland State, & San Jose State)
  • Washington State 5-1: Lost to USC, 39-36, Remaining games of significance: Oregon 4-1 @ Home, @ Stanford 4-2, @ Colorado 5-0, & @ Washington 5-1. Remember one of Stanford’s losses is out of conference to ND, 38-17 and Colorado is in the South Division of the P-12. So if WSU beats Oregon, Stanford, & Washington they will own the tie-breaker in the North Division. The Cougars challenge to getting into the CFP is a lot like Oregon’s, their NC Schedule (Wyoming, San Jose, Eastern Washington) is a huge problem!
  • Best chance for a one loss team in the P-12 to make the CFP is Washington

Big 12

  • Oklahoma 5-1: Lost to Texas, 48-45; Remaining games of significance: @ TCU 3-2, @ Texas Tech 3-2, & @ West Virginia 5-0. It should be noted that TCU lost to Ohio State, 40-28 & T-Tech lost to Ole Miss, 47-27 NC games and as a result, both of these teams have only one conference loss. If Oklahoma wins out they will be in the B-12 Championship game!
  • Texas 5-1: Their lone loss is to Maryland, 34-29, in College Park. Remaining games of significance: West Virginia 5-0 @ Home & at T-Tech 3-2. If the Horns win out they will play their way into the B-12 Championship Game and possible rematch with the Sooners. So the question who gains the most ground in the rematch the Longhorns or OU?
  • Best chance for a one loss team in the B-12 to make the CFP is Oklahoma


  • Miami 5-1: Their lone loss is to LSU, 33-17; Remaining games of significance: Duke 4-1 @ Home, @ Virginia Tech 3-2 (VT has not lost in the ACC), & a possible showdown with Clemson 6-0 in the ACC Championship Game. If the Canes win out, an LSU championship in the SEC would go a long way to support Miami’s entry into the CFP!
  • Duke 4-1: Lost to Virginia Tech, 31-14; Remaining games of significance: @ Miami 5-1 & @ Clemson 6-0. Even if Duke wins out, they will need Virginia Tech to lose 2 games as the Hokies have the tie-breaker with Blue Devils having won the head to head game!
  • Best chance for a one loss team in the ACC to make the CFP is Miami

So what one loss team has the best overall chance to make the CFP? There is no question, it is the SEC’s LSU! If the Tigers win out, they will have beaten Georgia (probably twice) and Bama once and given the FACT that the SEC Champ is going into the Playoff’s; to that end, there is no question, that in this scenario, LSU, the SEC Champ is in! So answer this; what other one loss team, conference champ or not, would get in… in front of a one loss Alabama?

It would have to be an undefeated P5 champion (B-10’s Ohio State, ACC’s Clemson) or an undefeated ND to get to the CFP in front of a one loss Alabama, and even then, the debate would be raging! So for the current (heading into week seven) one loss teams, the one with the best shot @ the College Football Playoff’s… Is clearly LSU! 

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Top Ten Games of Week 7

10. Iowa 4-1 @ Indiana 4-2: 

  • Iowa has won six of the last 7 meetings, including 3 of the last 4 in Bloomington!
  • The Hawks head east after 48-31 victory over the Golden Gophers, while the Hoosiers will try to recover from a 49-26 drubbing by the Buckeyes!
  • TV: ESPN 2 11:00; Favorite: Iowa -6

9. Pitt 3-3 @ ND 6-0:

  • Last time the Panthers were @ Notre Dame Stadium, they were 4-4 and the Irish were ranked 4th, Pitt almost pulled the year’s (2012) biggest upset, falling 29-26!
  • These teams first met in 1909, ND has won 4 of the last 5 meetings, the Home team is 4-2, and the Irish won the most recent meeting (2015), 42-30!
  • TV: NBC 1:30; Favorite: ND -21

8. Texas A&M 4-2 @ South Carolina 3-2:

  • While the Aggies have lost 2 of their first 6 games, it should be noted, those losses were to 6-0 Clemson, 28-26 & 6-0 Alabama 45-23.
  • That said, the Gamecocks will have met the Aggies in each of the last 5 seasons, losing all four games they have played trough 2017. South Carolina’s losses this year were to 6-0 Georgia, 41-17 & 5-1 Kentucky, 24-10
  • TV: SEC Network 2:30 Favorite: Texas A&M-2

7. Hawaii 6-1 @ BYU 3-3:

  • Hawaii is the surprise team @ the mid-point of the 2018 season, no one predicted the type of success that have enjoyed in their 1st seven games.
  • BYU is 22-8 vs the Rainbow Warriors, including 4 straight wins, Hawaii is 1-10 since 1993 vs BYU!
  • TV: ESPN 2 9:15 Favorite: BYU -11.5

6. UCF 5-0 @ Memphis 4-2:

  • Memphis won the 1st meeting in 1990, but has now lost 11 straight to the Knights, including 2 games in 2017, 40-13 in the regular season and in the AAC Championship.
  • These teams met for the AAC Championship in 2017, one of the season’s best games with the Tigers falling, 62-55, in 2 overtimes!
  • TV: ABC/ESPN 2 2:30 Favorite: Central Florida -4

5. Colorado 5-0 @ USC 3-2:

  • The Trojans are 7-0 vs Colorado in P-12 play & 12-0 all-time vs the Buffs
  • The average score in these 12 wins is/was 35-14 and while Colorado is 5-0 this season (2018), their only road win is vs 0-5 Nebraska, 33-28, and @ home vs UCLA, 38-16, who has not won a game this season (0-5), in-state rival, Colorado State (2-4), 45-13, and an FCS team, New Hampshire, 45-14. Their only quality win this season is vs Arizona State, 28-21.
  • TV: FS1 9:30 Favorite: USC -7

4. Michigan State 3-2 @ Penn State 4-1:

  • Last year PSU was winning 14-7, then came a 3.5 hour weather delay, and with the score tied at 24, a walk off FG by the Spartans settled the affair, 27-24.
  • Last time MSU was in Happy Valley (2016), the Spartans led 12-10 @ half time, were outscored 35 to nothing in the 2nd half, and experienced a 45-12 drubbing!
  • TV: BTN 2:30 Favorite: PSU -14.5

3. Washington 5-1 @ Oregon 4-1:

  • Last year Washington’s, Jake Browning set a school record with 6 TD passes leading the Huskies to a, 38-3, victory over the Ducks.
  • Oregon had won 12 straight games in this series before dropping the last 2 games.
  • TV: ABC 2:30 Favorite: Washington -3.5

2. Wisconsin 4-1 @ Michigan 4-1:

  • The Home team has won 8 of the last 9 games in this series.
  • UM is 6-2 vs UW when both teams are ranked
  • TV: ABC 6:30 Favorite: Michigan -6.5

1. Georgia 6-0 @ LSU 5-1:

  • Last time these teams met was in 2013, a 44-41, Georgia win in Athens, GA
  • 2009 was the last time the Tigers hosted the Bulldogs, a 20-13 win in Baton Rouge
  • TV: CBS 2:30 Favorite: Georgia -7



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Sully’s College Football Page Power 5 Top 25, Group of 5 Top 20 & FCS Top 10 Week 7

Please note: SCFP ranks the Power Five teams (ACC, B-10, B-12, PAC 12, & SEC … Plus 2 Independents; ND & BYU) as one group of 66 teams into a Top 25. Next, we rank the Group of Five (AAC, CUSA, MAC, MWC, & SBC … Plus 2 Independents, Army & U-Mass, a group of 64 teams into a Top 20. Finally, we rank the 124 FCS teams into a Top 15! Oh, and by the way, RR identifies a team’s Recruiting Rank! 3 sites (Rivals, ESPN, & 247) and a 4 year average were used to determine the P5 rankings, while a 4 year average from just 247 was used in ranking the G-5’s top 20!  Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Power Five Top 25


  1. Alabama (SEC/RR 1) 6-0: Beat Arkansas 65-31 Up Next: @ Home vs Missouri 3-2
  2. Clemson (ACC/RR 7) 6-0: Beat Wake Forest, 63-3; Up Next: BYE Week
  3. Ohio St (B-10/RR 2) 6-0: Beat Indiana 49-26 Up Next: @ Home vs Minnesota 3-2
  4. Georgia (SEC/RR 3) 6-0: Beat Vanderbilt, 41-13; Up Next: @ LSU 5-1
  5. Notre Dame (IND/RR 10) 6-0: Beat Virginia Tech, 45-23; Up Next: @ Home vs Pitt 3-3
  6. West Virginia (B-12/RR 40) 5-0: Beat Kansas, 38-22; Up Next: @ Iowa State 2-3
  7.  Penn State (B-10/ RR 12) 4-1: BYE Week; Up Next: @ Home vs Michigan State 3-2
  8. Colorado (P-12/RR 54) 5-0: Beat Arizona State, 28-21, Up Next: @ USC 3-2
  9. Texas (B-12/RR 9) 5-1: Beat Oklahoma 48-45 in OT; Up Next: @ Home vs Baylor 4-2
  10. Miami (ACC/RR 17) 5-1: Beat FSU, 28-27; Up Next: @ Virginia 3-2
  11. Oklahoma (B-12/RR 11) 5-1: Lost to Texas, 48-45 in OT; Up Next: BYE
  12. Kentucky (SEC/RR 32) 5-1: Lost to Texas A&M, 20-14 in OT; Up Next: BYE
  13. Michigan (B-10/RR 18) 5-1: Beat Maryland, 42-21; Up Next: @ Home vs Wisconsin 4-1
  14. Wisconsin (B-10/RR 36) 4-1: Beat Nebraska, 41-24; UP Next: @ Michigan 5-1
  15. Washington (P-12/RR 22) 5-1: Beat UCLA, 31-24; Up Next: @ Oregon, 4-1
  16. Florida (SEC/RR 15) 5-1: Beat LSU, 27-19; Up Next: @ Vanderbilt 3-3
  17. LSU (SEC/RR 6) 5-1: Lost to Florida, 27-19; Up Next: @ Home vs Georgia 6-0
  18. Texas A&M (SEC/RR 13) 4-2: Beat Kentucky, 20-14 in OT; UP Next: @ South Carolina 3-2
  19. Oregon (P-12/RR 19) 4-1: BYE Week; Up Next: @ Home vs Washington 5-1
  20. NC State (ACC/RR 39) 5-0: Beat Boston College, 28-23; Up Next: BYE Week
  21. Mississippi State (SEC/RR 24) 4-2: Beat Auburn, 23-9; Up Next: @ BYE
  22. Auburn (SEC/RR 8) 4-2: Lost to Mississippi State, 23-9; UP Next: @ Home vs Tennessee 3-2
  23. Iowa (B-10/RR 43) 4-1: Beat Minnesota, 48-31 Up Next: @ Indiana 4-2
  24. Duke (ACC/RR 46) 4-1: BYE Week; Up Next: @ G-Tech 3-3
  25. Washington State  (P-12/RR 47) 5-1: Beat Oregon State 56-37; Up Next: BYE Week

Group of Five Top 20


  1. Central Florida* (AAC/RR 65.3) 5-0: Beat Southern Methodist, 48-20; Up Next: @ Memphis 4-2
  2. South Florida** (AAC/RR 68.0) 5-0: Beat Massachusetts, 58-42; Up Next: @ Tulsa 1-4
  3. Cincinnati* (AAC/RR 63.0) 6-0: Beat Tulane, 37-21 Up Next: BYE Week
  4. Appalachian State (SBC/RR 110.0) 3-1: BYE Week; Up Next: @ Arkansas State 3-2 (Tuesday Night Game)
  5. Houston* (AAC/RR 66.5) 4-1: Beat Tulsa, 41-26; Up Next: @ East Carolina 2-3
  6. San Diego St.* (MWC/RR 76.8) 4-1: Beat Boise, 19-13; Up Next: @ Home vs Air Force 2-3
  7. Fresno State* (MWC/RR 83.8) 4-1: Beat Nevada, 21-3; Up Next: @ Wyoming 2-4
  8. Troy* (SBC/RR 102.3) 5-1: Beat Georgia State, 37-20; Up Next: @ Liberty 2-3
  9. Georgia Southern (SBC/RR 89.3) 4-1: Beat South Alabama. 48-13; Up Next: @ Texas State 1-4
  10. Army (IND/RR 117.8) 3-2; BYE Week; Up Next: @ San Jose State 0-5
  11. Hawaii (MWC/RR 103) 6-1: Beat Wyoming, 17-13; Up Next: @ BYU 3-3
  12. Buffalo* (MAC/RR 121.5) 5-1: Beat Central Michigan, 34-24; Up Next: @ Home vs Akron 2-2
  13. North Texas* (C-USA/RR 103.3) 5-1: Beat UTEP, 27-24, Up Next: @ Home vs Southern Mississippi 2-2
  14. Boise State (MWC/RR 61.5) 3-2: Lost to San Diego State, 19-13; Up Next: @ Nevada 3-3
  15. Utah St.ate* (MWC/RR 101.8) 4-1: Beat BYU, 45-20; Up Next: @ Home vs UNLV 2-3
  16. UAB (C-USA/RR 95) 4-1 Beat Louisiana Tech, 28-7; Up Next: @ Rice 1-5
  17. Middle Tennessee State (C-USA/RR 94.0) 3-2: Beat Marshall, 34-24 ; Up Next: @ FIU 1-5
  18. Western Michigan (MAC/RR 76.8) 4-2: Beat Eastern Michigan, 27-24, Up Next: @ Bowling Green 1-5
  19. Temple* (ACC/RR 84.5) 3-3 Beat East Carolina, 49-6; Up Next: @ Navy 2-3
  20. Northern Illinois (MAC/RR 71.8) 3-3: Lost to MTS, 34-24 ; Up Next: H vs Ohio 3-2

* Indicates that the ranked team has beaten a Power 5 Opponent!

Football Championship Subdivision Top 10


  1. North Dakota State (MVFC) 5-0; Beat Northern Iowa, 56-31; Up Next: @ Western Illinois 2-3
  2. Colgate (Patriot League) 5-0: Beat Bucknell, 27-3 Up Next: @ Home vs Cornell 2-2
  3. South Dakota State (MVFC) 3-1: Beat Indiana State 54-51 in OT; Up Next: @ Home vs Youngstown State 2-3
  4. Kennesaw State (BSC) 5-1: Beat Presbyterian 56-0  Up Next: @ Gardner-Webb 1-5
  5. Jacksonville State (OVC) 4-1: Beat Eastern Kentucky, 56-7 Up Next: @ Home Eastern Illinois 1-5
  6. Eastern Washington (B-SKY) 5-1: Beat Southern Utah, 55-17; Up Next: @  Weber State 3-2
  7. UC Davis (B-SKY) 4-1: Beat Northern Colorado, 49-36; Up Next: @ H0me vs Idaho State 4-1
  8. Rhode Island (CAA) 4-1: Beat Brown, 48-0; Up Next: @ H vs Maine 3-2
  9. East Tennessee (SoCon) 5-1: Beat Gardner-Webb, 45-0  Up Next: @ The Citadel 1-3
  10.  James Madison (CAA) 4-2; Lost to Elon, 27-24; Up Next: @ Villanova 3-2
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Big 12 Non-Conference vs P5, G5, & FCS

The Big 12 is the only P5 Conference that has not divided into divisions and, in fact, is the only conference that plays a round robin (every team plays ever other conference team). The Big 12, like the Big Ten & PAC 12, play 9 conference games (The ACC & SEC play 8) and therefore have the where-with-all to play 3 Non-Conference (NC) opponents. The NCAA allows FBS teams to schedule 12 games in the regular season, as a result, the B-12 ten (10) teams play 30 Non-Conference (NC) games!

The B-12 clubs are free to schedule 3 P5’s (Power 5 which includes, B-10, P-12, SEC, ACC and themselves) or 3 G5 (AAC, American Athletic Conference; C-USA, Conference USA: MAC, Mid-American Conference; MWC, Mountain West Conference; and the SBC, Sun Belt Conference) or a combination of P5 / G5 that equal 3. These 10 conferences, plus 6 independents, make up the FBS (Football Bowl Subdivision) or 85 scholarship programs. It should be furthered noted, on SCFP (sully’s College Football Page) we divide the 6 Independents (IND) into P5’s (ND & BYU) and G5’s (Army, U-Mass, Liberty, & New Mexico State).

Finally, the B-12 may schedule 3 FCS (Football Championship Subdivision, this subdivision can offer only 63 scholarships as compared to the 85 the FBS programs can offer), but they will schedule only 1 FCS opponent, because they can count only 1 win vs an FCS team toward the 6 wins they need to become bowl eligible!

So as we consider the strength of B-12’s NC schedule, we will take notice of the number of P5 teams, (stronger opponent), G5’s (85 scholarship programs, yet, at least perceptually, a step down from a P5 opponent), or an FCS team, which has fewer scholarships!

Let’s take a look see …

Baylor plays 1 P5, Duke (ACC) @ home, 1 G5, Texas San Antonio (C-USA) on the road, and 1 FCS team, Abilene Christian SLC (Southland Conference) @ McLane Stadium, the Baylor Bears home field!

Iowa State takes on 1 P5 Iowa (Big Ten) @ Iowa, 1 G5, Akron (MAC) @ Jack Trice Stadium ISU home field, and the Cyclones play 1 FCS opponent, South Dakota State a team from the MVFC (Missouri Valley Football Conference) on their home turf in Ames, Iowa!

Kansas lines it up against 1 P5, Rutgers (B-10) @ home in Lawrence, Kansas, 1 G5, Central Michigan, in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and 1 FCS team, Nicholls State (SLC) @ home in Memorial Stadium!

Kansas State kicks it off against 1 P5 opponent, Mississippi State (SEC) in Bill Snyder Family Stadium, 1 G5 Texas San Antonio (C-USA), and 1 FCS Opponent, South Dakota (MVFC). It should be noted, the Kansas State plays all 3 of their NC games on their home field!

Oklahoma battles 1 P5, UCLA (P-12) @ Oklahoma Memorial Stadium and 2 G5’5 Florida Atlantic (C-USA) & Army (IND), both of these games are in Norman! OU has not played an FCS team since 2012, Florida A&M (MEAC – Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference), a 69-13 win over the Rattlers!

Oklahoma State is the only B-12 team that did not schedule a P5 opponent in 2018! The Cowboys round up 2 G5’s South Alabama (SBC) and Boise State (MWC) and 1 FCS squad, Missouri State (MVFC). While it is true that not playing a NC P5 team will hurt their chances to get into the College Football Playoff (CFP) it is equally true the Boise is as good or better than most FCS teams!

TCU steps up against 1 P5, The Ohio State (B-10) in Arlington, Texas, 1 G5 SMU (AAC) away, and 1 FCS club, Southern University (SWAC Southwestern Athletic Conference) at home, in Amon G. Carter Stadium, Fort Worth, Texas. The Horned Frogs never leave the Great State of Texas in their NC season!

Texas challenges 2 P5 opponents in 2018, Maryland (B-10) away in College Park, Maryland and USC (P-12) @ home in Darrell K. Royal – Texas Memorial Stadium in Austin, TX and 1 G5 Tulsa (AAC) at home! Texas, similar to USC, ND, and some others does not schedule FCS opponents!

Texas Tech gets it on with 1 P5 team, Ole Miss (SEC) @ a neutral site, Houston Texas, 1 G5, Houston (AAC) @ home in Jones AT&T Stadium, and 1 FCS team, Lamar (SLC) also at home in Lubbock, Texas. Like TCU, the Red Raiders do not leave the Great State of Texas for their NC schedule!

West Virginia is looking for trouble, scheduling 2 P5’s, Tennessee (SEC) @ a neutral site Charlotte, NC & NC State (ACC) @ home, Mountaineer Field – Milan Puskar Stadium. WV plays 1 FCS, Youngstown State (MVFC) at home in Morgantown, WV!

The Big 12 takes on 11 Power 5 Opponents ( ACC two (2), B-10 four (4), SEC three (3), P-12 two (2), they play 11 G5 Teams ( C-USA three (3), MAC two (2), IND One (1), SBC One (1), MWC one (1), & AAC three (3) & the FCS 0n 8 occasions (SLC three (3), MVFC four (4), & SWAC one (1)!

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SCFP All American / All Name Team

Our intent here is to add to the excitement & fun of college football by identifying the most colorful and creative names of the participants. We just try to align the name with the position, whether they are a star or a sub, if they are out there, we recognize them!

Offensive Team 2018


QB: Chad President, Tulsa:

RB: Soso Jamabo, UCLA

RB: Squally Canada, BYU

WR: Lil’ Jordan Humphrey, Texas

WR: Amon Ra Saint-Brown, USC

TE: Jaeger Bull, Rice

OL: Michael Jordan, Ohio State

OL: Kobe Buffalomeat, Illinois State

OL: Hunter Littlejohn, Indiana

OL: Clay Greathouse, Tulsa

OL: Brodarious Hamm. Auburn

Place Kicker: Jet Toner, Stanford

Kick-Off Returner: Jaqwis Dancy, Louisiana Tech

Defensive Team 2018


DL: Youhanna Ghaifan; Wyoming

DL: Quincy Roache, Temple

DL: Thor Katon, Oregon State

DL: My-King Johnson, Arizona

LB: Bryce Swackhammer, North Carolina State

LB: Zach Sandwich, West Virginia

LB: Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah, Notre Dame

DB: Greedy Williams, LSU

DB: Hassan Defense, Kansas

DB: Clifton Duck, Appalachian State

DB: Smoke Monday. Auburn

Punter: Mac Loudermilk, Central Florida

Punt Returner: CeeDee Lamb, Oklahoma


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SCFP 2018: P5 Top 25 / G5 Top 20 / FCS Top 15

Please note: SCFP ranks the Power Five teams (ACC, B-10, B-12, PAC 12, & SEC … Plus 2 Independents; ND & BYU) as one group of 66 teams into a Top 25. Next, we rank the Group of Five (AAC, CUSA, MAC, MWC, & SBC … Plus 2 Independents, Army & U-Mass, a group of 64 teams into a Top 20. Finally, we rank the 124 FCS teams into a Top 15! Enjoy and let us know what you think!


Power Five Top 25


  1. Alabama (SEC)
  2. Clemson (ACC)
  3. Georgia (SEC)
  4. Ohio State (B-10)
  5. Wisconsin(B-10)
  6. Auburn (SEC)
  7. Washington (P-12)
  8. Oklahoma (B-12)
  9. Penn State (B-10)
  10. Notre Dame (IND)
  11. Miami (ACC)
  12. Michigan (B-10)
  13. USC (P-12)
  14. Stanford (P-12)
  15. Michigan State (B-10)
  16. LSU (SEC)
  17. Texas (B-12)
  18. Florida State (ACC)
  19. Florida (SEC)
  20. Mississippi State (SEC)
  21. Oregon (P-12)
  22. TCU (B-12)
  23. South Carolina (SEC)
  24. West Virginia (B-12)
  25. Nebraska (B-10)

Group of Five Top 20


  1. Central Florida (AAC)
  2. Boise State (MWC)
  3. Memphis (AAC)
  4. Temple (AAC)
  5. Florida Atlantic (C-USA)
  6. Arkansas State (SBC)
  7. Marshall (C-USA)
  8. Houston (AAC)
  9. Utah State (MWC)
  10. Troy (MWC)
  11. UAB (C-USA
  12. Fresno State (MWC)
  13. Ohio (MAC)
  14. Appalachian State (SBC)
  15. South Florida (AAC)
  16. Navy (AAC)
  17. Louisiana Tech (C-USA)
  18. Middle Tennessee (C-USA)
  19. Northern Illinois (MAC)
  20.   Toledo (MAC)

Football Championship Subdivision Top 15


  1. North Dakota State (MVFC)
  2. James Madison (CAA)
  3. South Dakota State (MVFC)
  4. Kennesaw State (BSC)
  5. Jacksonville State (OVC)
  6. Sam Houston State (SLC)
  7. Weber State (B-SKY)
  8. Eastern Washington (B-SKY)
  9. New Hampshire (CAA)
  10. Samford (SoCon)
  11. Delaware (CAA)
  12. Elon (CAA)
  13. Illinois State (MVFC)
  14. Northern Iowa (MVFC)
  15. Wofford (SoCon)

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Power Five, Group of Five, & FCS: Final 2107 Ranking

Power Five: Top 25

1.  Alabama (SEC) 13-1: Alabama pulled an Ohio State this year, didn’t win the SEC or the even the West Division, but Bama did win the College Football Play-off, exactly what the Bucks did in 2014! The Tide rolled over Clemson, 24-6 (Sugar Bowl) and survived Georgia, in OT, 26-20 (Mercedes-Benz Stadium; Atlanta, Georgia)! A late loss to Auburn put their chances for a bid to the CFP at risk, but Georgia’s win over the Tigers and Ohio State’s win over Wisconsin, opened the flood gates and the the Tide came roaring up-top of New Orleans, Louisiana and rolled right through Atlanta, Georgia!

2.  Georgia (SEC) 13-2: Georgia won the SEC West Division, then beat Auburn, 28-7, in the SEC Championship Game, Auburn had beaten Dawgs, 40-16 in the regular season. Georgia then took on and beat the B-12 Champs, Oklahoma, in the semi final, in 2 OTs, 54-48! This set the stage for an all SEC final, Georgia had their way with Bama in the 1st half, leading 13-0 and seemed on their way to magical season! Saban changed QB’s and the Georgia defense struggled to adjusted, as did the offense in the 2nd half, Alabama 26 Georgia 23!

3.  Oklahoma (B-12) 12-2: Beat TCU (11-3) in the modified B-12 Championship Game, 41-17 and then fell to Georgia (13-2) in the CFP Semi, 54-48 in 2 OTs! It should be noted, the Sooners beat a 12-2 Ohio State, a 10-3 Oklahoma State, and an 11-3 TCU, twice!

4. Clemson (ACC) 12-2: Won the ACC by hammering #8 Miami (10-3) in the ACC Championship Game, 38-3 and then fell to #1 Alabama in the three-peat, 24-6, in the CFP semi-final! During the regular season, the Tigers beat #9 Auburn (10-4), 14-6, #19 South Carolina, 34-10, #22 Wake Forest, 28-14, #21 Virginia Tech, 31-17, & #23 NC State, 38-31!

5. Ohio State (B-10) 12-2: Won the B-10 by stopping an undefeated Wisconsin, 27-21, but could not overcome their 55-24 schalacking by Iowa. Beat USC, PAC 12 Champs, in one of the New Year’s 6 Bowl Game (Cotton), 24-7!

6. Wisconsin (B-10) 13-1: Won the B-10 West Division and posted a school record 13 wins. The Badgers lost the B-10 Championship Game to OSU, 27-21, but got back to their winning ways, beating the ACC runner-up, Miami, in the Orange Bowl, 34-24

7. Penn State (B-10) 11-2: Lost the B-10 East showdown to Ohio State, 39-38, @ the Horse Shoe, but played well after that disappointment, winning 4 straight, including the Fiesta Bowl, beating Washington, 35-28, in their 2017 finale!

8. Miami (ACC) 10-3: Mark Richt has the swagger back in Miami! For the first time since jointing the ACC, the Canes won the Coastal Division and played for the league championship. That said, after going 10-0, Miami ended the season with 3 straight losses! They will need to right the ship immediately in 2018, as the Hurricanes open up with LSU

9. Auburn (SEC) 10-4: Auburn had a true rollercoaster ride in 2017. They beat both teams that played in the CFP final; Georgia, 40-14 & Alabama, 26-14. Yet, ended the season with 2 straight losses, Georgia, in the SEC Championship, 28-7 and UCF, in the Peach Bowl, 34-27! All this amid rumors that Gus Malzahn was first, going to be fired and then, after beating Georgia & Bama was leaving for his home state, Arkansas, to replace the fired Bielema! Well, he’s back and Auburn had a really entertaining year in 2017!

10. USC (P-12) 11-3: The Trojans lost three games in 2017, all for different reasons; 1) Injuries to the Offensive Line vs Washington State, 20-17, 2) no shows; not sure who they sent to South Bend, but it certainly did not look like any SC team I have watched over the years, 49-14 and 3) Ohio State, who is/was simply better than USC, 24-7!

11 Notre Dame (IND) 10-3: ND had a good season in 2017, they played well against Georgia, a CFP finalist, 20-19 loss @ home. The Irish played lights out good vs SC, a 49-14 blasting of the Trojans. But, as in 2015, could not close the deal in 17′, they looked intimidated vs Miami, a 41-8 stomping by the Canes and got beat up … again, by a less talented/more physical Stanford Team, 38-20. The Irish did bounce back and beat LSU in the Citrus Bowl, 21-17!  The Tigers had won 6 of their last 7, their only loss was, a competitive one, to Alabama, 24-10!

12. TCU (B-12) 11-3: The Frogs need to find a way to get Oklahoma off their schedule, as 2 of TCU’s 3 losses were to Oklahoma, 38-20 & 41-17 in the B-12 Championship Game! Nine of TCU’s eleven wins were by double digits, only their 7 point win over West Virginia, 31-24 and their bowl win over Stanford, 39-37 were in doubt late into the 4th quarter. TCU had another outstanding year under Gary Patterson’s leadership!

13. Oklahoma State (B-12) 10-3: Mike Gundy continues to impress! His Teams from 2009 through 2012, won 40 games in 4 years. From 2013 through 2017, they won 10 games in 4 of the 5 seasons, the only year they failed to win double digits was in 2014, yet, OSU still posted a winning record at 7-6. Gundy’s overall record @ Oklahoma State is 104-50, a winning percentage of 68, and he ranks 24th of the 130 current college coaches in winning percentage at their respective schools!

14. Mississippi State (SEC) 9-4: Danny Mullen is gone to Florida, this is a big problem for the Bulldogs. Mullen was 70-46 @ MSU, a winning percentage of 60% compared to the school’s overall winning percentage of 49! MIssissippi State’s wins over LSU, 37-7, Texas A&M, 35-14, Kentucky, 45-7, and even their 7 point loss to Alabama, 31-24 are all reflective of the coaching leadership Mullen provided in Starkville. Enter Joe Morehead, Joe has big shoes to fill, to say the least!

15. Washington (P-12) 10-3: Chris Peterson has it going in Seattle. The Huskies have won 22 games the past 2 years and made the CFP in 2016! This past year an upset loss to Arizona State, 13-7 and 30-22 loss to a physical Stanford were what kept them from returning to the play-offs in 2017! They played well vs a very good Penn State team in their bowl game, losing 35-28. The Huskies open the 2018 season against Auburn, @ Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, let the fun begin!

16. LSU (SEC) 9-4: The Tigers had another typical year, best described as, LSU fans have no idea who will show up on any given Saturday. The Louisianans are a top 4 recruiting program over the past 5 years, so why not better play on the field?. That said, from up north, it appears that coaching decisions and QB play has been the primary culprits  for the inconsistency! A blowout loss to Mississippi State, 37-7 and a head scratching loss to Troy, 24-21, and @ home? Couple that with wins over Auburn, 27-23, Texas A&M, 42-27 (A&M has not beaten LSU since joining the SEC, 7 straight losses) & Ole Miss, 40-24 and the confusions grows! LSU needs to address these 2 issues and need to do so quickly, as Georgia (already), Texas A&M (Jimbo Fischer) and Florida (Danny Mullen) will hurt LSU recruiting!

17. Northwestern (B-10) 10-3: Pat Fitzgerald is one of the beat kept secrets in all of college football. Early season losses to Duke, 41-17, Wisconsin, 33-24, & Penn State, 31-7, left the Cats @ 2-3. They would not lose again in 2017! Consecutive wins over Iowa, 17-10, in OT, Michigan State, 39-31 in 3OTs, and Nebraska, 31-24 in OT was a 1st in NCAA history. These 3 OT wins were the spring board that the Wildcats used to close out their season with 8 straight wins!

18. Michigan State (B-10) 10-3: Mark Dantonio is arguably the best coach in the B-10, given their talent level compared to three other teams in the East Division. The Spartan faithful were angry about a 3-9 season in 2016, the fact is that season is no more of an anomaly then what Dantonio does year in and year out! Last year’s win over PSU, 27-24, was Dantonio at his best as MSU held the Lions to 65 yards rushing, forced 3 turnovers, and held them to 4 of 12 on 3rd down conversions!. 

19. South Carolina (SEC) 9-4: Will Muschamp is doing really good work at the other, USC! He is putting the fight back in the Gamecocks. The changes at Georgia (Kirby Smart), @ Florida (Danny Mullen) and what Muschamp is doing at SC are quickly reestablishing the SEC East back to a level that is no longer miles below the SEC West. USC season opening win over NC State, 35-28 and its comeback win over Michigan in their bowl game are indicators of a slow but steady rise in SC’s play!

20. Stanford (P-12) 9-5: David Shaw is one of the most underrated and overlooked coaches in the in the entire country. He operates in an academic environment that ties one hand behind his back and yet expects him to recruit/compete with teams in the P-12 that have no such restrictions. This year they beat Washington (10-3), 30-22 & Notre Dame (10-3) 38-20 and had to close losses to USC (11-3) 31-28 & TCU (11-3) 39-37

21. Virginia Tech (ACC) 9-4: Justin Fuente has won 19 games at Virginia Tech in his first two seasons following the legend, Frank Beamer (238-121-2). Three of their four losses were to Clemson (12-2), 31-17, Miami, (10-3), 28-10, & Oklahoma State (10-3), 30-21 in their bowl game. Their only loss that was suspect was to Georgia Tech (5-6) 28-22.

22. Wake Forest (ACC) 8-5: Wake’s HC, Dave Clawson and NC State’s Dave Doeren are both out of the MAC, Clawson from Bowling Green, where he won 18 games his last two years in the Mid-American. He replaced Jim Grobe (73-74), who was/is regarded as one of the ACC best coaches, performing at a high level in an extremely difficult situation @ Wake. Clawson went 3-9 in his first 2 years and then, in the past two years has won 16 games and in doing so has beaten, Louisville, 42-32, NC State, 30-24 & Texas A&M, 55-52!

23. NC State (ACC) 9-4: Dave Doeren has dome a terrific job for the Wolfpack since leaving the Huskies of Northern Illinois after the 2012 season! In 2017 wins over FSU, 21-17 (an early season game when FSU was still making an effort), Louisville, 39-25 (2 words that make it impressive; Lamar & Jackson) and a bowl statement win over Arizona State, 52-31! The Pack also battled Clemson down to the wire before falling 38-31! North Carolina has some of the best high school football talent in the country & NC State is starting to attract some of that high level talent!

24. Washington State (P-12) 9-4: Mike Leach has done really great work @ Washington State. The previous coach, Paul Wulff was 9-40, an 18% winning percentage! Leach had to rebuild, he experience two 3-9 seasons early in that process, and at one point, was 12-25 @ WSU! In the past three years, the Cougars have gone 26-13 and Leach’s is now 38-38 in Pullman! Two of their 4 losses, in 2017, came in the final 2 games, one Washington, 41-14 (had they won the would have won the North Division) and to Michigan State 41-17! It should be noted the Cougars played the Spartans without QB, Luke Falk (DNP) and were without best defender, Hercules Mata’afa, in the 1st half. WSU was the only P-12 team to beat USC, 30-27, in 2017!

25. Iowa (B-10) 8-5: In 2015, Iowa went 12-0 in the regular season and then lost the B-10 Championship to Michigan State, 16-13 (The Drive by the Spartans) and then did not show up for their bowl Game, losing to Stanford, 45-16! Hawk fans and others like to say, what’s happened to the Hawks? The answer is nothing! In 2012, the Hawks won 7 of their 12 wins by single digits! In the past 2 seasons, Iowa has lost 10 games, 7 of the losses were by single digits. In other words, they won close games in 2015 and lost them in 2016 & 2017. Do the math, add those 7 losses to the 16 wins they had in 2016 & 17 and you get 23 wins, now / by 2 and you are at 11.5 wins or 11 and or 12 wins in each of those seasons. Iowa is good not great and the win discrepancy between 2015 and 16 & 17 is deceptive!   

25. Michigan (B-10) 8-5: Harbaugh has a growing list of critics, as they like to say, “8-5 won’t ‘cut it’ @ Michigan”! That said, the reality is/was that Michigan’s most talented (not best, but most talented) players, a year ago, were freshman, redshirt freshman, or sophomores and as the season progressed, they wore down. They played three QBs, none of whom were at the level of the talent around them and yet won 8 of their first 10 games. True, they lost their last three outings, but to whom? Let’s take a peek, a 13-1 Wisconsin, 24-10, a 12-2 Ohio State, 31-20, and then could not hold a 19-3 halftime lead against South Carolina, as they turned the ball over 5 times and were out scored 23 -0 in the second half! If  Shea Patterson, a QB transfer from Ole Miss to Michigan, is declared eligible, then that opening Michigan game at ND is going to become one of, if not, the game on opening weekend!   

Group of Five:  Top 15

1. Central Florida (AAC) 13-0: Won the American Athletic Conference, East Division, then beat Memphis, 62-55, in 2 OT to win the AAC Championship, beat 1 P5, Maryland, (B-10), 38-10, and then beat Auburn (SEC), 34-27 in a New Years 6 Bowl

2. South Florida (AAC) 10-2: Finished 2nd in the American East Division to UCF, losing to the Knights, 49-42, in a wild game. Beat 1 P5 in the regular season, Illinois (B-10), 47-23, and another, Texas Tech, in their Bowl Game, 38-34!

3. Boise State (MWC) 11-3: Won the Mountain West Conference, Mountain Division, then beat Fresno State in the MWC Championship Game, 14-7, to win the Conference. Boise played 4 P5’s, losing to Washington State (P-12), 47-44 in 3 OTs and Virginia (ACC), 42-23, while beating BYU (IND), 24-7 (so classified on SCFP) and Oregon (P-12), in their bowl Game, 38-28!

4. Troy (AAC) 11-2: Tied Appalachian State for the Sun Belt Championship, this conference does not have divisions and Appalachian State and Troy did not play in 2017! Troy beat LSU (SEC), 24-21 in the regular season, and won their Bowl Game vs North Texas, 50-30!

5. Florida Atlantic (C-USA) 11-3: Lane forever baby! Kiffin has gone from problem child to rock star in a few short years. FAU, lost 3 of its first 4 games and then ripped off 10 straight wins. In doing do, won the East Division of  Conference USA and then hammered North Texas in C-USA Championship, 41-17! FAU annihalated Akron, 50-3, in their bowl game!

6. Fresno State (MWC) 10-4: Tim DeRuyter is gome and Jeff Tedford (former Cal coach) has brought back the old, Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere, spirit of Pat Hill. Fresno State won the West Division of the MWC and while losing the Championship Game to Boise State, 17-14, actually beat Boise the week before @ home, 28-17! Fresno then beat Houston, 33-27 in the Bowl Game!

7. Memphis (AAC) 10-3: Won the West Division of the American and then lost the AAC Championship Game to UCF, in 2 OT’s, 62-55! Played 2 P5’s opponents, beat UCLA (P-12) in the regular season, 48-45 and lost to Iowa State (ACC) in their bowl game, 21-20 (Matty Campbell, ISU head coach, another former MAC coach, this one from Toledo, beat Oklahoma, 38-31 & TCU 14-7 in 2017)

8. San Diego State (MWC) 10-3: My early pick to represent the G5’s in the New Year’s 6 Bowl games! The Aztecs beat Arizona State (P-12), 30-20 & Stanford (P-12), 20-17 in back to back weeks in September. Then lost, in back to back weeks, 2 conference games that sealed their MWC fate, Boise, 31-14 & Fresno, 27-3, both of these games were in San Diego! SDSU was then upset by Army in their bowl outing, 42-35!

9. Appalachian State (SBC) 9-4: Tied Troy at 7-1 for the SBC Championship (Teams did not play inn 2017), lost their 2 P5 encounters to Georgia (SEC), 31-10 & Wake Forest (ACC) 20-19! The Mountaineers saved their best for last, hammering MAC champion, Toledo, 34-0, in their Bowl Game!

10. Ohio (MAC) 9-4: I believe Frank Solich had the best team in the MAC in 2017, 2 late losses to Akron, 37-34 & Buffalo, 31-24  cost them a 12 win season. They should have won those road games, won the East Division and played for the MAC Championship against Toledo, a team they had beaten, 38-10 in the regular season. The Bobcats split their P5 games, losing to Purdue (B-10), 44-21 & beat Kansas,(B-12) 42-30. Ohio won their bowl game, beating UAB, 41-6!

11. Toledo (MAC) 11-3: The Rockets won the West Division of the MAC and then, beat Terry Bowden’s Akron, in the MAC Championship Game, 45-28! They lost their one P5 game to Miami (FL), 52-30 and were embarrassed in their Bowl Game by Appalachian State, 34-0

12. Army (IND) 9-4: Army’s Coach, Jeff Monken, is from my home town, Joliet (IL) and I am proud to say; he has, in 3 years, given direction to a program that has been lost for more then a decade! In year 3, army had a winning record, made & won a bowl game, and most important, beat Navy, 21-17!!! This year, they  beat Navy, again, 14-13 and split their 2 P5 games losing to Ohio State, 38-7, while beating Duke, 21-16! The Cadets also won their 2nd bowl game in a row, shocking, a very good San Diego State team, 42-35!

13. North Texas (C-USA) 9-5: Won the West Division of  C-USA and then lost to FAU in  the Championship Game, 41-17!, The Mean Green lost their one P5 game to Iowa (B-10), 31-14 and then fell to Troy in their Bowl Game, 50-30!

14.  Wyoming (AAC) 8-5: Finished 5-3 in MWC play, losing to Boise State, 24-14 & Fresno State, 13-7. The Cowboy’s QB, Josh Allen, struggled with injuries much of the season, which may explain the season ending loss to San Jose, 20-17. Allen showed up big in their bowl game, leading the Cowboys past Central Michigan, 37-14!

15. Houston (MAC) 7-6: A really talented team in the American, who, I believe, underachieved in the 2017 season. The Cougars finished 2nd in the West Division @ 5-3 behind Memphis, who won it, @ 7-1. Houston played 2 P5 opponents, they beat Arizona (p-12), 19-16 and lost to Texas Tech (B-12), 27-24! It should be noted that the Cougars beat South Florida (10-2 Record), 28-24, and did so @ South Florida, and then inexplicability, lost 2 conference games to Tulsa (2-10 record), 45-17 & Tulane (5-7 record) 20-17! This should not have happened! Houston played well in their bowl game, yet lost to Fresno State, 33-27!

FCS: Top 10

1. N. Dakota St. (MVFC) 14-1: Won the Missouri Valley Football Conference @ 7-1, did not play an FBS opponent, and won the FCS Tourney, by beating, James Madison in the final, 17-13! (Also beat San Diego, 38-3, Wofford, 42-10, & Sam Houston, 55-13 in that Play-offs)!

2.   James Madison (CAA) 14-1: Won the Colonial Athletic Association @ 9-0, Played and beat 1 FBS opponent, East Carolina, 34-14, lost in the FCS final to ND State, 17-13 (in the FCS Tourney beat Stony Brook, 26-7, Weber State, 31-28, & SD State, 51-16)!

3. South Dakota State  (MVFC) 11-3: Finished 2nd in the Missouri Valley Football Conference @ 6-2, although they did beat ND State, 33-21, did not play a FBS opponents, lost in the semi finals to James Madison, 51-16.

4. Sam Houston State (SLC) 12-2: Finished 2nd in the Southland Conference @ 8-1, Did not play an FBS opponent, lost in the FCS semi finals to ND State, 55-13

5. North Carolina A&T (MEAC) 12-0: Won the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference @ 8-0, The MEAC voted to play in the Celebration Bowl (6 year deal with ESPN) in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome vs the SWAC Champ, televised by ESPN, as opposed to playing in the FCS Tourney. Played 1 FBS opponent, beat UNC Charlotte, 35-31, won the Celebration Bowl, 21-14, over Grambling.

6. Kennesaw State 12-2 (BSC): Won the Big South Conference @ 5-0, did not play an FBS opponent, lost in the FCS tourney’s 3rd round, to Sam Houston, 34-27

7.  Jacksonville State (OVC) 10-2: Won the Ohio Valley @ 8-0, lost to P5, Georgia Tech, 37-10, lost in the 2nd round of the FCS Tourney to Kennesaw State, 17-7

8.  Stony Brook (CAA) 10-3: Tied for second in the Colonial Athletic Association @ 6-2, played and lost to 1 FBS opponent, South Florida, 31-17, lost in the FCS Tourney’s 2nd round to James Madison, 26-7

9.  Weber State (MVFC) 11-3: Tied for the Big Sky @ 7-1, Played 1 FBS team, California and lost, 33-20, made the FCS Tourney, lost in the 3rd round to James Madison, 31-28!

10. New Hampshire (CAA) 9-5: Tied for 4th place in the CAA @ 5-3, played 1 FBS opponent, beat Georgia Southern, 22-12, made the FCS tourney, lost in the 3rd round to SD State, 56-14.  

11. San Diego (Pioneer) 10-3: Won the Pioneer Conference @ 8-0, did not play an FBS opponent, lost in the 2nd round of the FCS Tourney to, ND State, 38-3

12. Wofford (SoCon) 10-3: Won the SoCon at 8-1, played one FBS opponent, South Carolina, lost 31-10; made the FCS Tourney, lost in the 3rd round to ND State, 42-10

13. Central Arkansas (SLC) 10-2: Won the Southland Conference @ 9-0; played 1 FBS opponent, Kansas State, lost 55-10, made 2nd Round of the FCS Tourney, lost to New Hampshire, 21-15

14. Yale (IVY) 9-1: Won the IVY League out-right for the first time since 1980, with a 6-1 record. Yale did not play a FBS opponent in the 2017 season. Finally, it should be noted, the Ivy League does not participate in the FCS Tourney, due to academic considerations!

 15. Grambling State (SWAC) 11-2: Grambling won the Southwestern Athletic Conference @ 9-0, played 1 FBS opponent, Tulane, lost 43-14. The SWAC does not participate in the FCS Tourney, but, as mentioned, does play the MEAC Champ in the Celebration Bowl, where Grambling lost to North Carolina A&T, 21-14.

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ACC Non-Conference (NC) 2018 Schedule

The last couple of years Clemson has replaced Florida State, as the Alabama (SEC), Ohio State (B-10), & USC (P-12) as the face of the ACC, its best team, the flag ship and so on! In 2013 the Seminoles put a ‘whippin’ on the Tigers in “Death Valley’s” Memorial Stadium, 51-14! The next year, Clemson showed up in Tallahassee with a lot more michezo, losing in Seminole Country, 23-17. Since then it has been all Tigers, as they have now beaten FSU three straight and looking to make in 2 in a row at Doak S. Campbell Stadium!

The ACC plays 8 conference games and lines it up in 4 NC contests, to get to their allotment of 12 games! This conference plays the best (most P5’s) schedule of any of the other 4 Power 5 leagues. In part, because of their agreement with Notre Dame, to play the Fighting Irish 5 games each season!

We will break the schedule into three components, Power 5 (P5), Group of 5 (G5), and the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). It should be noted, the P5 & G5 award an identical number of full scholarships, 85, while an FCS team can give out only 63 full rides! In other words, 22 fewer full scholarship players on a FCS roster!

Let take a ‘look see’ what 2018 has in store for the ACC and then how it compares to the SEC, B-10, & PAC 12 (B-12 info is on deck)!

Atlantic Division

Boston College challenges only 1 P5 in 2018, Purdue (B-10), on the road, in West Lafayette’s, Ross Ade Stadium! BC takes on 2 G5 teams, U-Mass (IND) and Temple (AAC) and lines it up against 1 FCS squad, Holy Cross (Patriot League). All 3 of these contest are in Boston’s Alumni Stadium!

Clemson will kick it off against 2 P5’s in 2018, 1st @ Kyle Field, in College Station vs Texas A&M (Just when Jimbo Fisher… FSU’s old Coach & A&M’s new coach … thought he would not be seeing ‘orange’ for a while) they’re back! The Tigers then end their season by take on, the in-state rival South Carolina, @ home in Death Valley! Clemson plays only one G5 as it welcomes, Georgia Southern out of the Sun Belt Conference (SBC) and 1 FCS team, North Carolina Central, a Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference (MEAC) club!

Florida State will step up against 2 P5’s, Notre Dame in South Bend, @ Notre Dame Stadium (FSU leads the series 6-2) and then welcome in-state rival, Florida, to Tallahassee, a place where the Gators have not won since 2012! The Seminoles will also play Northern Illinois (MAC), a G5 team and a FCS club, Samford, out of the Southern Conference (SoCon).

Louisville is seeing its opponents in 2018 all ‘high fiven’, as Lamar Jackson has moved on the NFL and now NFL D lineman can chase his tail’ all over the field! That said, the Cardinals are stepping up big time, as they open with Alabama (SEC), @ a neutral site, Orlando, FL and end their season with in-state rival, Kentucky (SEC). Patrino’s team also battles 1 G5, Western Kentucky (C-USA) and 1 FCS squad, Indiana State, an FCS team, from the Missouri Valley Football Conference (MVFC)!

NC State plays West Virginia, a P5 out of the B-12, @ home, Carter-Finley Stadium, in Raleigh, NC. The Wolfpack tackle two G5’s, Georgia State (SBC), @ home and Marshall (C-USA) in Huntington WV @ Joan Edwards Stadium! ‘The Pack’ open their season against one of the best FCS programs, James Madison, Colonial Athletic Association (CAA).

Syracuse battles the Fighting Irish in Yankee Stadium, the only P5 they play in 2018! They take on 2 G5, at Western Michigan (MAC) in Kalamazoo, Mi, @ Waldo Stadium and U-Conn (AAC) at home in the Carrier Dome! The Orange play 1 FCS team, Wagner out of the Northeast Conference (NEC).

Wake Forest puts on the gloves and takes on the Fighting Irish at BB&T Field, in Winston-Salem, NC! The Demon Deacons line up against 2 G5’s, @ Tulane (AAC) and Rice (C-USA) @ home. They play one FCS opponent, Towson (CAA) @ home!

The ACC Atlantic Division plays 10 P5  (B-10 1, SEC 5, IND 3, B-12 1), 11 G5’s ( IND 1, AAC 3, SBC 2, MAC 2, C-USA 3) and 7 FCS teams (Patriot League 1, MEAC 1, SoCon 1, MVFC 1, CAA 2, & NEC 1).

Coastal Division

Duke battles 2 P5’s, Northwestern (B-10) & Baylor (B-12), both of these games are on the road, @ NW’s Ryan Field & McLane Stadium respectively! The Blue Demons also take on one G5, Army (IND) and one FCS team North Carolina Central (MEAC). The Army / NC Central games are played in Durham, NC, @ Wallace Wade Stadium.

Georgia Tech plays 1 P5, Georgia (SEC), this in-state rivalry is always played the last week in November (rivalry week). Tech also ‘kicks it off’ against 2 G5’s, South Florida (AAC) & Bowling Green (MAC), both Contests will be played @ Bobby Dodd Stadium, GT’s home field! The Rambling Wreck close out their 12 game slate with an FCS team, opening weekend, welcoming Alcorn State, a Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC)!

Miami seems to have their ‘swag’ back, they better, as they open the 2018 season against the ‘bad boys’ from LSU (SEC), in Arlington, TX! The Canes also look to intimidate, Toledo (MAC) Maybe? & Florida International, (C-USA & Old Cane Coach, Butch Davis) Not likely! The Toledo game is on the road, while the FIU game is at Hard Rock Stadium! Miami plays one FCS team, Savannah State (MEAC) @ HRS!

North Carolina looks to roar back from a disastrous season in 2017, 3-9, winning only one conference game, beating Pitt, 34-31! The Heels play 1 P5, Cal (P-12), in Berkeley. The ‘lock it up’ against 2 G5’s, East Carolina & Central Florida, both teams hail from the AAC! UNC will travel to East to Greenville, NC, to battle ECU at Dowdy-Ficklen Stadium and welcome UCF to Chapel Hill. The Tar Heels also play an In-state, FCS opponent, Western Carolina (SoCon) @ home, in Kenan Memorial Stadium!

Pittsburgh has taken a big bite of the ‘preverbal apple’ taking on 2 P5’s, Penn State (B-10) @ home in Heinz Field and the Fighting Irish (IND) @ Notre Dame Stadium. They also play the lone undefeated G5 from a year ago, Central Florida (AAC) 13-0 in 2017. Further, this game is a road game, at Bright House Networks Stadium, in Orlando, FL! As stated, Big Bite! Pitt does get some relief, as they play one NC, FCS opponent, Albany (CAA), @ Heinz Field!

Virginia ‘lines it up’ only once vs a P5, @ Indiana’s (B-10) Memorial Stadium! The Cavaliers play 2 G5″s Ohio (MAC) & Liberty (IND), a team that is transitioning from the FCS to the FBS! Virginia rounds out its 12 game schedule on opening weekend, as they welcome, an in-state FCS team, Richmond (CAA) to Scott Stadium!

Virginia Tech plays 1 P5 opponent, welcoming the Fight Irish, in Blacksburg, VA @ Lane Stadium! VT beat the Irish in South Bend in 2016, 34-31! The Hokes play 2 G5 teams at home, East Carolina (AAC) & Old Dominion (C-USA) and 1 FCS opponent, an in-state university, William & Mary (CAA) in Blacksburg!

The ACC Coastal Division plays 9 P5  (B-10 3, SEC 2, IND 2, P-12 1, B-12 1 ), 12 G5’s ( IND 2, AAC 5, MAC 3, C-USA 2, and 7 FCS teams (MEAC 2, SoCon 1, CAA 3, & SWAC 1).

As a conference

The ACC plays 19 Power Five opponents (SEC 7; IND 5; B-10 4; B-12 2; & P-12 1).

They play the Group of Five in 23 games (AAC 8; C-USA 5; MAC 5; IND 3; & SBC 2) 

The ACC takes on the FCS 14 times (CAA 5, MEAC 3; SoCon 2; MVFC 1; SWAC 1; NEC 1; & Patriot 1) 


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